Virgin Mobile to Launch New ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’, and ‘Platinum’ Monthly Plans on Jan. 25



It appears Virgin Mobile is set to revamp their monthly plans next week starting next week according to MobileSyrup, which notes they will three tiered “Rockstar Plans” appropriately named Silver, Gold and Platinum:

The Silver plans are equivalent to the basic “Choice” talk & text plans ($20-$45/month) and will see $150 off any phone. The Gold plans ($35-$55/month) are the mid range promos that have data included and will see $300 off any device. Finally, the Platinum plans ($50-$90/month) is equivalent to the “Combo” with data plans and will see $500 off any phone.

Some Gold and Platinum tiered promos will debut soon, with the latter to include a new $70 per month plan with unlimited local calling and texting, voicemail and caller ID, plus 1GB of data. Stay tuned once more details come rolling in.


  • gtasscarlo

    Horrible plans, raising the price to make it “premium”. I hope wind gains more traction, in this market prices should be going down not up.

  • Dwayne

    Completly agree, it’s like they build there plans wanting consumers to hagle for fair price. And when they don’t argue their like score