Fido Offers $40/4GB Plan to Some Prepaid Customers to Switch Over to Monthly


Fido looks to be targeting some prepaid customers with exclusive $40/4GB plans if they switch their accounts over to a monthly plan.

As received by iPhone in Canada reader Larry, the following offer via email states users can get “4GB data for $40 per month when you switch to a plan with a monthly bill.”

Fido prepaid offer

This no-term plan offers unlimited Canada-wide minutes and unlimited international SMS/MMS. The targeted offer states a deadline of April 10, 2018 and also details it’s exclusively for the line of the recipient of the email.

According to Larry, this Fido offer was sent to his second Fido line, which he uses occasionally on a prepaid plan. He says when he does use it, all he does is top up with $10.

Unfortunately there is no way for this offer to applied to Larry’s main line, which is already on a postpaid account. But the offer by Fido to switch prepaid customers over to postpaid reminds us of Telus-owned Public Mobile’s recent offers to some customers to switch over to $40/6GB plans with Koodo.

Anyone else out there get this offer from Fido?


  • Olley

    yeah and fido said it’s for better services and admin fee that they needed to jack up my 4GB plan to 45. giant fuck you to you too, fido.

  • BigMike

    4GB for $40?!
    That’s daylight robbery. For $40 they should offer 40GB.

  • Kris

    I was absolutely unhappy when they changed my plan from $40 to $45, so I switched to Freedom and couldn’t be happier.

  • ettebe

    They were offering me 6gb for $51. I didn’t take it because I would have lost my 1000 LD mins to 8 countries.

  • gmd

    Good for you! If only more people could make the move to send a message.

    I have three plans with PublicMobile (and one with Freedom) when TELUS is also trying to move us up the “value chain” to Koodo. I would gladly “move up”, but prices are crazy.

  • Good deal!

  • Patrick

    Horse Pucky I say. Fido is a Rip off. I was with them for years. Went through about u phones. I was paying $92.00/month for 4GB when I had enough of their B.S. My server is now Freedom Mobile. 10GB/$50.00 month. A WAY BETTER DEAL. I recommend Freedom Mobile to everyone. ??

  • eb103

    ??? You must be dreaming if you think that’ll ever happen!

  • S

    Hate Fido.. been with them for 15+ years and I had enough one day when I got shafted over and over. Decided to make move to public mobile despite being forced to pay a couple of hundreds dollars for cancellation fee. I will never go back to Fido even if they offer me 40gb for $40

  • Nat Bennett

    Yeah heard about them. Glad I read the reviews. Even the write up sounds sleazy, like it was done by a independent newscaster.