Public Mobile Brings Back $40/4GB Plan, Again Targets Freedom Mobile Customers [u]

Update: We’ve updated our post to correct pricing: It’s now $42/4GB before AutoPay, which takes it down to $40/4GB. So Telus raised the price of the plan by $2 per month.

TELUS-owned Public Mobile has brought back their promotional $40 plan (actually it’s now $42/month before AutoPay) with 4GB data and unlimited province-wide calling, but again it’s targeting Freedom Mobile customers only.

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The promos is available for a “limited time only” and will let Freedom Mobile customers jump on their 90 day plan with 12GB of data, which works out to $40 per month with 4GB data (after a $2/month AutoPay discount).

Public Mobile says users need to select the 90 day plan, unlimited province-wide talk, unlimited global text, 500MB data on 4G LTE, which will then take it to $126 (with AutoPay enabled it’s $120).

Once you register this plan and you’re activated, the data plan will be automatically upgraded from 500MB per 90 days to 12GB per 90 days on 4G LTE “within 72 hours”.

Public Mobile also has loyalty perks, which will save users $1/month off after year one, $2/month off after year two and so on, up to $5/month off in year five. Users also can refer friends and family to save every month as well.

The carrier says this is a “Competitive Response” to Shaw’s Freedom Mobile and again, is only available for a limited time. This promo targeting Freedom launched back in June, but was then extended to July 6th. Now it looks to have come back, yet again.

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