Fido Offering $80 Canada-Wide Loyalty Plan with 10GB Data to Some Users


Looks like Fido is upping the game to get customers to renew, with an $80 per month unlimited Canada-wide talk and International texting plan with 10GB data.

One RFD user from Alberta was offered the following plan, which comes with $5/100MB data overages:

794x760 smart fit

The RFD user, who has been a Fido customer for ten years, said previously he/she was on a $75 plan with only 200 daytime minutes and unlimited evenings and weekends and 6GB of data, for $75. So for an extra $5 per month for the $10GB plan offer, it was seen as a “no brainer”.

This $80/10GB plan appears to be targeted towards those with grandfathered plans to move to current in-market plans. Someone else in Ontario claims Fido offered the same plan details as above, except $100 per month with 10GB of data (Fido Roam included).

Anyways, if your contract with Fido is up for renewal, call in and talk to the Retentions department, and see what they can offer you.


  • Jesse

    No that’s not too bad at all…

  • Eric

    I am on a $80 6gb plan… they offered me this .. (over chat)

    This is the best 10GB plan I can offer:

    The Loyalty $100 Talk, Text & Data Pulse plan includes:

    – Unlimited Canada-wide anytime calls

    – 10 GB (over usage: $5/100 MB)

    – Unlimited text/picture/video msgs from Canada to Canadian, U.S. and international cells

    – Call Display (Number only)

    – Mini Voicemail (max 3 msgs, can be upgraded to 35 msgs)

    – Circle Calling™

    – Fido Roam™

    – Free Spotify for 6 months

  • Jason Bjerke

    But if you don’t go over your 6gb anyways, they get an extra $240 (plus taxes) out of you.

  • Zing

    $50 for 1gb if you go over?

  • Jason Bjerke

    So of you go over more than 4 – 5 times a year it would be even.

  • Joe

    Guys: the key issue here is this:

    Does the 10GB plan consider as “in-market”? I am on a pretty good grandfathered plan, but I get no discount on iPhones because it’s not considered a Plus plan (or whatever they’re calling it).

    If this 10GB plan (or something close to it) was offered with a hardware subsidy, it would definitely be a no brainer. If Fido is giving you say $500 off a new iPhone 7, that’s equal to a little over $20/month over 2 years. Hence it would be worth it, even if your monthly rate goes up.

  • kiwi

    i was paying $58 for 3GB, and last week Fido sent me a text that they will offer me an additional 2GB for the next 2 years (no contract), so now I am paying $58 for 5GB, not bad. 🙂

  • Elvis Ma

    Dual Sim setup for me… 15$ with Petro mobility for 100min and text, 15$ with Fido tablet Sim 3gb, 10$ per gb overage

  • Remy9070

    Fido offered me this Plus 15 “loyalty” plan ($80/mo for 10GB) a few days before your posting. Talking with them again today, the catch is definitely that you cannot get the iPhone 7 at an agreement/subsidized price. They would only offer me the iPhone 7 at the full retail price as Plus 15 is not an in-market plan. They get you, one way or the other.

  • kiNGng3

    I was offered that as well as I’m on the $70 with 6gb plan but absolutely no subsidy at all and this was from customer relations. I argued the whole $240 extra I was to pay and still no subsidy wasn’t worth it. The 10gb isn’t really an incentive if you already have 6gb. So like the poster above, I’ll go with the tablet flex data for $15/3gb on a monthly. I might port my number to Fongo and go from there or use dual SIM? Either way I told customer relations what I was doing and he said that’s fine as long as I’m happy. He didn’t even try to retain me. I’ll just buy the 7 plus unlocked and outright from my cousin’s employee discount. Saves me a boat load of money.

  • kiNGng3

    Customer relations didn’t even try to retain me when I rejected their $80/10gb loyalty plan offer. Said a similar 6gb plan with a subsidy will cost $100 roughly. So I said I’ll get locked in for 2 more years, pay you an extra $600 to get a $500 subsidy and no goodwill credits or anything so I’m worse off over the contact length. He said that’s right. No thanks!

