Fido, Koodo and Virgin All Offer Promo $60 Plan with 6GB Data


Looks like we’re seeing some promo plans from Fido, Koodo and Virgin, all offering a $60 per month plan with 6GB of data and unlimited nationwide calling, according to discussion on RFD.

Virgin koodo fido

For Koodo, their 6GB promo is essentially their $60/5GB plan with a free 1GB data add-on that does not expire, available for new activations and upgrades only (you can try calling retentions to get it apparently, too), for BYOD plus small and medium tab plans.

As for Virgin, their $60/6GB plan is essentially the $55/3GB plan, with a 1GB data bonus, plus a 2GB data bonus for $5 extra. There is no word when this data bonus will expire.

As for Fido, their $60/6GB plan is essentially the same as Virgin, but includes bonus 1000 international minutes to 10 countries (Australia, Bangladesh, China (excluding Macau), Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan, and the UK), and is stackable with 10% off for an add-on line. This is also a Pulse Plan, which means 5 hours per month of unlimited data; Fido’s plan expires on February 26th.

These plans aren’t on flanker brand websites as of writing, but the Koodo plan was seen at a local mall in Marlborough, in Calgary.

Again, your best bet is to call in to retentions or visit a dealer and try to jump on these plans. This $60/6GB promo plan isn’t as good as $60/10GB plan offered during the holidays, but it’s a better deal than standard offerings.

Earlier this month, we saw all three flanker brands of the ‘Big 3’ offer $45/2GB promo plans as well, timed for the Lunar New Year.

Let us know in the comments if you end up getting one of these plans.


  • It’s Me

    It’s cute that they all always come out with the same plans at the same time and call it competition. Synchronized competitors are not competitors.

  • MrXax

    Debating if I want to switch over from my Public $40(ish) plan, especially since the future of it seems uncertain.

  • Tim Mosdell

    I called Koodo and was able to get this $60 6GB plan here in Newfoundland and I was not required to upgrade my device like they told me in the store. In total, I may have been on hold with retentions for 10-15 minutes.

  • Nice!

  • FragilityG4

    It’s an interesting predicament. You have to think they will do something to tweak the plan as the last change failed. If you do change to another provider ask for some incentives ?

  • cayaguy

    This isn’t that great of a deal. During the PM disaster a few days ago my GF got the Koodo migration plan.. $100 bill credit, 4GB plan with 1GB bonus for 2 years, $10 credit for 12 months, $50 referral bonus. It works out to $35 a month basically. For the first year plus all those nice bill credits ??

  • Kris

    Too late, I switched to Freedom Mobile from Fido.. Lunar New Year deal 10gb for $45, their service not bad, I don’t have any issues in lower mainland and don’t travel much. I am happy.

  • Gary Eng

    I contacted Fido but they do not have any record of this promotional offer. Has anyone had success in getting the $60 6Gb plan?

  • MathieuM

    Seems like Koodo upped their offer and are currently offering 5 GB of data for $40 for people switching from Public Mobile:

    The in-store promo code is GOKOODO405GBBPO .

    Eligible for medium tab.

    Comes with $100 credit.

    $50 referal credit offer expires March 1st.

    Thanks to camtheman78 on RFD for posting the info!

  • cayaguy

    You mean my post yesterday about the exact same thing ? you’re welcome!

  • Umar Ansari

    Got the same response. This offer is apparently not available at Fido.

  • Tony

    100% agreed. Something has to change. The world is unlimited and Canada is behind. The restrictions are real on what we could accomplish

  • Jonathan

    Can’t believe it. My retention plan is the same. Minus the 1000 international minutes. Called Fido to update retention plan and they refused. It is for new activations only.

    So new customers get a better plan than someone with the company for 10+ years.

    I tried to get on the $60 10 gb plan over the holiday but was told I was not eligible too. The reason was I was under contract. But my contract ended in September.

    Now I am obligated to look for another carrier. Great.

    Anyone have any suggestions for good plans out there?

  • John McClane

    Wellcome to my… club! I tried to get with Fido a $50 plan few months ago and I didn’t “qualified”. But I did qualified for the $70 plan…

    Aparently nobody would qualify for a lower plan, just for a higher one.

    Right now i still have 2 lines for $60 + $5 option with 6GB/phone, so 2 x $65…

    Still shopping around…

  • Chuck

    Switched from Telus to Virgin for the $60/6 GB. It was the BYOP 65 with 1 GB bonus and $5 for 1 GB more. Unlimited Canada wide talk and text. Called Telus and they would not match. Called Koodo and they offered the same as Virgin. Virgin said they use Bell and Telus towers when Telus told me that Koodo only used Telus towers. How true that is I don’t know.

  • Lulu

    Called Fido and Ive been with them for over 15 years already and wasn’t able to get it

  • Anaron

    Did anything prevent you from switching to Koodo or Virgin Mobile? These companies don’t really care about how long you’ve been a customer. New activations are more important to them than longstanding customers.

  • t l

    For those who called retention and been refused go ahead and jump ship. Loyalty means nothing to the carriers. They will not let you have it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with them. I was a fido customer for a long time and they wouldn’t give me the current promo. I went to koodo got a deal there. Since then I “buy my own phone” no contract, no bs, i go to whoever as I please and when i want. Don’t let the $0 phone/subsidize phone get to you!!!