Virgin Mobile Reveals $35 Unlimited Incoming Plan


On the back of extending their $55 student offer, this weekend Virgin Mobile has launched a new $35 Unlimited Incoming plan. The package basically competes with similar offerings from Koodo and Fido.

The plan does not seem to be available yet on the Virgin Mobile Canada website, but we have confirmed that in-store reps can activate the package on iPhones.

If you’re in the market for an iPhone from Virgin Mobile, or are an existing Virgin Mobile customer, check out the Unlimited Incoming plan below:

$35 Unlimited Incoming Plan

  • Minutes: 150 minutes daytime
  • Evening/Weekends: Unlimited; 6PM Evenings
  • Included Features: Caller Display, Unlimited Local Incoming calls, Unlimited Text Messaging

On top of the plan, it looks like iPhone users will have to add an additional $30 for 500MB of data (or equivalent data plan offer from Virgin Mobile) to get 3-year promotional pricing for the device.


  • Junior Cortorreal

    Hey guys I have an idea why dont you guys create an app for the iPhone, with push notifications so we don’t have to come check what’s new every half hour

  • lebleu29

    Ever heard of Twitter dude?

  • I’m new to Canada, I’m presently with Fido, but this seems like a pretty decent deal. Anyone able to tell me how Virgin compares to Fido in Vancouver? I make a lot of my calls through Skype so I need a good data connection. Thanks.

  • Install Boxcar. Push for RSS feeds, and it’s free.

  • lello91

    Fido gives you 1GB for 30$ instead of 30$ tfor 500MB(Virgin). If 500mb is fine with you, its 25$ at Fido. So for data, you’re better off with Fido

  • lello91


  • Frankphotoman

    Hey Jakespikey. When it’s time to renew with fido, ask for their unlimited plan: unlimited local calls, 2500 outgoing text, unlimited incoming text, voicemail, call display and all the other little extras for $40+ tax! They have this plan for existing customers who consider leaving for a competitor. Their network is large and their phones work all over the world. This plan is not advertised. You’ll have to ask for it. All the best. Frank.

  • gordunramsie

    I’ve never seen someone so lazy in my entire life.


  • Gentic

    throuogh their retention department Nov-09 I got:
    – 200 min day-time
    – 2500 text (outgoing)
    – free fido-to-fido (local only)
    – 1G data (that I converted to 6G data last summer, at the same price)
    – Caller ID, Enhanced voice mail
    – no network fees

    Cost: $50

  • Rs

    Do you know how to reach their retention department?