  • Joe

    Sounds like the $80/10GB is just a way to increase a user’s recurring charges and offering little in return. I’m currently on a $55 plan with like 200 Canada-wide minutes, ult’d txt, 6GB data. I go over my minutes sometimes (I use my phone for business and, sometimes, duty calls), but never gone over my data.

    This “loyalty” offer is targeted toward ppl like me, who might get suckered by shiny objects like 10GB or unlimited minutes. But without a subsidy, my answer is sorry Fido, no dice! I’d rather buy an unlocked iPhone 7 and staying month to month.

    When the iPhone upgrade program comes to Canada, carriers are going to be completely screwed and I can hardly wait! I’ll pay bare minimum to the carriers (and thanks to apps like Fongo, it really will be bare minimum), and the rest will go to Apple. Heck, I could even go prepaid like they do in

  • Raptors24

    The Ontario package is a Plus35 ($100/10GB) so you can get the base iPhone 7 at $399. The Alberta package is a plus 15 ($80/10GB) and would not get you a subsidized iPhone 7, but you can get any other iPhone at a subsidized price.

  • Eric

    they offered me a $100… plan with 10gb.. that includes the full subsidy for the iPhone 7…

  • kiNGng3

    A full subsidy is $500 off the price of iPhone 7. So depending on how much more they are making you pay from the plan you are currently on it might not be worth it. My buddy is on the $90 plan with 7gb with a $300 subsidy and he got offered the $100/10gb plan and full subsidy. Makes sense for him as he’s paying $240 more to get an additional $200 off. Kinda incremental.

  • Eric

    On chat, they said $700 off the iPhone 7.. with this $100 plan

  • Ryan P

    Got the $100 10GB-Unlimitied-Fido Roam-Call Display-Mini Voicemail-Circle Calling plan with spotify for 6 months. The Fido Roam is a nice benefit since I travel to US often. They said with 2-year contract on this plane iPhone 7 Plus 128GB will be $679. I just sold my iPhone 6 for $550, so not too bad all in all for me. I believe it is a decent deal as I was coming from $70 Unlimited with 6GB plan + $14 iPhone pack was total of $84 per month + tax but no hardware upgrade possible to iPhone 7.

  • Mythical09

    i also have the $100 for 10G plan. Last month i was on a max plan where i was paying $75 +$5 VVM and 2G which i always went over so my bill always came to 75+5+10 +Tax = $105 every month with no iPhone 7 subsidy.

    With the new plan i get 10+2G (loyalty)=12G. I cancelled VVM so my bill is $113 every month with a $500 or $700 subsidy included. I also get $90 Fido dollars toward a new phone and a bonus targeted $75 from fido as incentive to resign.

    Lets do the math. 100×24 is 2400

    Assume the subsidy is 700 + 165 = 865

    My equivalent BYOD plan is 2400-865/24=$64+tax unlimited everything and 12G of Data with 0% chance of ever going over. No brainer to me.

    A similar calculation with a $500 subsidy is $72+tax a month. Again still worth it for those of us who will be getting the iPhone 7 no matter what.

  • Jesse

    Who says I have a 6gb plan? Also the current in market plans for BYOP is.. $95 for 5gb and $105 for 7GB. So for a loyalty plan this is actually really good in this day and age of wireless plans in Canada.

  • DP

    Anyone in BC offered the $100 10 GB plan (which is Plus 35)? Was talking to someone on the chat and the best they offered was some 4GB plan for about the same price. Or is that $100/10GB plan only in Ontario?

  • Anon

    What about a simular Rogers plan?

  • Steve

    Without reporting you’re location, this info is useless.

  • Eric


  • DP

    What’s your location?

  • DP

    On chat, the only thing I was offered was one of the promo plans (3GB plan changed to 4GB) that are just listed on the website. Didi you have to threaten to cancel to get talking to someone on retentions that could offer you that?

  • Eric

    Just chatted and heard there was a 10gb plan for $100. Then they gave it to me.

  • DP

    OK – I had to jump through way too many hoops on that one. They wouldn’t offer me the $100/10GB plan on the Fido chat. Tried the chat again, and all they did was tell me how to cancel. Then I tried calling in and got hung up on. Then I tried calling in to cancel, and even Retentions once I was transferred just offered me plans from the website. After a long silence, THEN he said he’d look to see if any other plans might be suitable and offered the $100 / 10GB. So good luck, I think just really depends who you get 🙂

    I’m located in British Columbia.

