Freedom Mobile Offers $45/6GB LTE Plan for Life to Existing Customers

WIND Mobile re-branded as Freedom Mobile last month, a move which to give its new LTE network (based on AWS Band 3) a fresh start.

The company also launched a promo $40/6GB LTE plan, which was really the $45/3GB plan with a bonus 3GB and $5 off—only for the first 12 months.

However, in a recent email blast, Freedom Mobile is now offering the “special introductory rate plan” for its existing customers, specifically those in Toronto and Vancouver where its LTE network is available (via RFD).

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Existing customers will get 6GB of LTE data for life, along with unlimited calls to Canada and the U.S., at the cost of $40 for the first 12 months, then $45 after.

In the end, customers will be paying $45 for 6GB of data, which is not a bad deal at all. The offer is only available until January 31, 2017.

Freedom Mobile explains in its email “That is the best-priced plan in the marketplace today! It is half of what you would pay with any of our competitors for 6 GB of data.”

Existing users can switch to this promo plan right now by logging into My Account, going to Change Your Plan, then select Smartphone 45 LTE from the list. The promotional credit will be applied on your next month’s bill, along with a follow up email.

The problem with Freedom Mobile’s LTE network? It doesn’t support the iPhone right now, as only 3G is available. The carrier right now is offering only two phones that will work with their LTE band: the LG V20 and ZTE Grand X 4 (coming soon), but says “more phones” will debut in 2017.

Freedom Mobile closes out the email by stating “Do not worry – as we expand our LTE coverage, we will reach out to customers in every region.”

So in a nutshell, if you still want to stay with WIND…err…Freedom Mobile, change to this plan and you’ll get it for life. But you won’t be able to use the LTE network unless you you’re using those two available phones, or until the iPhone supports AWS Band 3 LTE. But you could wait it out with existing 3G coverage and wait for further LTE expansion.

What are you going to do? Stick with Freedom Mobile or jump ship to get better coverage?

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  • IAN

    This must mean that next year they will be offering 8 or 10 GB for the same price…. LOL

  • duff

    no Visual Voicemail, no VoLTE, no Wifi Calling?? in my line of work i use all these features, i sure hope some day they will come to this mobile provider.
    If it is using Telus backbone then why is there no support for theses features if they work on Telus?

  • Olley

    what an effing scam. LTE plan with 3G speed…

  • KS

    This demands an important question, don’t we have a law that restrains companies from charging consumers for products that are not yet released?

  • TM

    Their 3G/4G H+ data is usually faster in Edmonton than LTE on Rogers on my other phone in the exact same area. Can’t wait to see what happens when Freedom’s LTE launches

  • Jacob A

    Right because 45 dollars for the plan that includes unlimited calling to Canada, the US along with the basics of Voicemail, texting AND 6 GB of data is a scam. Oh and 5 bucks of for a year and no contract.

    Wish my ISP and auto insurance scammed me the same way.

    Seriously what are you, a shill for robelus?

  • Jacob A

    This demands a question, how does this have anything to do with what they’ve offered. LTE has been launched in Van and TO and the offer is solely for those customers.

  • Jacob A

    Yeah data has been decent here for a while. I noticed a minor improvement a while ago. Maybe a tower went up in the area.

  • Joe Tran

    There are ways to get them free. For wifi calling Google hangout dialer let’s you call on wifi using your number as the caller id. For a free and visual voicemail download the fongo VoIP app and have your phone forward calls to that number which includes voicemail. You must set the dial to 1.

  • Biggy604

    I remember a time when Wind/Freedom Mobile had unlimited talk and data (although bandwith threshold capped at 6GB so it was slow after that).

  • BB BB

    So basically, no phones support this AWS Band, and your Double Data vanishes after 12months then you pay more for less data. GENIUS! Great way to treat your existing customers. Sell LTE they can’t even use with their existing phone and migrate them onto the new plans. SHAW Mobile stinks.

  • BB BB

    I recall it took Koodo until 2013 to implement VVM. Anyway, you are correct. As an iPhone user, FM isn’t the carrier to be on.

  • Hello Moto
  • Jacob A

    LTE is live, but they are still working on it. OK, in the meantime you still get the exact same service you would have if you had their regular $40 dollar plan. You still have the same calling service, same texting, voicemail and access to 3G data.

    It’s a bumpy launch. BIg deal. Try and remember all the horrible growing pains and serious $$s charged to robelus.

    They aren’t asking people to pay an extra fee. In fact they are promoting a discount over a term plus doubling your data.

    Cry about something that matters.

  • Hello Moto

    That is not my post on Facebook. I am not crying at all, I am satisfied with my $35/month Telus plan with unlimited calling and 4 GB of LTE data. I simply took a screenshot of one of the many comments on their Facebook page that proves that Freedom’s LTE hasn’t really been “launched” in Vancouver and Toronto. It’s not a “launch” if no customers are currently allowed on the network. Why bother advertising to consumers that their LTE network is launching on a specific date when in reality that is the day they start network testing. Testing is something that should be done behind the scenes before announcing a date relevant to consumers. I know a few people on Freedom that bought an LG V20 and switched to the new LTE plan in anticipation of the so called November 27 launch which never happened.

