Mobilicity Promo Returns: Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for $30/Month


Mobilicity $30 plan

For those with good Mobilicity coverage in their area and have an unlocked compatible AWS iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s/5c, the wireless startup has brought back their promo $30 unlimited talk, data and text plan, which previously was $45/month.

For only $30/month, get UNLIMITED:

  • Data
  • Canada-Wide Talk
  • Text
  • North American Long Distance
  • Global Text
  • 30 Minutes North American Voice Roaming
  • Voicemail, Caller ID and Call Features

Your iPhone 5 supports AWS if your serial number ends in the following four digits (iPhone 5s/5c models support AWS out of the box):

Tap Settings > General > About and check if your serial number ends with any of these four-digit combinations:


Rumours are swirling Telus might place a third bid to acquire the struggling wireless entrant, but Ottawa has made it clear it opposes any spectrum transfers which will result in “undue concentration”.

Again, if you don’t travel often and have good Mobilicity coverage in your area and are looking for the cheapest monthly plan for your unlocked iPhone, this is one to consider. The promo was also seen last November.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • wuju

    anyone know of a site that has info which company has strong signals in the area you live in from crowdsourcing etc.

    I live in Newmarket, Ontario and work in the financial district downtown Toronto and would love to join mobilicy or windmobile but which to choose?

    Had it with Rogers and would love to switch…

  • Best bet would be to find a Mobilicity thread on HoFo or RFD and ask the bulk of those users if your area has a good signal.

  • gtasscarlo

    I would join Mobilicity or Wind. But I am on LTE and can’t go back to slow speeds.

  • Not sure about Newmarket but coverage in the financial district is pretty good. Haven’t had any dropped calls yet. One thing that I’ll say is that data gets really slow around afternoon rush hour. During other times of the day, HSPA+ is fine.

  • Westben

    I wonder if there are charges if you wander outside of there coverage area in GVA and “roam” I cant find any info on their website as to that