Freedom Mobile $40/10GB Promo Targets Telus, Koodo, Public Mobile Customers


Freedom Mobile has responded to Telus from luring customers to Public Mobile, as Shaw’s wireless carrier has launched a promo targeting existing Telus, Koodo Mobile or Public Mobile users.

Details of the promo plan were sent to Freedom Mobile locations last night according to our sources, but we refrained from posting until we saw further confirmation, now seen over at MobileSyrup:

Starting today, customers of Telus, Koodo or Public can port over to an exclusive Smartphone 40 10GB plan, which has all the features of Freedom’s regular Smartphone 40 plan but includes 10GB of full speed LTE data rather than the usual 4GB.

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So basically, switchers will get Freedom Mobile’s Smartphone 40 plan, with 10GB of full speed LTE (instead of 4GB), which is a decent deal.

The promo starts today and users just need to port over their line to Freedom Mobile on a Smartphone 40 plan, which will get updated to 10GB within 7 days.

Just yesterday, Public Mobile relaunched its $40/4GB plan (after $2 AutoPay discount), again targeting Freedom Mobile users to switch. The popular plan returns but has increased in price by $2 per month (normally it’s $38/mo after AutoPay).

Let us know if you’re considering switching over to Freedom Mobile.


  • matthewcouto

    UGGGHHHHH… I’d happily give up my grandfathered $30 “unlimited” (i.e. 5GB) plan for this.

  • Cornfed710

    The Public Mobile plan is over. They’re backing down to Shaw.


  • SonOfOdin

    Home network still too restrictive

  • Greg

    What the chances the next iphone will support LTE on freedom mobile

  • I thought that all phones are sold unlocked now – it’s the law?

  • Riddlemethis

    Not until this winter

  • Riddlemethis

    You’ve been watching too much Trump tv.
    This plan isn’t good because of poor coverage and we don’t know the duration. FM can change their terms at any time.

  • Ah, I see.

    But if you bought an unlocked iPhone from Apple, you could use it on Freedom, is that right?

  • Riddlemethis

    Likely. Apple has always been a few years behind. Thats keeping many people from switching. 3G speeds are annoyingly slow.

    Once the iPhone and other popular devices support FM network you’ll start to see many complaints on their poor speeds.

  • Riddlemethis

    More like the Rogers, Fido and Bell.