Koodo, Fido and Virgin Promo: $45/2GB Plan and Other Bonus Data

Koodo Mobile, Fido and Virgin Mobile have simultaneously launched a promo offering bonus data on select BYOD plans, available in all provinces except Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec.

Those bringing their own phone to these networks can get a $45 per month plan with 2GB Of data, which includes unlimited Canada-wide calling.

TELUS’ Koodo has upped the ante by offering their $55/month plan with 3GB data and $65/month plan with 4GB data, with offers ending on February 19th.

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Virgin’s other BYOD plans only offer 1GB extra data, while Fido only has a $45/2GB promo, dubbed as a “Lunar New Year Offer”.

While these promos are not as enticing as the holiday $60/10GB plans offered by the ‘Big 3’, if you’re on an older plan paying the same price with less data, it may be worth calling in to make the switch. But beware of the new $7/100MB data overages though.

Let us know if you’ll be jumping on any of these promos.