Canadian Carriers Will Have “Minimal” iPhone 7 Stock at Launch: Report


According to Daniel Bader from iMore, carrier documents obtained note iPhone 7 stock will be limited at launch from Canadian carriers:

According to carrier documents obtained by iMore, stock of all iPhone 7 devices will be minimal at launch, with a three- to four-week waiting period for the first “regular” colors — black, gold, silver, and rose gold — and with an additional wait of up to three weeks for the Jet Black model.

Apple earlier this morning announced all Jet Black iPhone 7 models had sold out, while Apple Stores won’t be getting iPhone 7 Plus at launch, due to lack of supply. Also, Rogers has been cancelling some iPhone 7 pre-orders, after some business customers reserved through the consumer portal.

The details of lack of iPhone 7 stock for carriers may also corroborate what TELUS told one iPhone in Canada reader on Twitter DM—that “no carrier in North America has 7 plus for launch day unfortunately.”

Telus iphone 7

We tried to corroborate that TELUS statement, but the company said iPhone 7 Plus would be in stock tomorrow, however we were told to contact our local store to “verify” what’s available (not very promising).

TELUS also has been contacting customers about their pre-orders. Some devices reserved won’t be available tomorrow, so customers are being offered alternatives in other colours.

iPhone in Canada reader Scott was offered to receive an alternate iPhone 7 colour tomorrow or a Bluetooth speaker valued at $130. He asked for a bill credit instead and was given $100. So your mileage may vary, folks.

The bottom line is with every new iPhone launch, initial supplies are constrained. This year, despite not having a major redesign externally, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus continues to draw high demand, as the phone’s hardware upgrades are well worth it to many. Jet Black and (matte) Black look to be the new black–wait, what?

Share your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus carrier war stories below.


  • Glassbase

    Rogers store told me there will be very few +s.
    My Rogers preorder 7+ Gold 128GB is in status “in progress” since yesterday. I was 39th in line. Not looking like many people with Rogers will be getting +s tomorrow based on what I read here and else where.

    Edit – my hopes are very low to get mine tomorrow. Might give me bargaining power to get a credit towards the upgrade though 🙂

  • Glassbase

    Also local Best Buy received 0 +s and were not expecting to get any.

  • Chartrand Michel

    Just talked to telus and it’s seems true! Order mine at 3:05 am and
    No iphone 7 plus will be available for launch day !

    What a mess a pre order with no phone ! ????

  • trdb

    Looks like Koodo is cooking up some sort of similar scheme. The community message boards have some people asking and an official Rep stated that stock of plus models will be low/non-existent and Koodo will be reaching out to pre-order customers with “some options”

    Here is what “Bernard” said on the forum:

    Bernard, Official Rep
    23,268 Points 20k badge 2x thumb
    The 7 plus won’t be before Nov 30th Kristopher. Apple is short on those. We are reaching out to customers like you to inform you about some options. You should get an a call or text in the next day or so.

  • marielle

    I’m in Alberta and pre-ordered 7+ Jet Black in-store with Bell. I called the Bell store today and was told they got zero Pluses “in the entire region”. But they would be getting new phones everyday.

  • Glassbase

    Woo. Just received text and email that my phone shipped. Hopefully it gets to store tomorrow. Hope everyone else starts seeing late shipping notices too.

  • Ashley Mann

    Apple has said there will be stock of 7 and 7+ Jet black and black for the Upgrade Program. And that’s what’s causing the problem. Apple redirected stock from walk in and carrier to Upgrade. It’s not a sell out, it’s s major Apple blunder.

  • Antonella Rojas

    I pre ordered with Fido , number 7 in line and nothing for tomorrow. I am not happy 🙁

  • Michael Rudd

    Telus called today. 128gb silver iPhone 7 was out of stock. They offered if I switched to the black they would double the memory to 256g at no extra charge. Good offer.

  • My iPhone 7 black 128GB is ready for pickup tomorrow. I actually got the call today but the guy said he couldn’t give it to me before tomorrow (sept 16).

  • That is a good deal.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Not really. Those on the Uprade Program should get priority. Part of being on the Upgrade Program means you’re entitled to upgrade every 12 months to a new iPhone.

    Maybe another option is that Apple shouldn’t do the Upgrade Program at all

  • Kirk

    Good luck people. That’s why I can’t hardware upgrade through carriers anymore and I never will. I just buy unlocked. My phone plan is so old school that if I changed it now to hardware upgrade i would be making a bad mistake… plus getting the phone outright actually costs less then trying to get a current phone plan that matches mine for the whole year… way less… #teamunlocked lol

  • Tim

    ah, keeping stock low to drive demand up even more.

  • Andre

    Just got a call from my local Roger’s Store in Sherbrooke, QC…..My Matte Black 4.7″ 128G has arrived…..I’m surprised, but happy.

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    Was at my Fido store this morning – all they had in stock was reservation stuff. Luckily I had a backup at the Apple Store!

  • Buddha

    A Rogers store in Mississauga had 2 rose gold 32 gig plus models … This support rep is a liar lol

  • jabohn

    I’m with you Kirk. I’m not giving up my $40 plan!

  • Kirk

    Exactly bro! My 6GB super plan will stay with me as long as I possibly can

  • Steve

    Why would Apple do this intentionally? Pretty sure they’d want to sell the most phones they could. They don’t keep stock low just to drive up demand. There’s enough demand as it is.


    i pre-ordered mine very early on the first day from Bell and on launch day and i was denied with the salesman saying it wouldn’t be before mid October…I ordered the Black 7 plus 32gb, they had no 7 plus in the store…However i suspect that every model they received at that particular store was taken by the manager and given to her friends and family, that Bell store is extremely shady…I have long suspected them of being disingenuous! I know for a fact i was maybe 2nd or 3rd on the list, makes absolutely no sense for them to have none!

  • Greg Albert

    Yes the bell store nearest me has still not received any 7 plus models in any color. The Apple rep for our city has said only 1 carrier got 1 iPhone 7 plus. Just 1. This is now a week after launch