Fido Responds to Freedom Mobile with $50 Plan with 5GB Data


Fido is offering a retention plan for customers who are mentioning rival Freedom Mobile’s $35/5GB plan. Once you mention this, Fido will offer a $50 plan with 5GB of data.

The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited international SMS/MMS, mini voicemail, call display, circle calling and call waiting.

This plan is eligible for the 10% additional line discount, notes RFD, so that means it can be had for $45 per month. So far, users in Ontario have been able to nab this plan, but it may be available in other provinces too, so call in or talk to online chat to find out.

Let us know if you’re able to nab this plan.


  • Lakh Jhajj

    Gary, thanks once again. Glad I found you guys. Always informative read.

  • Marco

    hmm, I wonder if there’s any benefit to this plan over late last year’s popular $40 plan with 4gb data and with 1000 minutes of included calling to 8 countries (although it didn’t include Canada wide calling)

  • If you need Canada-wide calling this plan seems better. Really depends on your usage and needs.

  • Aaron

    Has anyone gotten this in BC?

  • Dan

    Is Fido Roam included?

  • jay

    I have the Boxing Day deal and happy. However this one is 10$ cheaper. But I would loose 1GB and 1000min international calling.

  • NOHoldsBar

    Forget Gary for info on deals. He’s either too busy or becoming reckless.

    Check RFD daily for cell phone plan deals. He failed to report a few weeks ago until it was too late about the Public Mobile offer that was extended from November.

    Plus he always promotes vpn providers that don’t have good service or they keep logs of your activity and his tweets are becoming more like click bait and nothing more.

    I wonder if this Gary is the same dude posting weekly costco west deals where woman go gaga over his posts. Lol.

  • NOHoldsBar

    Who needs Canada wide long distance any more with free voip apps anyways? Besides. Most people send text or email anyway.

  • Aaron

    Has anyone been able to get this in BC?

  • No

  • (?° ?? ?°)

    Just got it.

  • You’re more than welcome to send me an email if you have tips you want us to share.

  • Try asking them on Facebook messenger

  • Yassssss!

  • Aaron

    I just got it in BC. However the 10% discount is not eligible for the second line on this plan. I tried asking three different reps. One rep actually denied me completely of the plan at first stating that I wasn’t with fido long enough (!?) but the other two approved so I ended up taking it.

  • Caleb

    It’s easy to get, I got it too! But they won’t honour the 10% discount on the second line 🙁

  • kenvin100

    True-but those who don’t use those apps could use this. I personally don’t like to keep my data on always to save battery. Calling direct is “simpler” for others.

  • itaki

    Talked to 1 rep and he completely denied a plan like that.

  • tomm

    I just got off the phone with them right now and I can get this 5 gb plan here in Victoria, but my 10% loyalty or whatever they call it discount (not the 2nd line discount) would be lost, so I am keeping my 4 gb plan.

  • tomm

    I used to have 2 gb plan, but got the 4 gb about 2 months ago and 2 gb was usually enough, so 4 gb is plenty for me right now. the 5 gb would be handy if travelling in Canada a lot.

  • tomm

    I think your post is reckless. I find Gary’s site amazingly informative and it’s the only site I visit several times a day, it has plenty of great info for me.

  • Jeff

    Hay , Gary is a good guys you should be thanks! Thanks you Gary we being to help an don listen to it

  • John McClane

    Well, thanks to Gary, now I have the Boxing Day deal for both of my phone lines. This website is the only one I’m checking for REAL information regarding deals. Thanks Gary and best wishes from BC…

  • Kevin

    Do you have to be an existing Fido customer to get this?

  • mrnngg

    Yes eligible in BC

    Just did it!

    all you need to do is say..

    “Freedom mobile $50 match plan”

  • mrnngg

    Thank you iphoneincanada!

    just got it in BC

  • raslucas

    This is actually true. Hit them up now if you’re with Fido.

  • fawkeskc

    Didn’t work for me in Alberta. Rep checked with supervisor who said it’s not on Fido’s website so it’s not offered. And the only one that was available was a BYOP 5 GB plan.

  • fawkeskc

    This post is totally misleading. The RFD post specifies this is a BYOD plan. Not a retention plan. Nowhere do you say it’s a bring your own device offer.

  • ddkkpp

    grabbed this in vancouver. anyone know how to get the 10% discount? they say i’m not eligible because i activated the 2nd line years ago.

    i have the 4gb/$40 but this one comes with unlimited canada-wide making the extra $10 worth it for me.

    also overage charges are $5/250mb vs $5/100mb (for the $40/4gb)

  • HC

    I was asked to buy out my contract to take advantage of this no contract plan, total BS if I’m gona buy out my plan why spend $50 when I can go to freedom and get it for $35

  • Boooom

  • Call back and talk to another rep

  • Gary Croxford

    I’m on the 3GB, $15 plan and they wouldn’t let me move onto this…The rep said the $15 is a tablet plan so I’m effectively a new activation which, according to him, this isn’t available for. Bit of a shame, ah well.

