Freedom Mobile Promo: $35 Canada/USA Calling Plan with 6GB Data for 10 Months

Freedom Mobile, formerly known as WIND Mobile, has launched promotion on its $45 Canada/USA plan. The ‘Big Gig Event’ sees the plan drop by $10 to $35 (for 10 months), plus throws in 3GB bonus data for 12 months, taking it to 6GB full LTE data (for at least a year).

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The plan offers unlimited calling to Canada and the USA, along with unlimited global SMS/MMS and the usual extras like Caller ID, Voicemail+ and more.

The fine print reads the following:

*You will receive an additional 3 gigabytes of data per month (6 gigabytes total) on the Freedom Mobile Home network until January 31, 2018, as long as you remain active and in good stand¬ing on this promotional plan. Effective February 1, 2018, you will receive a total of 3 gigabytes of data per month on the Freedom Mobile Home network.

Shaw announced Freedom Mobile’s faster network last November, but the caveat is the AWS Band 3 LTE, which currently is not supported by the iPhone; only a couple smartphones nobody wants support AWS Band 3 (LG V20; ZTE Grand X 4), are available from the company.

We’ve seen Freedom Mobile try to retain its current customers with similar promos for bonus data, but right now its AWS Band 3 LTE network is only available in Vancouver and Toronto. Everyone else is still plagued by its spotty HSPA network.

Looks like Shaw is bringing over their home Internet-style discounts to mobile plans, offering discounts for a limited period to entice customers to sign on. Until the company expands its LTE footprint and more phones can support AWS Band 3 (especially the iPhone), it’ll be a hard sell.

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  • WorldWideWebpolice

    Is anyone on an iPhone using Freedom? How slow is it?

    This price is very tempting…

  • karinatwork

    Still no “home” coverage here where I live. 🙁

  • Tim

    Never been a fan of plans that bait you with low initial prices and then apply built-in-increases months later. Hardly a “deal”.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    I bet. Their ‘Home’ coverage is as big as an attic..

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Low initial prices but can’t get proper signal and/or you’re roaming as soon as you head out of town.

  • Brandon Arneson

    the data speeds you get on freedom mobile will vary because your phone needs to support the max download speed of 42mbps and if it doesnt then you wont get fast data speeds, i dont think iphones support the highest download speed. For me I am using a Moto E(2nd Gen) in Edmonton Alberta and also the surrounding cities they cover on my Everywhere55 plan and I can get up to 15.40mbps download and 4.40mbps upload on 3G because im not giving up my everywhere55 plan with free canada/usa roaming and upgrading phones for LTE, my speeds never drop below 1mbps download and upload. Webpages always load fast

  • karinatwork

    My goodness you have a small attic…

  • Cornfed710

    Where are you located, must be downtown or something.

  • Brandon Arneson

    No this is everywhere in Edmonton and all the surrounding cities. They did hardware upgrades in June2016 and things have been this good since then

  • Chris

    For the record, the iPhone 5S and up supports DC-HSPA (42Mbps) band 4 (AWS-1). The iPhone however, does not support LTE band 66 (AWS-3).

  • WorldWideWebpolice

    So… Freedom is recommended for an iPhone user?

  • Chris

    I live on the east coast of Canada so I truly have no idea how Wind/Freedom speed/coverage is. Sorry

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Sadly =(