‘Chill Telecom’ Promises “Unlimited” 4G Data, Talk, Text in Canada [u]


A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) called Chill Telecom has popped up, with ambitious goals of offering Canadians unbeatable wireless plans, featuring unlimited talk, text and 4G data (via MobileSyrup).

MVNOs have failed to launch in Canada as their business models have faced uphill battles in attempts to lease Big 3 carrier wireless networks at reasonable rates.

Chill Telecom, based out of Kitchener, has a basic website created via Squarespace. The company is promising the following wireless plans:

Infinite Everything Plan

  • Unlimited Canada-wide full speed 4G data
  • Unlimited talk and text, Canada-wide, all day
  • Unlimited calls, texts to mobile and landlines to 55+ countries
  • Free international roaming, unlimited talk/text/data “all day”
  • Price-locked; BYOP
  • $4.99 SIM cards; contract-free
  • $45 per month

Fearless Everything Plan

  • Unlimited data, talk, text and Canada-wide calling “all day”
  • BYOP; SIM card at $10.99; contract-free
  • $35 per month

Many on the Internet believe these plans sound too good to be true, especially in Canada, where Rogers, TELUS and Bell command wireless networks and prices.

Skeptical sleuths on Reddit, who discovered the site a couple days ago, picked apart the business model and its claims. This prompted one apparent Chill employee to respond with the following:

Hi Everyone , I’m one of Chill’s team members , we don’t have much web design experience obviously, most of us are software engineers and one business analysist&BD we still don’t have good funding yet, we started our research just last month and we are a really small team of 5 and Yes ,we are independent telecom company (at least that’s what’s planned for the near future ) but for the meanwhile, we are going to operate thru Telus , until we get enough investments and get our own network up and running.

you guys can help us reach people by spreading the word ,so we could really make a change !!

if anyone interested in joining the team or if you have any suggestions for our website or anything feel free to send us your thoughts to the help will be much appreciated :)!!

According to Chill Telecom software engineer “Roger95”, the company will attempt to use a business model “similar to Israeli telecom companies” but different from in the UK, an MNVO which runs on the O2 network.

The MNVO says the green zones on their “coverage map” is part of their own established network, with plans to offering out-of-zone roaming on TELUS, which they say will be announced in late 2016; however, conflicting info on their Facebook page claims an “early 2017” network launch.

Screenshot 2016 06 20 11 20 27

The company, which says it is two months old, wants to “free Canada” from the Big 3, in its response to a question on Facebook:

Since we are just about 2 months old we are just beginning.
all the things you mentioned above like FAQ is underway
but we are starting with a small task force & Limited Resources and we are really working hard to Free Canada from these big 3 and make a change to this market
No one in the Canadian Wireless market is offering that much for that little.

The founder of Chill Telecom is Roujeh Ramadan, a 19-year old based in London, in the UK, but originally from Nazareth, Israel, according to his Facebook page.

He is also founder of Sirius Plus, a heads-up display accessory (concept) for cars, which runs on Android OS using its proprietary software called NUUK. The said device’s application is supposed to be applied to a car’s windshield, priced at $699 USD, according to its failed Indigogo campaign, which only raised $183USD, from its $620,000 USD goal.

Just check out the video below:

Here’s where things start to sound too good to be true (and shady)…the company says “early adopters” can pay $5, $10, or $15 CAD through a checkout page on Squarespace (crowdfunding), to receive the following benefits:

  • Early Plan Adopters Get 50% for 2 Month on the infinite Everything Plan + A Mystery benefits Box !
  • Premium Early Plan Adopters Get 75% for 3 Month on the infinite Everything Plan + A Mystery benefits Box !
  • You Are A Community Hero Get infinite Everything Plan + A Mystery benefits Box ! for 3 Month for FREE

Screenshot 2016 06 20 11 37 45

Not only that, the first 2,500 early adopters can get a chance to be one of 20 winners of a new Galaxy S7 Edge and VR headset or iPhone 6s:

if you’re one of the first 2,500 Early Adopters you may be one of the luck 20 who will get the New Galaxy S7 Edge + VR Headset/ iphone 6S

If these guys actually hammered out a deal with TELUS, they most likely would not be able to disclose who their Big 3 roaming partner would be. We’ve reached out to Telus for clarification and confirmation.

The entire website and the information provided seems very sketchy, and I would not support providing any money for pre-registering with Chill Telecom, until signs of actual service go live. This is wireless carrier ‘vaporware’ at this point.

Update: the founder of Chill Telecom sent us an angry email tonight from his Gmail account, threatening to sue us if we didn’t take down our blog post.

Therefore, to accommodate, we’ve updated this post to state facts only. Here is his request to us, which you can read in its entirety:

rouhjeh ramadan

What do you guys think of Chill Telecom’s wireless pitch–would you consider giving these guys your money?

Update 2: Read an interview Roujeh Ramadan had with Insights for Success here. According to the interview, Chill Telecom has “secured” $180,000 already from early adopters…:

He reiterated many times that the response was overwhelming and completely unexpected. He received 200,000 registrations on his website in the first week and secured $180,000 from early adopters.

He expected a soft launch where he could slowly build his website and marketing/PR material but the coverage was almost immediate and overwhelming.