    $100 Plan
    – unlimited Canada wide minutes
    – unlimted txt, picture, video message to Cdn/Usa/Int’l
    – call display, conference call, call waiting
    – 10 GB data ($5/100MB if you go over, ouch!)
    – Spotify
    – Fido Roam ($5 per day up to maximum $50)

    $5 Value Pack
    – $0.01 USA long distance rate
    – Name Display
    – Visual Voicemail
    – 2500 call forward.

    It’s a Plus35 plan, so full discounts on the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus.

    I was coming from the old $50 unlimited Can/USA + $30 GB data option + $13 iPhone value pack.

    Hate to give it up, but it seemed like a reasonable option to switch to.

  • Chris Lamothe

    Fido just texted me with 1GB extra data for free for the next 12 months on my plan (currently on a BYOD $40/month 500mb), all I had to do was text YES.

  • Justin Othman

    Last Friday ordered iPhone 7 plus 128gb for 600 bucks – 85 fido dollars and a 10 gb plan for $130 a month. was on 6 gigs for 110.

  • Edwin370Z

    I got the same deal, and I also had the exact same grandfathered plan as mentioned in the article. Took the deal. FYI, also from Alberta.

  • Amer Kojic

    80 with 10 gb is realy good plan,but is only plus 15 so you cannot get a good phone, the plan has to be plus 25 or 35.I got 67 plus tax plan with 3 gig of data.

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Remy9070

    UPDATE: Talked to Retentions on the phone yesterday and was offered the $100/10GB Plus35 plan in order to get the $550 subsidy for the iPhone 7 Plus on a 2-year contract. Turned it down and took their original Plus15 ($80/10GB) with no contract and will pay full price for the phone instead. Seems the better go in the long run.

  • Edwin370Z

    No problem.

  • Meanmusic

    In QC this is a Pulse20 plan ($83/10GB) with a $5 credit or 2GB data bonus

  • Curtis Tse

    i dont mind this plan u get… im in B.C too so i’ll see if they will give me that when i mention to them… right now im paying $70 plus tax for standard plan + $30 6gb.. i want full discount on the iphone 7 plus..

  • Just spoke with a great fido rep over the phone. With this plan, we’ll be able to upgrade to the 7, once it’s offered for the lower-tier Plus plans (it’s just launching on the Plus 35 plans to start, but will filter down to the others with time).

    So in other words, hold off on buying a 7 if you want to save a few hundred bucks—the rep suggested it’d take about a month to be available on the Plus 15 plans.

  • As a sidenote (this wasn’t obvious to me), the reason it’s called a Plus 15 plan is that $15 of your monthly bill is applied to the cost of a phone. So you’re entitled to at least a $360 subsidy (24 months x $15 = $360). It’s just that you need to be patient to get the latest phones, until Fido makes them available for their customers who don’t pay the most.

  • Mike Reid

    I just received the $100 loyalty,10GB plan. I was also given and additional $100 off my IPhone 7+ 128GB. I see some people don’t think these are good plans, because you pay so much for your phone.
    Now I think I’m doing the math correctly so, 35 dollars goes towards the phone each month.

    Retail price for the 7+ 128GB tax in 1332.27

    That leaves $492.27 to pay upfront
    Less $100.00 loyalty off
    Less $400.00 for my iPhone 6plus 64Gb (Kijiji)
    That’s $7.73 up.

    I’d do this every two years, no problem!

  • wooobwooob

    Just had a chat with a rep and also offered the same $80 contract was just up for renewal on the 21st. I don’t know if I should stay with my 6GB grandfathered plan with 250min and unlimited talk after 7pm or go with this new promo. This is a nice deal they did said if I do want the iPhone 7 though the best option I have now is get the $80 plan and buy the iPhone 7 unsubsidized.