  • Hello Moto

    And you’re a shill for Shaw?

    I’m assuming you live in Ontario? If you were a Shaw home services customer like I am, you would know that they are no better than the Big 3. The Shaw family and Ted Rogers were very good “friends” and they initiated many non compete arrangements that resulted in Shaw pulling their cable services out of Ontario and Rogers pulling their cable services out of BC/AB.

    Shaw raises their monthly rates more often than Telus with little to no improvements in service. Shaw’s recent 150 Mbps plan is the only exception, but for the past 20 years at least, there was little progress with regards to service and internet speed improvements.

  • Paul

    Got sick of missed/failed calls, their network is useless. Switched to public a couple of months ago and haven’t looked back.

  • Jacob A

    Actually I live in Alberta. My mother is in Ottawa though and I had cell service with Rogers for over 7 years so I am very much informed. I’m not impressed with any of the companies.

    Shaw’s internet is considerably better than Telus out west. I know because I’ve tried both in Alberta and in BC. In Ontario I’ve struggled to find any kind of plan decent enough for an old lady. Also, contracts are huge in Ontario for Internet.

    I’m not a shill for Shaw, I’m a happy wind customer who finds it hilarious all the whining people make over a service that provides budget rates. Also haven’t forgotten all the idiotic pain and increase amounts if dollars thrown away when robelus was in the process of building and improving their networks.

    It’s a 40 dollar plan that still offers 40 dollars if service. 5he pllan is a great deal and the phone itself is a wonderful phone.

    If you had a clue about how all the ISPs operate across the nation you’d know that shaw has in fact over the years offered a better service.

  • Jacob A

    Well guess what? Those few people have an excellent phone, still get a 40 dollar plan and service including data, and still get a great deal once the kinks are ironed out.

  • Alex

    Oh yeah? Lets see your 35$ 4GB LTE plan man 🙂 Telus doesn’t even offer 4gb, its only 2 and 6gb for 120$/mo… No need to post bogus info to convince others of your thieving carrier choice 🙂

  • Hello Moto

    LOL, replying after an entire month? Nice comeback 🙂

    All aboard the Shaw choo choo train!

    Been there, done that.

    My plan as per your request:

    www(DOT)redflagdeals (DOT)com/deal/telecom/public-mobile-get-unlimited-talktext-and-4gb-of-data-for-4000month/

    $40/month – $2 autopay discount – $1 loyalty discount -$2 referall discount = $35/month

  • Jacob A

    I suggest a reading comprehension course. Clearly you are the one replying after a month.
    Get lost.

  • Hello Moto

    LOL, replying after an entire month? Nice comeback 🙂

    All aboard the Shaw choo choo train!

    Been there, done that.

    My plan as per your request:

    www(DOT)redflagdeals (DOT)com/deal/telecom/public-mobile-get-unlimited-talktext-and-4gb-of-data-for-4000month/

    More details here:

    forums(DOT)redflagdeals (DOT)com/public-mobile-limited-time-4gb-40-plan-promo-2050037/

    $40/month – $2 autopay discount – $1 loyalty discount -$2 referall discount = $35/month

  • Marth

    I just got an iphone, so am sorry to hear the news that I’ll have to wait it out, but wait it out I will, for sure. I’ve been with Wind …erm Freedom, for many, many moons now. I think they’re a great company; i’ve stuck by them even when reception couldn’t get into my apartments, etc … and have grown with them. My plan which we started as a family if i remember correctly, is still 40.00 plus an extra 10.00 for an extra 5gigs data for a total of 10gig. Per month. Invaluable since i don’t know of any other carriers who offer that much! I could totally use double that, or even triple, and would gladly pay for the extra … I’m NOT a big fan of the “fair usage policy” … But why in the world would I downgrade. 😀 My plan is solid! 😀 And hopefully they abide by the contract forever more. Looking forward to the speed in The Hammer …

  • Terry Weaver


    I have 2 plans with them – since 2014. A data plan for my ipad and a $20/month simple plan for a 2nd phone. Upon receiving this customer love letter I decided to PORT from FIDO and take advantage of this 6GB for life. Well guess what. The “for life” part only applies if you upgrade an EXISTING plan… NOT start a new plan. Not according to the agent when i signed up! SO Thank You Mr. Weaver for starting up a 3rd plan with us but F$ck You very much for your loyalty…

  • Jade

    My friend has proudly tolerated Wind’s poor service for years hoping things would improve and make his ordeal worth while. Imagine his surprise when they come along and say….great job, pay us more. Oh and also wait longer. He is leaving Wind and feels suckered for supporting them all these years.

  • Josh Tisi

    Actually it’s still unlimited 🙂 it’s just slowed down after you use your high speed data it’s not to bad