Rogers’ Chatr Wireless Adds New Data Options, Starting at $10 for 200MB


Rogers’ value brand, chatr, has announced new add-on data options for customers. You can now add up to 1GB of data to the unlimited Canada-wide talk and text plan.

Check out the new data tiers below for the $35/month and up plans:

  • $10/month – 200MB data. 10c/MB for additional data usage
  • $15/month – 500MB data. 10c/MB for additional data usage
  • $25/month – 1GB data. 10c/MB for additional data usage
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You read those overage prices correctly. It’s not exactly cheap, as it works out to $1 for 10MB, $10 for 100MB, $50 for 500MB and $100 for 1GB of data overages.

Rogers also tells us their $25 price plan gets a bump of 50 additional outgoing text messages, part of “exciting new features to their plans, offering customers even more options.”



  • Cyrus

    In 2007 you could get 6 gigs for $30. In 2015 you get 1 gig for $25 dollars.

    Truly sad

  • #sadpanda