Fido Gives Customers 5 Hours of Free Data with New ‘Data Bytes’ Feature


Fido has announced new and existing Fido Pulse plan customers can now get up to 5 hours of free data via the Fido My Account app, in a new initiative called Data Bytes.

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Users will get 1 hour of free data, up to 5 times per month, on top of the existing data in their plans. Fido says users just ‘shake’ their phone while the Fido My Account app is open to launch the new data session, so they can “start streaming, searching and sharing, worry free.”

“Data is how our customers stay connected to what matters to them and we’re giving them access to more data for those moments they need it most,” said Dirk Woessner, President, Consumer, in a statement issued to iPhone in Canada. “With an extra 5 free hours of data every month, Fido Pulse plan customers are getting even more value and flexibility with their plans and access to a new feature that they can’t get anywhere else in Canada.”

Once a new Data Bytes session has started (users have 5 seconds to cancel the session if it was started by accident), a timer tracks the hour and once complete, a notification informs customers the free data session has ended. Users can use Data Bytes for tethering, but speeds are reduced to 3.8Mbps for both upload and download.

Data Bytes is now available in the Fido My Account app, which recently was updated with Touch ID support for iOS users, version 3.1.1. Users only can use the feature once connected to the Fido network and not on Wi-Fi.

We’ve reached out to Fido to find out just exactly how much free data is included in each hour of Data Bytes session.

Click here to download Fido My Account for iOS in the App Store. Let us know how this Data Bytes feature works for you.


  • Raptors24

    There’s no limit to how much you can use within the hour (I’m a Fido employee)

  • Ah, thanks for clarifying.

  • Spiridus

    I no longer have faith in Fido – I had a ZTE Hotspot with them and gave it up for a while and tried to reactivate it on a data only package but my money isn’t good enough for them anymore. They said I also need to have a cell phone with them, they won’t deal with Tablet-only Data devices. I actually think it’s hilarious that they won’t take my money.

    Good thing is Primus is willing to take my money but oddly enough, they’re the only one.

  • HaroldCallahan

    I’ve got two data-only SIMs with Fido (didn’t need a phone plan to sign up). These were from years ago when they still deigned to take my money. At $15 for 3GB, they’re a better deal than anything else available. I’ll hang on to them until they get taken away.

  • Spiridus

    That’s the exact plan I was trying to get back on and called in once plus I tried chatting with them on Twitter. Both times they said they no longer allow this. So don’t ever give up your plan, you’ll never get it back, LOL.

  • bionicmonk

    Ever since I signed up for their Boxing Day tablet promo, its been a long, ugly, Kafkaesque nightmare. Stay away from this company. Utter incompetence.

  • Spiridus

    I called them again and asked for a manager, this time and he even said no, Fido will not reactivate my hotspot because I do not have a cell phone plan with them. If I want to activate it, I must pick a cell plan for my mobile hotspot. Makes me shake my head in confusion for many reasons, mostly that I’m saying “Here….take my money” but Fido doesn’t want my money.