  • AndreTen

    Got this plan today in Ontario. I originally had the $50/5GB from Saskatchewan but I wasn’t allowed to make any changes or add any add-ons. It quick and easy to change to this plan. Thank you for the post.

  • AndreTen

    Don’t you have to buy out your plan to go to Freedom too?

  • Colin

    Come on now….$15 more and you are still getting a raw deal. Freedom is the much better choice here.

  • Marco

    I agree with you, VOIP calling anywhere in Canada, eg. Fongo can get the job done.

  • Nice work!

  • Dave Miller

    How is that BS? You signed up for a contract for a phone and a set monthly price.
    You have to pay off your contract before switching to Freedom.

  • HC

    It’s Bs because I’m paying $50 already for 2gb but because this deal is a no contract deal I have to buy outa the current $50

    Yes like I said it’s bs the contract is for the hardware not the plan

  • mauriceh

    Except for one thing : Freedom is not LTE.
    Sure, they are launching a new LTE system, but it is on AWS3 spectrum, which is only supported by 2 phone models.
    Also, after a year, the discount on Freedom ends, and it goes up by $5.
    I am a current Freedom customer who will be moving soon.. Unless they come up with a better idea..

  • Morgan

    I’m in Scotia and I got it!

  • MrXax

    That’s a pretty goo– oh wait, it’s a retention plan.

  • Yahoo!

  • Erin

    Just told by a rep in Ontario that “no such plan exists” fought it until I realized it really was no longer worth the energy

  • Try Fido on Facebook Messenger as another way

  • Pez

    Just spoke to fido. You must mention the freedom mobile plan. Otherwise they will not offer the deal
    But it is a byop plan. So no plus 15. 25 etc.

    Can’t get phone with this offer.

  • thomas nguyen

    You knew full well what it was when you signed the contract for the discounted phone

  • Anne

    Phone rep told me it is for new customers only, and i just signed a contract with them a couple days before i heard of this. Not impressed.

  • Viksingh

    Hey I got it this evening. Just asked them to match freedom plan. The lady was cooperating.
    Thanks for the info. Looking for more data and got it. Thanks Gary. ????

  • Cheers!

  • Diego

    Just got this plan but unable to get the 10% discount code

  • Wall Man

    Did the switch over via the Fido Chat. Took 25 minutes. Wish this had the Fido Roam, but since I’ve not used it since I got it I’m not going to miss it. Going to really enjoy the extra data. 🙂 Hmm, I seemed to have to ask to have it start today as I wanted to make sure my data was prorated as my statement date was today.

  • Turab Hasan

    Got the plan on 2 out 6 lines … first rep was not helpful, second time around I was successful

  • Dave Miller

    Thanks for the heads up.

    3 of my accounts are on this plan now (Niagara region.)

    Took 40 minutes on the phone — maybe the facebook messenger process is faster.

    The agent on the phone I was speaking with said that the overage fee for data is $25/100mb. Is that true?

  • Boom, nice

  • Peter

    Is there any way to avoid $15 activation fee when signing up for this plan?

  • momo

    overage is $5/250mb, so I was told when I switched…

  • They gave me 5GB offer, but without Fido Roam. So I just keep my current plan.

  • Lannie Sinclair

    Just heard about this today…… This plan expires tonight……went to a store and luckily I have the link as the store rep told me she have no such plan, she check with her supervisor who said the same thing, it was then that I pull up the link and show it to them, the response from the supervisor was that “oh yes we have it, but l thought you were a new customer” emmmmmmm!!!! Anyway I did get the plan, had to pay off my existing balance and trade in my old phone…………

  • Lannie Sinclair

    Sorry for some typo there……… See them after the post……… But what I was trying to say is that they were behaving as if they did not have any such plan.

  • Gigi

    Called in today. Apparently they’re not offering that plan any longer.

  • Gigi

    I’m being told today that it’s no longer available.

  • Gigi

    That happened to me before. Called in, was told no, called back and got it.

  • Gigi

    They’re all liars. The guy I’m talking to right now told me it wouldn’t help to escalate the call because his manager wouldn’t be able to do anything for me either. I asked to have the call escalated anyway.

  • Gigi

    I called. Told me is was no longer available. Gave me something close — 4GB etc. for $70 – $18 per month — but it’s only good for two years.

  • Anthony

    Just got this plan 9 month later. lol!

  • jay

    worked thanks