CRTC Action Required for Unlimited Data Plans in Canada: OpenMedia


US-based wireless subscribers now have the option for getting unlimited everything for roughly CAD$90 per month, thanks to T-Mobile’s latest uncarrier offering. Customers will pay $50 for the second and $20 for up to eight additional lines starting September 6, the carrier announced yesterday. By comparison, customers get roughly 2GB of data if they bring their own smartphones to any of the Big 3.

T mobile un carrier

As you may already know, none of the incumbent players offer unlimited data plans. MTS is the only service provider offering unlimited plans starting at $86.50 per month. That’s likely to end as soon as Bell receives federal approval to acquire the carrier for $3.9 billion.

Of course you may think that what is possible in the US could be possible in Canada as well, and it this case for the incumbents to offer unlimited data plans. However, OpenMedia’s spokesman David Christopher isn’t confident about that, unless the carriers are “helped” by the federal regulator in some way.

“If they can do it down there, then we can surely do this up here,” said OpenMedia spokesman David Christopher. “I do think it will take the CRTC to step in… I don’t think the big telecoms out of the goodness of their heart are going to reveal unlimited data plans,” he told the Financial Post.

There is a catch in T-Mobile’s offering as well, though: the carrier slows down internet speeds from 4G to 2G when customers exceed 26GB of tether their phones. Still, you have a lot to download or to stream until you reach 26GB of data usage per month.


  • 1His_Nibs1

    The only way this will ever happen in Canada is when pigs fly, Bigfoot is discovered & extraterrestrials finally reveal themselves to the human race. All on the same day.

  • Michal

    you will be able to tell the beginning of this glorious event when hell freezes over

  • It’s Me

    There is a catch in T-Mobile’s offering as well, though: the carrier slows down internet speeds from 4G to 2G when customers exceed 26GB of tether their phones. Still, you have a lot to download or to stream until you reach 26GB of data usage per month.

    Doesn’t sound like much of a catch to me.

  • Tim

    If carriers in Canada were forced to offer truly unlimited data plans (not unlimited and then throttled to 2G speeds when the user hits an invisible cap), they would never make it affordable.

  • johnnygoodface

    Ok for the CRTC to step in, but at reasonnable prices too, not something like 150$/Month

  • Shaun Conway

    About 6 months ago I switched to T-Mobile and I live in Canada. My gf is American so we had the option. It’s been incredible, I pay $120 (USD) and get 10gb of data for each line, and unlimited everything else including free roaming in Canada and 139 other countries if I wished but will most likely never use. This includes T-Mobile “binge-on”. Over the last 20 years I’ve been with every Canadian carrier and so far, this is what I was waiting years for.

  • LadeeDa

    The promise of false hope….why even publish this fantasy?

  • aRhyno

    Meh. We are far away from unlimited. If everyone was streaming over wireless it would suck. All I want is 30-40$ a month for 3-6 gb. I’ll stream at home.

  • Phil French

    I think this plan suites me. It says features must be used “in zone” but when you look at the Pay Per Use charges it looks like only data costs money out-of-zone. From what it looks like I think that means I can go to the United States with this plan and send texts or make phone-calls without incurring any additional fees.

  • chickeee

    doesn’t WIND have “unlimited” data plan in Canada for less $ than this ?

  • You never know, that could happen…

    …now excuse me, back to catching Pokemon


  • Joe

    That’s why I ditched my Canadian number and ended up getting att gophone pay as you go, not that it just gives me unlimited talk text and 6 gigs of LTE data with rollover in Canada, us and Mexico.

  • Steve

    How much do you pay per month, and do you get LTE speeds in Canada?

  • Joe

    About 57 American and yes I get LTE using Rogers.

  • Stefan

    Dude. You are overpaying. At the end of the day they still got their 80 bucks from you. Try asking 3gb for $40 and you will see that you will never get it because they want 80 dollars per customer.

    Paying over $50 for a phone is not justified. Even $50 is a lot.

  • Brad Fortin

    This could work out for both customers and the carriers: Keep existing data tiers for limited amounts of unthrottled data (“up to” 300 Mbps) and replace overage rates with unlimited throttled data (“up to” 1 Mbps?).

    If they really want to milk it, send customers a message when they reach their unthrottled data limit which offers the option to buy more unthrottled data or allows them to switch to throttled data.

