Bell to Offer $35 Credit and 10% Off Monthly Plans for New Activations

If you’re looking to switch to Bell, they currently have a promo to entice users coming over from rival networks. Switch to Bell with your device and you’ll receive a $35 activation credit and also 10% off select monthly plans. It applies to Consumer-Personal, Consumer-Small Business and Consumer-Small Business Personal accounts and new activations only.

The rate plans that this includes are any of the Fab 10, Voice or Voice & Data plans and is only for new postpaid activations. In addition, the credit will appear on your bill “6 to 8 weeks after activation”

So if you’re making the switch to Bell anytime soon, make sure you get this promo. Oh, and don’t forget that 6GB data plan.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • Dizzleskill

    just contacted them and they said they have no idea what im talking about link to the page?

  • Dizzleskill

    called again, they have no idea about this promo they even said “why would we charge 10% less per month, that doesn’t make sense” then i was told to find a better provider if i thought that paying the 10% diff was a huge deal…. so i will

  • P00P

    I contacted Bell about a week ago to tell them I was going to leave them and wanted to see what they had to offer. It cost me 127$ per month for 500 canada minutes unlimted text and 6GB data. Koodo offered 85$ for unlimted anytime canada minutes/text, with flex data(up to 3GB). Bell made me wait 15 minutes to tell me they could only offer me crappy rebates, such as the 10% rebate posted here. I have to say I asked to speak directly to the rentention people. So, their maybe more informed then normal techs…

  • Dizzleskill

    this is new activation though im not on a contract with bell

  • Positronmchappy

    It took 2 wks, but I finally called & got the 6GB plan; The Source reps didn’t see it on their screens last week or this week.

    I didn’t get a credit for switching, but the phone rep today gave 3 months of bundle 12 free. I was pleased with simply leaving Rogers & the 4S is faster than I thought it’d be; vs 4.

  • Positronmchappy

    Now if only the self-serve iPhone app & Telecare would work.

  • Positronmchappy

    Oops, meant TCARE