  • wooobwooob

    $80/10GB of data
    • Unlimited local and Canada-wide minutes
    • Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, US and International numbers
    • Fido Roam
    • Call Display
    • Mini Voicemail
    • Call Waiting


    My current plan is
    Unlimited Incoming calls
    1000 Evenings and weekends (Weeknights, from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. and weekends from Friday 5 p.m. to Monday 7 a.m.)
    200 Anytime Minutes
    2500 text
    iPhone value pack
    -Call and name display

  • Biggy604

    Mine is simular to your plan but I have unlimited evenings and weekends, and 250 anytime mins for $70 a month and for offered that same loyalty plan over fido’s live chat. They don’t even bother to even attept to help you get any subsidy off the phone.

  • Biggy604

    Yes but after two years your still paying the same amount monthly for anphone you already payed off. Therefore your not really saving much, but paying fido more money in the long run.

  • Biggy604

    Oh and also I did not bite on the plan yet.

  • Mike Reid

    That’s why you upgrade your phone every 2 years, new phone every 2 years.

  • wooobwooob

    After doing some research over at Howard mobile apparently Fido will be offering iPhone 7 on the pulse15 plan with a two year contract. $80 is basically pulse15 without the subsidy of the iPhone 7. So I would hold on taking this new $80/10GB loyalty promo and wait for the pulse15 plan. Fido knows people will fall for it and targeting people like me with the old grandfathered plan. The extra $2 gets me extra 4GB is very tempting…ahhhh

  • Biggy604

    I guess you have a point there, but that plan you got offered Fido has never offered me only the 10GB $80 one that screws me out of a discount, and a $110 5GB plan 35 one which is one GB lass then my curent plan.

  • Biggy604

    Yes but, if you wait it out the new phones end up on the plus 15 price point, might not be the exact price your looking for but still a discount, from what I seen reading the comments.

  • Biggy604

    I ended up getting their loyalty promo afterall (after alot of thought) because it is a pluse15 plan anyways. So will net me the subsidy once the iPhone 7/7plus becomes available. And I sometimes go over my anytime minutes, and in rare occasions I go over 6GB of data. Its just like another commentator said, even on our exsisting plus15 (or the loyalty) the subsidy isn’t available for the iPhone 7/7Plus yet. That and It didn’t affect my current contract that ends end of January, I’m good til the it becomes subsidized to renew my contract.

  • wooobwooob

    Ah I wish I can do the same…I think if I cave in to this promo, I don’t think they’ll allow me to upgrade my hardware because I’ll by signing a new contract if I take this plan. Though I’m not too sure how hardware upgrades work to be honest, hopefully I can upgrade to any hardware and iPhone 7/7+ will be included.

  • Biggy604

    I was told via their Live chat, that changing plans does not renew a contract only buying a phone at a 2 year subsidy will do that. So since your not getting a new phone, there is no new 2-year term.

    As my contract still ends by the end of January, even with me switching to this new pluse 15 “loyalty plan”. But its entirely up to you, as for me it was more of a convenience to take the loyalty plan. Because my data overage fees before was like $50 (and thats not even going over 100MB over my data) now is like $5 per 100MB over. I can’t remeber what fido charged me per minute when I went over my any time mins though. Its more of if you want to take the plunge, I just ended up doing it as it doesn’t cost me much in the long run. Either way pluse 15 plans only know off $360 (guessing its $15 a month subsidized for the 2 years) bucks off of a new phone.

  • wooobwooob

    Well then that’s bs I ask them to switch me to the promo plan over at live chat with them and they can’t switch me to the plan without me upgrading my phone….damn how are they doing things differently to different customers baffles me.

  • wooobwooob

    So I called Fido to verify if changing plan means renewing contract therefore I have to upgrade my phone but the truth is that is NOT true. I can still use my iPhone 6, keep the $80 loyalty promo and pay month by month.

  • Biggy604

    Finally you got a rep who actually knows what they’re talking about, instead of giving you the run around about starting a “new contract” in order to switch to the loyalty plan.

  • Amer Kojic

    You dont sign the new contract with this plan,it is just plan change.

  • wooobwooob

    No kidding! It was frustrating when I ask them I’m just switching plan so I shouldn’t be signing in to another new contract but the rep told me in Live Chat said otherwise.

  • wooobwooob

    I know but initially through Live Chat, Fido wouldn’t let me unless I sign to a new 2 years agreement.