  • Mike

    I love the fact that 5 minutes either side of my house has unlimited internet but I cant get it…Like wtf is this

  • Scott W Russ

    This is bull$hit now the crtc blocked a American carrier what was it either verizon or T-Mobile one of these think it was Verizon that wanted to come to Canada but the big 3 got scared & asked our government to block them coming to Canada then because of this they got scared then that’s when the big 3 thinking if they offer a stupid plan to make up for blocking Verizon coming to Canada getting scared of there plans & offering them in Canada so they offered us a brand new plan to ease us & gave us unlimited Canada wide calling & share everything plan sure Canada wide calling & is great but a Canadian wide unlimited data is better & that’s what should have been offered instead of share plan & Canada wide calling now the crtc is making the big 3 basically all Canadian carriers to stop factory locking our phones & after Dec all phones will have to be unlocked & after Dec al phones will be factory unlocked so why doesn’t the CRTC make the big 3 & all carriers make them offer us unlimited data plans with unlimited Canada wide calling now this I would rather have then Canada wide calling & share plans or having factory unlocked phones I would rather pay 100$ for a true unlimited data plans & unlimited Canada wide calling instead of Canada wide calling it should be unlimited data with unlimited North American calling now having this plan is what we should have the crtc should make Canadian carriers offer us unlimited data now why is Canada the last to have new things look at the states they have 5G speeds now look at how long it took Canadian carriers to have true coast to coast 4G LTE now this year we truly have 4G LTE coast to coast now when LTE came to Canada Rogers well big 3 lied to us said we finally have LTE coast to coast when it first started but it was only big cities like each prov like Vancouver Edmonton Calgary Saskatoon Regina Winnipeg Ottawa Toronto Montreal Quebec city Fredericton Saint johns and Halifax unless u stayed in these cities you wouldn’t have LTE 4G data would only have 3G only it took 5yrs after the major cities listed above other small cities like Prince Rupert BC we only had 3G speeds then took them 3yrs of testing 4G LTE then the 5th year all of Canada finally got true LTE 4G so I think the CRTC makes Rogers Telus & Bell to make them offer us true unlimited data plans & either replace Canada wide calling change to North American calling to replace Canada wide calling & have North American calling with our new unlimited data plans now I wouldn’t care if unlimited data price would be 100$ it would be worth it & if we only got unlimited data & not North American calling just having unlimited data I’d love that now instead of giving us unlocked phones after Dec I would rather see the crtc make Rogers Telus & Bell make them have unlimited data vs having factory unlocked phones sure it’s great to have unlocked phones but I’d rather see the CRTC make them give us unlimited data so I hope this happens how long will it take Canada to have the new 5G speeds now that iPhone 8 & iPhone X & new galaxy s8 think that’s the newest one not sure I dnt keep up to date with android phones but now that newer phones are out they will have faster chips that can use 5G in the states & im sure European carriers & Asian carriers have up to date like the states that have 5G speeds now & Canada is always left out look at tv how the WWENetwork came to America & they say Canada now has the WWENetwork but it’s not the same as American version it’s a watered down cheap version & we pay 13$ for free PPVs sure that’s great but Canadian WWENetwork has nothing but reruns & it’s our government that blocks everything with cellular & television why can’t they make it North American so if the WWENetwork can be one version for North American so we can have the same WWENetwork channel & can use the WWE app & why can’t the big 3 be like the Americans when they offer a new speed like 5G Canada should offer the same & GIVE US UNLIMITED DATA IN CANADA CRTC this is bull$hit we don’t have unlimited data & instead they have us share everything data plan & 15gb data plan in Canada is almost 100$ come on crtc & Canadian government fix our big 3 carriers to make them give us unlimited data instead of share everything is so stupid Canadian government should have let Verizon come to Canada & let other American carriers come to Canada but the big 3 got scared & that’s how we got share everything & Canada wide calling they gave us when Verizon wanted to come & the crtc should make them give us unlimited data now instead of making them sell unlocked phones & unlock our phones after December instead of that stop them to starts selling factory unlocked phones & unlocking our phones & replace with unlimited data like I said I would gladly pay 100$ for a unlimited data plan & use with share plan I think al Canadians should email the CRTC to request the big 3 to give us unlimited data ASAP this is what Canada needs now