Poor Fido Network Coverage Leads to $585 Cancellation Fee for Montreal Woman


Even a high-end phone such as the iPhone can become useless if the carrier’s coverage is poor in the area where you live. (Believe me, I know. I have experienced this myself.) So, in this case, what’s the logical step to take? Switch to a carrier with better coverage, of course. That’s exactly what a Montreal woman did; she ended up with a hefty $585 cancellation fee from Fido. CBC Montreal investigated the matter.

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Maureen Deery had an iPhone 5s, but she can’t use her right arm due to nerve damage. These two facts strongly relate to each other: She needs her phone to get in touch with doctors and other people who treat her.

Unfortunately, she renewed her contract with Fido in April, and despite getting an iPhone 5s, she couldn’t really use it, because of poor Fido coverage. Signal strength showed, at most, two bars out of five, which resulted in unsent messages and other frustrating experiences. Interestingly, she says she had no such issues with her previous device, an iPhone 4s.

Fido, she says, tried to fix the matter remotely, but the problems persisted even after she got a replacement unit from Apple.

So, in the end, she decided to cancel the contract in mid-June. Fido agreed, but said this would cost her $585 because of her subsidy on the phone.

Deery contacted CBC, which started an investigation that brought results: She was told in writing that her old phone would be unlocked and her contract cancelled without any fees. A happy ending!


  • MrXax

    I’m not sure why this is a news story. I’m no fan of the big 3, but they can’t be giving away phones for free, regardless of coverage issues.

    A better solution would’ve been to unlock the phone so she could use the phone with a different carrier, and have her just pay the remaining device costs (without a plan) on a monthly basis until paid off.

  • Sarge

    Return the phone within the (14?) day return policy?

  • Don

    So now she has a phone she can sell, and fido is out the subsidy. She should have had to return the phone to get out of the remaining subsidy. But because she has a medical issue, all is forgiven.

  • Stroodle

    The report says “her old phone”, would be unlocked, would that be her old 4s that wasn’t giving her the issue?

  • CanucksGoals

    Well isn’t that how it works in Canada? It’s never the user’s fault. I feel sorry for her medical condition. But for her bringing this up to media just show how people think media attention can make them get away with things. Sad.

  • Brian

    Fido is a discount sub brand of Rogers which is most notorious of the big 3 for poor customer service. Who know what switch they pulled on her. Fido is to be avoided at all costs. Nothing was straightforward when I was with Rogers moving to Fido solved everything and I’ve never looked back.

  • Brian

    I meant to say ‘Moving to Kudo …