Virgin Mobile Drops $57 ‘Unlimited’ Plan by a Dollar, Now $56


Earlier Fido dropped their $57 unlimited plan by a dollar to $56, and now it looks like Virgin Mobile has done the same to their existing $57 plan, reports MobileSyrup.

According to an internal memo it reads:

Starting Saturday, December 8th until store close on Monday, December 31st, our Choice 57 plan has become our Choice 56 plan! That’s right, with our new $56 CANADA-WIDE TALK – 2GB, new & existing Postpaid Members can get all the following features (and save $1/mo. for something sassy, like a polar bear sweater):

The plan features unlimited Canada-wide talk, text, caller ID, voicemail and 2GB of data. You will need to call in to get the changes, just like with Fido.

Next up, expect Koodo to drop their $57 plan by a dollar. It’s inevitable!


  • Tom

    Does Canada has the more ridiculous data plan or does USA have the more absurb plans?

  • Olley

    This is fucking stupid.

  • Rio

    What are you complaining about! 56$ for unlimited calls canada wide, unlimited texts and 2GB data is considered great right now. S

  • Looks like some people would prefer to pay Bell or Virgin 80$ for 500 mins and 1gb of data instead lol.
    This is like the best we’ve ever gotten plus it’s LTE with nice coverage unlike Wind and Mobilicity.

  • So can Bell people get this plan?

  • Jon

    Yeah but we all know it should cost 30$

  • Dr. AL

    One dollar is small but competition is great. Small steps in the right direction. Lets keep this up and give it a few months…

  • Tom

    I heard from CRTC that Canadians are getting hosed.

  • pure_4

    Wonder if i have to call in to get the $1or $12 a year discount if I already have the choice 57 plan?

  • Yes you need to call in.

  • dillyh

    Does this plan work with subsidized smart phones? I’ve got a iPhone 5 on a 3 year contract currently paying $75/month, I’d skip the 6 GB of data for unlimited calling.