Bell, SaskTel iPhone 5 Available for $79 on 3 Year Term


Yesterday Rogers and TELUS discounted the iPhone 5 to $79 on a three year term. Now, that same offer is available from Bell and SaskTel.

Bell is offering the discount in the form of a $100 in-store credit that can be applied towards your iPhone 5 or accessories. It’s for new activations only and goes until December 31st.

bell iphone 5

SaskTel has the iPhone 5 available for $78.99, which is cheaper than the ‘Big 3’ by one penny.

sasktel iphone 5

So that brings the iPhone 5 to $79 from Rogers, TELUS and Bell for the holidays. Let us know if you’re going to be signing up on a three year term to save $100.


  • gtasscarlo

    It’s almost as if the big three work on price fixing, exactly like the oil companies.

  • Refresh

    Discounting the iPhone so soon makes me think that a new version is coming out soon.

  • erickwong

    $79-$78.99 = one penny, not one dollar. Seems like it’s Bell at $79.95 that’s higher than the others.

  • The Mayan calendar at the time of writing told me it was a dollar.

  • Yeah we never saw the 4S for so cheap early on. A new phone is inevitable, the timetable is unknown.

  • It’s pretty hilarious. All perfectly timed.

  • K3

    also maybe the big three are all “lets lock ’em in now before the crtc shows up to kick ass and chew bubble gum.”

  • Yeah that could be another valid reason too. These ‘$79’ iPhone 5 prices are too irresistible to those looking to upgrade to an iPhone for ‘cheap.’

  • Dannymaas

    There was speculation on MacBreak Weekly recently that product upgrades could come twice a year as we’ve seen with iPad this year. One of the speculated reasons is that some people may hold off buying until the next model comes out but once it comes out there is such demand they can’t keep up with supply, thereby reducing overall potential sales. Interesting theory!