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Screen Shot 2013 05 11 at 1 27 18 AM is a Vancouver-based non-profit dedicated to advocate for affordable internet and wireless access in Canada. Steve Anderson, the founder of was recently on the CBC’s Lang and O’Leary Exchange to talk about the state of the cellphone industry in Canada. Check out the clip below:

The interesting part of the interview? Kevin O’Leary admitted it was cheaper for him by 66 per cent to roam on his Verizon cellphone in Canada, instead of using his cellular plan from an incumbent. Something’s wrong with that picture!

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Back in March, released a 59 page study that revealed Canadians are unhappy with the service provided by our incumbents, in particular high prices, disrespectful customer service and long contracts.


  • SV650

    It’s cheaper for Kevin to buy a roaming package for his Verizon phone plan than to buy a second phone. He has not included the base cost of the plan. In addition to paying a minimum of $70 month, he needs pay the roaming fee of $15 for 1000 minutes (excellent price) plus data. For a business person such s Kevin, who travels to the USA a lot it is a great deal, for a Canadian not travelling he is paying the equivalent of $85 for 1000 minutes and $25 per 100 MB. The voice plan is not bad, but the data is outrageous.

    He also retains the same number as he travels; something of major importance to a traveller such as him.

    Koodo has better deals advertised.

  • mcfilmmakers

    You cannot compare a Canadian that travels to a Canadian that doesn’t travel with the same plan. A proper comparison is the Verizon plan plus roaming to an equivalent incumbent plan plus roaming.

  • SV650

    Kevin didn’t, so why should I? 😉

    Gary asked for comments on the 66% less that was presented in the interview. I’m just saying that the information Kevin presented is disingenuous.