Rogers Focuses on Moving Expiring Contracts to Higher-Priced Share Everything Plans


In just a couple of months, customers will be able to walk away from the three-year agreements they signed before the new Wireless Code came into force. While analysts forecast the migration of millions, incumbents are making preparations to retain their customers, reports the Globe and Mail.

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Starting June 3, Canadian wireless subscribers are free to walk away from their three-year contracts without paying early cancellation fees — although they do need to pay the remaining balance of their phones — under the new Wireless Code that came into force on December 2, 2013.

That means up to 4 million mobile subscribers will be on the market, shopping for better deals than they have right now, according to a January report signed by Scotia Capital Inc. analyst Jeff Fan. Specifically, he estimates 10% to 18% of the incumbents’ post-paid subscribers: that’s 2.2 million to 4 million.

Now is the time for players like Wind Mobile to take their best shots and lure those customers away from the incumbents. On the other hand, the Big Three are aware of what this could bring, so they have already taken steps to retain these high-value customers.

As Rogers spokeswoman Patricia Trott confirmed Tuesday, the company has been taking steps to “mitigate the effect of the double cohort.” Rogers is pushing its higher-revenue plans, so customers can expect the same approach from the other two as well.

“As part of our volume to value shift we’ve proactively focused on migrating customers whose contracts are expiring onto our higher [revenue] Share Everything plans,” she added, referencing the company’s recent change in strategy aimed at attracting higher-paying customers while accepting some subscriber losses.

In some cases, Ms. Trott said, Rogers has waived the remaining subsidy balances owing on contracts to retain high-value customers and move them to the company’s new plans.

In other words, if your contract will “expire” in June, you can expect a phone call from your carrier soon. Will you stay?


  • AnEnglishManInTdot

    kind of related, I’m on a grandfathered plan with rogers with 6gb data that sees my bill hit the balmy heights of $65, I’ve had a couple of calls so far from rogers trying to get me on a share everything plan, which they didnt lure me to.
    To get the same as I have would be $120, no thanks. I’m sure they may get more aggressive as time goes on (contract is already up) I know they want me off it, but until the match or better my deal, or at least give me substantial data other than the 500mb lame limits I’m sticking with what ive got

  • Mike

    I’m on the same plan as you, but I’m still on contract until January. I plan to keep this plan for as long as I possibly can. Nothing I’ve seen on the market today comes anywhere close in comparison.

  • AnEnglishManInTdot

    Mine expired back in September and so far I havent been forced into anything. The only issue will come if you want a new phone, then they will make you change to a shareeverything plan to receive said phone

  • Colin Jay

    That’s where an unlocked phone will come in handy. I’m on the old 6GB plan with Telus and I’m buying my iPhone 6 from Apple so I can keep my plan as long as possible.

  • AnEnglishManInTdot

    Likewise I have unlocked off contract phones so I’m not in the market for a new phone

  • Eric

    Id gladly pay $80 a month for a plan with 10gb or data or something

    in the meantime.. ill stick with my $67 plan with 6gb data

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’ve never heard a logical or reasonable explanation as to why service costs so much more today than it did just a few years ago. Especially when a lot of us are still paying the same rates and others are getting gouged at nearly twice the rate for the exact same service.

  • Fido waived 6 months of my previous 3 year contract to get me to renew just before Christmas. I got a 6+ at the contract price and kept my grandfathered plan with unlimited talk/text and 6 gig data for about $80/Month all in. My wife jumped ship to Wind last summer, hasn’t looked back. I’d do the same if their coverage map was broader but I work mostly outside it.

  • kabsalsa

    I pay $67.80 with tax for a 6 GB plan and have been told that I will lose a $10 discount when my plan expires in September. I am pretty sure this wasn’t commuciated before. I have talked to rogers a number of times re our family plans and it is always them telling me about expensive share everything plans. Besides the price, I don’t like that the first person pays a large amount…. Later on when the family is smaller, you would be forced to move to another plan that could be anything. I have decided that I will stay put or get a corporate 5GB plan if I want an upgrade. Bought my last two phones outright.

  • Raf

    Anyone with a 6GB plan would be foolish to switch to a shared plan. Nothing the big 3 can offer that is valued better. Current plans cost more and customer gets much less than current plan. Also do the math on your plan with and w/o a new phone. Buying out right is worth it. Expensive but worth it long run.

  • Mike

    Well that’s simple. Under the old rules, the telco’s had you locked in for 3yrs. Now they have to get all the money out of your wallet in 2. As soon as CRTC announced forced 2yr plans, I knew it was going to be bad for consumers, so I signed up for a new 3yr plan before the new rules came into effect.

    My phone is still on contract until January, but I did get it unlocked. When I’m ready for a new phone I’ll buy an unlocked phone from Apple and just transfer the sim. It’s the only way to get new phones with the old plans.

  • Russell Porter

    Same here, i’ve been with Telus for almost 6 years on my current plan with 6GB data, 350 min, unlimited texting and free family calling for $60 a month. I rarely use long distance so nationwide calling don’t matter to me and even if i did I would be much better adding 100 min LD for $10. Much better off buying a unlocked phone out right and keeping my current package.

  • al

    Canadian consumers are idiots! Here is your chance to change the landscape of the big three For the better competition and value for your buck. WIND is offering for less than $50 a month unlimited voice, data and text. I told Rogers to piss off… I wouldn’t take their service if they were offering it for free. I changed to teksavvy and Wind.

    MAKE a difference and support the company that’s trying to change the industry.

  • artikas

    Happy April fools to you too

  • KE

    I had an expired $60 6 GB plan and Rogers said they were changing my billing costing me $20 more for 5 1/2 GB less. I argued and said that was a ridiculous way to treat a long time customer so they offered me my same plan at double the amount. They lost a customer.

  • John H

    No it’s NOT that simple. If you do the math, the plan increases don’t add up. Lets say you were getting a $500 subsidy on a phone over a 3 year contract. To get that back they would need to make back 500/36 = $13.89/month. Now spread that over 2 years instead and you need to make back 500/24 = $20.83/month. So the difference in plan costs should only have gone up $6.94/month if they were only interested in making back the subsidy cost of the phone and not gouging Canadians.

    They count on people like you to assume it’s the CRTC decision and not do the math. Then you go blaming the CRTC instead of the carriers and they go home laughing to the bank that they pulled off across the board plan increases of $20+/month without taking any blame from the consumer.

  • Mac

    I’m with Bell, my plan expires in September as well, I have a 6g for 56+tax. Every time I can to add a new service like visual mail, they keep trying to get me off that plan as it’s not offered anymore.. Come September, if they do anything stupid, it will be time to try wind.

  • zane

    I got the iPhone 3G when it came to Canada and Rogers offered their 6GB plan then for $30 dollars. It’s now more than 5 years later – how is it possible that 6GB for $30 dollars is a steal today? If this doesn’t scream corruption and price fixing I don’t know what does.

  • AnEnglishManInTdot

    out of curiosity how has she found wind? and where does she live/work. i’ve had mixed thoughts about switching

  • Mostly GTA. It’s not perfect, signal is problematic inside some buildings and there are voice quality issues during peak times, but data and text are reliable which is the main concern. It’s not without compromise, but for 1/3 of what we were paying before (for less!) no complaints.

  • DL

    I have a $60 6Gb plan also, if i am not getting new phone from them, why wouldn’t i be able to keep my price? after all the $60 will be pure revenue with no subsidy built in…. if they increase my plan by more than $5 i will be switching to wind, i will settle for spottier services to keep my cost down…. $120 for 5Gb is not happening.. i can’t wait to see the big three to fail by skyrocketing the plan prices over night