Fido Revamps Plans, Now Starting at $34/20GB Like Virgin

Looks like all wireless carriers and their flanker brands are re-working their plans, and now Fido has joined the mix.

Just over a week ago Fido was only showing a $34/50GB plan, but now that has been modified as two other plans are now part of the matrix.

Here’s what’s available now: 

  • $34/20GB 4G
  • $44/50GB 4G
  • $50/60GB 4G

As for Koodo and Virgin Plus? Here’s what they are showing right now:


  • $40/10GB
  • $45/20GB
  • $50/40GB “Promotion” (was 30GB)
  • $55/60GB 5G  “Promotion” (was 40GB)
  • $60/50GB

Virgin Plus

  • $34/20GB 4G
  • $44/50GB 4G
  • $50/60GB 5G (was $55)

As you can see Fido and Virgin Plus have the same plans, except for 5G data for the $50 plan. Koodo’s plans are all over the place still as their $50 plan doesn’t match Fido or Virgin. Flanker brands continue to change their minds. The $40/10GB plan was being pushed hard but now we’re seeing $34/20GB.

Still, Freedom Mobile’s $34/50GB 5G Canada-US plan still is the benchmark for a $34 plan.

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