Do You Have Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill? Let CBC Know!


Some of you may remember last year when CBC did a report on “Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill”. The report highlighted several Canadians who had extremely high monthly bills. Of their 1,000 submitted wireless bills, the “winner” was a Canadian with a $6,000 bill!

Well CBC is back again this year with another round of “Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill”.

Are you having an issue with your cell phone provider? If so, come on down to the CBC atrium Friday between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and bring a paper copy of your bill.

We’ll have an expert on hand who might be able to tell you what the problem is with your bill, and maybe have an idea on how to save money or even find a better deal.

At this time, CBC is looking for 60 wireless bills from the Big 3 (Rogers, Telus, or Bell) from Canadians in or around Toronto.

If you are around the CBC Atrium in Toronto this Friday (tomorrow), head on down between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. EST to have an expert analyze your bill and maybe get you a better deal.



  • Zac

    I once got a bill for $1400.00 while i was traveling across Eurpoe, supposively every time I took a photo or something it would use “data”, and their records showed I had Data Roaming turned off, in the end they removed the $1350.00 data charge…

  • randomrazr

    my iphone 4 rogers bill is 20 dollars, does that count? LOL

  • Mouss12

    you pay $20 for an iphone bill. Impossible. With the required data plan the minimum would be $60

  • Dave

    You need to talk to retentions lol

  • Dave

    This is so ridiculous. Im so tired of these idiots getting large cellphone bills because they have no idea how billing works, how to read a plan brochure, how to shop or read the contracts they sign. In most cases it is simply a glitch in the system and the phone company 9/10 times just simply corrects it. Then you have these idiots who decided it was perfectly fine to stream all their movies and tv using their cell phones, as they called china and be surprised the get a 6K phone bill. They then go and cry to the media that the stupid cell phone company should have told me I couldn’t use my phone to call wherever, whenever or that my mobile-web browsing only plan only meant browsing on my mobile phone. Stop being cry babies and learn to use your phone. Like Zac said, they refunded the money as long as you can simply explain and have a little bit of patience to get the problem solved. Any moron getting a bill for a single line over $200 is simply incompetent and has no idea how to simply pick up the phone and call the phone company and say, I need a better plan.

  • Junk3124

    Haha ya love retentions!