The demand was so strong that 2 major Canadian carriers took notice and initiated partnership discussions. MR Ramadan will ultimately chose one of them to start the service but isn’t ruling out the possibility of having multiple back end network wholesalers (if the price and terms make sense).

Update 3 (June 22, 2016): A TELUS representative has confirmed via email “we have no relationship with Chill,” adding they first heard about the so-called company from media coverage like ours.

So essentially, Chill’s claim to be using the TELUS network is false. I would not give this company any money. If you did, ask for a refund or get a chargeback on your credit card.

Update 4 (June 22, 2016): Roujeh has emailed us again, claiming we are writing ‘fake’ reviews on their Facebook page, when really it’s Canadians trying to warn others of becoming ‘early adopters’ and paying money:

roujeh ramadan 2


  • sukisszoze

    I loved it “…Just check out the video below, and conclude for yourself why it failed..”. At least they should make up a product like others to show what it can do..then make excuses after excuses for about 2 years on why it’s not getting shipped..put more efforts into

  • Harold Mitchell

    The Scam is strong in this one…

  • Steve

    It’s obviously a scam. What I feel sorry for are the thousands of gullible sheep that are going to get ripped-off after reading this article.

  • Quattro

    I don’t think it’s a scam. I just think it’s a bunch of clueless dudes who got drunk one night – came up with a “great idea” to change the world – and, unfortunately, still set out to do it after they sobered up.

    I’m sure they all still live with their parents.

  • Check the update–the founder has emailed us!

  • Fred

    Do not support these losers at all. if the CEO can’t type a professional email with a polite request then they have no home for my money.

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    Well, the owner is definitely not a “chill dude”; that’s for sure!

  • Buddha

    I wish I could up-vote this more lol

  • Harold Mitchell

    Apparently this ‘CEO at Chill Telecom’ doesn’t understand that you have simply reported on the contents of the web page that he created and have used it’s own published content in your legally allowed capacity as a reporter. If he calls his own web page ‘…bad shit…’ who are we to argue with him?

  • Tim

    He sounds like a naive kid that failed to receive any effective discipline while growing up. The good news is that you still have a lot of neural plasticity until around the age of 30 so he has a chance to develop into a “CEO” that doesn’t write company emails that read like teenager text messages.

  • Reza Andrew Kharrazi

    They definitely need a proofreader on their team! ????

  • DoctorT

    LOL! Sue you for what? Making an article with your opinion about a new company?..
    I must have forgot that we live in North Korea.

  • Dominic

    Welp, thank goodness I live in Saskatoon so I can just wait a decade before there is ANY chance of coverage… Not that I’ll be here that long XD Still waiting for Wind to cover me. At least Chill has « Coverage » in Montréal and la Ville de Québec

  • hlna55

    Sounds like a WEAK attempt at creating a presence/name in the market for a potential buy-out by 1 of the big 3.
    Anyhow Mr. Ramadan, if that really is your name… my own opinion, which I am entitled to and can not be sued for, is that you are a complete scam artist and nothing more than a start-up troll looking to scam a few bucks out of Canadians and maybe get yourself your 15 minutes of fame.
    ON another side note… attempting to alter someone’s actions by the threat of legal action is in itself a litigious act for which YOU can be sued for… idiot.

  • hlna55
    Here is the linkedin profile for our illustrious 19 year old “CEO” and university drop-out. I’m allowed to say it because even his own profile says he dropped out.
    Come to think of it… i’m the CEO of 3 of my own companies so… i’m probably more qualified based on the fact that i’m not using profanities only.

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    After seeing that email, this is definitely a joke…

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  • Balur

    LOL reality is biting someone in the ass.

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    I was excited about it until I read the email the founder sent you. There’s no way I will give my money to someone like that. So long, Ramadan. That’s what comes with having a public life or a company, people will criticize you. If you can’t handle it I suggest you to retire. Bye bye,

  • Josef Izchaki

    Have you ever heard the ceo of T-mobile talk?!

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    I would sure love to have a “ting” like service up here in Canada… sadly, these aren’t the people I’m looking for…

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    I want to keep the thread going just so I can read this guy’s next email. Keep it up gang!!

  • Dr. AL

    Update 5 – they hit roadblocks and are not going to launch. Big surprise there. They say they will refund anybody stupid enough to give them money in the first place.

  • bet they NEVER refunded a nickle to anyone. Another one of those TAKE ME MONEY AND RUN!!!11 type of scams. They deleted their youtube videos too.

  • Update 6: All of their videos are DELETED. Same for the social media pages. Nobody got refunds.

  • Did you pay with credit card or how did you back them? That’s crazy

  • Never paid anything, period. I knew from the get-go that it was a scam to begin with.

  • hlna55

    Shocker. Anyone that did any amount of due diligence had to know this was a heist. Duped by a 19 year old university drop out. Go figure.

    Where are you now Raman Fiedelburg? Or whatever your name is.

  • He probably deleted all of his social media accounts, facebook account, e-mail accounts and changed his name with a new facebook. What a dick. He got the money he was begging for, so there’s no reason for him to go back on the “grid” to beg again until he needs more. Hahahhaa.