Rogers, Telus, Bell Bring Back $62/7GB, $85/12GB Plans for Quebec Only


Rogers, Telus and Bell have launched new promos in Quebec, essentially bringing extra data to BYOP (bring your own phone) plans, available for $62 for 7GB and $85 for 12GB of data.

Share Everything Plans on Rogers include the following:

  • Roam Like Home
  • Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE
  • Subscribe to your choice of Spotify Premium or Texture and enjoy the first 6 months free
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling
  • Unlimited Messaging (Includes text, picture and video)
  • Call Display with Name Display
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Group Calling
  • 2500 Call Forwarding Minutes6
  • Overage Rate $5/100MB
  • Worry-free data management

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Those outside of Quebec are paying much more for similar plans. In Ontario, an equivalent Rogers 7GB Share Everything plan costs $95 per month, while the 12GB plan costs $130 per month, differences of $33 and $45 respectively.

Bell right now has a promo in Quebec offering $60 for 7GB data (4GB + 3GB bonus) at a couple bucks cheaper than Rogers, while also offering the same $85 plan with 12GB (10GB + 2GB bonus).

TELUS has a $62.50/month plan with 7GB (4GB + 3GB bonus), but only if two people minimum are on the account, but for individual users it’s $75 for 7GB (can’t find the BYOP on the TELUS website?). Their 12GB plan is $100 per month.

Quebec-based carrier Videotron is putting pressure on Big 3 players such as Rogers, as the former has similar ‘promo’ plans priced right now at $57.95 for 7GB with nationwide calling, plus a 9GB plan for $73.95 per month.

According to RFD, the Rogers and Bell promo plans have been around since August 2016 but have now returned, probably timed for back to school. These Rogers plans are eligible for a 30% off corporate rebate (one line; most expensive line), plus Desjardins customers get a 10% rebate. You can check your eligibility here.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on these Big 3 promo plans in Quebec.


  • Michal

    This oligopoly is DISGUSTING. With most of these plans having unlimited Canada-wide calling – Canadians across the country should be able to get a plan they want. With a number from any province/city. /Nerdrage 🙂

  • :/

  • So Young

    Sad they remove the option to choose between unlimited call for your province or country for a $5 discount on the plan. The same deal last winter cost me $57 because I choose unlimited call for Quebec only.

    Remember you can add a 10% discount with Rogers for Desjardins Members.

  • Sn0w

    Do you if the ADD-LINE (around 30-35$/month) can get a discount of 10% with desjardins Members if the First line has the 30% corporate rebate ?

  • FragilityG4

    Check your myrogers… mine offered me a “deal just for you” 6GB unlimited Canada wide $75.

    It’s tempting (considering that’s what my old plan was essentially) but I’ll stick with my 4GB for $50.

  • Onion


  • Johnny wishbone

    That’s why I went back to Rogers.
    $85 for 10gb
    Was paying 85 for 5gb from telus.

  • Karine

    I don’t know.. but I would be interested to know if that’s possible.
    Anyone has done it? The 30% corporate rebate on the primary line and 10% with Desjardins on the additional lines?

  • Karine

    Update: I just called Rogers and yes you can add the 10% with Desjardins members on the additional lines when you have the 30% corp on the Primary line.

  • JD Watkins

    Geographical descrimination… Lol

  • sonos2000

    I agree. Quebec always gets special privileges. Someone should start a class action lawsuit.

  • Cyrus Wu

    Weird, it’s 62.00 for 8GB BYOP at Virgin Mobile in Québec,

  • Anonymous

    People sign up the open media letter to CRTC demanding open access of Big 3 network to MVNOs so proves can come down or at least come on par with Quebec for rest of the provinces. If we don’t speak up CRYC won’t do anything. No point complaining here if we don’t speak up in CRTC discussion.