Fido My Account Update Adds ‘Data Bytes’ Feature for 5 Hours of Free Data


Last week, Rogers’ flanker brand Fido launched a new feature called Data Bytes, which offers all customers on Pulse Plans 5 free hours of data.

Users with the latest version of Fido My Account just had to ‘shake’ their phone to enable Data Bytes, which gave 1 hour of data for free, up to five times in a calendar month.

If you were having issues enabling this feature, the Fido My Account iPhone app was updated this afternoon to indicate full support for Data Bytes.

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The Fido My Account app has a countdown timer showing customers how much time is left for them to surf for free, as their hourly sessions do not affect their data bucket. Tethering is supported but capped at 3.8Mbps for both upload and download speeds.

In order to use Data Bytes, you must be subscribed to a Pulse Plan, and be connected to the Fido network and not Wi-Fi.

Click here to download Fido My Account for iPhone in the App Store. How are you liking Data Bytes so far?


  • bbousquet

    I’d rather they just give an extra GB to everyone instead.

  • Tim

    This is a stupid gimmick. Shake my phone for extra data!? I’m picturing the marketing moron that sold this to a board room… “Ok guys, hear me out…” CEO starts a slow clap amidst a room of confused faces that gradually join in while making awkward looks at one another.

  • JiulP

    I have already got 2gb. But that 5 h not count on data is good. At least for me to watch some sports when i am not home or connected to wifi.

  • JiulP

    You can start it from My account too.

  • Patrick Charles

    I actually like it. You don’t HAVE to shake your phone, there’s a button to tap. I’ve used it three times already when I’ve been in heavy traffic. I’ll take it!