Virgin Mobile $57 Unlimited Plan Updated with 2GB of Data


Looks like we have some hot three way action now (Fido vs Koodo vs Virgin)–regarding the $57 unlimited plan that is. Virgin Mobile has modified their $57/month plan to match the Fido $57 plan reports MobileSyrupThe latter was updated to match the 2GB offering in Koodo’s similar $60 plan announced yesterday.

Virgin Mobile’s Choice 57 plan includes:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS to Canada/USA
  • 2GB of data (previously 1GB); $10/GB overages
  • Caller ID, voicemail
  • Starts November 24th to December 31st
  • $57/month

Anyone jumping on this? Great to see some ‘competition’ happening, eh?


  • Matroska

    Does it include International texting like Fido $57 plan does..??

  • pure_e

    yeah i wanted to know about the international text messages as well

  • pure4

    YES it does include international text and picture messaging! 😀 Kind of sounds like it’s too good to be true! This is maybe in response to Mobilicity and Winds very cheap unlimited verything plans! And maybe in reponse to the impending 700 Mhz spectrum auction where Wind and Mobilicity will finally be able to offer top of the line reception and be able to even better compete with the Big 3.

    I just called Virgin and switched to the 57 choice plan. Thank you iphoneincanada!

  • Does this require a contract if we have an unlocked device? Can’t seem to tell if it does, I remember before it used to be really specific but I just added a sim card to the cart and that plan and it’s not saying anything about contract required?

  • gtasscarlo

    Fido has a plan now that you can get an iPhone subsidy, 1000 Canada wide, unlimited incoming, 5 pm evenings, unlimited international text/mms and 2 GB data for $67

  • pure4

    The rep on the phone said that I could get it month to month

  • Is this on the website or did you get this over the phone? Nice plan.

  • Does it work with subsidizing iphone5?

  • gtasscarlo

    It is a standard offer but not yet released. It comes with all that plus caller id and voicemail. Keep an eye out it’ll be coming out soon.

  • Marco

    $67 with 1000 mins?? (but $57 has unlimited). Okay, if they’re giving iPhone subsidy on it, then at least they should make the $67 same in features as $57…

  • F14fanatic

    Does it include tethering?

  • cUn1t

    It is a choice plan so if you are starting up a new activation so won’t get the full subsidy. If you are currently on a SuperTab and want to switch from a combo plan to this plan, you will get billed half of your remaining SuperTab. If you are on a 3 year, you will be billed out the remaining Data subsidy left on your term.

  • that’s still decent. Do you have any idea of the approximate time this plan will be released?

  • gtasscarlo

    Could be soon, it’s gonna be a promo max plan though.

  • Cheers 🙂

  • Chriswtburke

    My wife works for virgin and they aren’t actually offering this one yet

  • pure4

    Chris WTF are you talking about I already signed up for it

  • pure4

    I just called and it also includes unlimited calling to anywhere in Canada from ANYWHERE in Canada.. Which is a really good deal if you ask me.. I’m going to tell my bro to switch to it tomorrow since he’s also with Virgin.. But yeah too bad it’s not a combo plan or i would have just purchased my iphone 5 subsidized through them.. Oh well this way i get it unlocked and have the option to switch carriers anytime.. possibly to wind or mobilicity when they will have a better network next year

  • Bman

    Ya I just called and they said that to me too. It’s total bullshit because the plan includes Data so really wtf. She told me that the “Unlimited Canada-wide calling” is an issue and also breaks the contract.

  • I have been checking online for the last 2 days and it still says 1GB. Do we need to call to get the 2GB?

  • Yes. Internal docs show 2GB

  • Does this have visual voicemail?