We Ask Rogers: Will Fido’s ‘My Account’ iPhone App Ever Get Updated?


Are you a Fido customer? If you are, you probably are aware the company’s My Account iPhone app remains stuck in time—it hasn’t been updated since July 20, 2011. In four months, it will mark four long years since the app has remained an afterthought in the App Store.

How far ago was July 2011? That was when iOS 4 was still widespread (iOS 5 was released in October 2011)—check out the app’s dated design below:


Compare this to the My Rogers iPhone app, which has received periodic updates, with the most recent coming last October. As for the Fido My Account app for Android, it last saw an update in April of 2013.

Brands that compete with Fido, such as Bell’s Virgin Mobile, had their iPhone app updated as of March 5, 2015, while TELUS’ Koodo Self Serve app last saw an update back on January 24, 2014.

We asked Rogers if an update was coming for the Fido app, or if an all-new replacement app was in the works. A company spokesperson responded with the following:

We’re always looking to improve our apps but don’t have any information to share at this time.

Another dormant Fido app is their Navigator GPS app, which quietly remains in the App Store.

Fido customers have expressed their concerns about the lack of updates, as the app has 679 one-star ratings out of 1,025 overall ratings. People aren’t happy and can only hope an update will be coming soon:

Screenshot 2015 03 13 11 06 58


Screenshot 2015 03 13 11 07 05

Are you using Fido’s My Account iPhone app still?


  • wah_gee

    Yep. A little dated, but still works – but stuck when on a phone call.

  • Tim

    they need to update it to work over WiFi

  • That is how Rogers discriminate its flanker brand customers…. Rogers treats Fido clients worst than third world countries.

  • AAA

    We’re always looking to improve our apps but don’t have any information to share at this time.

    aka- generic BS response that fits every situation that you cannot answer

  • Olivier

    I don’t get it. Back then, the Rogers and Fido app were very similar and were updated pretty much at the same time.
    I am using Dataman which does a good job with the extension

  • Tim

    It does what you need it to do, but at this point they are indeed embarrassing themselves.

  • Larry Taylor

    I use it frequently on iPhone 6. Tells me what I want to know. Never realized there was a problem.

  • CanucksGoals

    I have Fido and I dont see what’s there to update. Not that an update is a bad thing but it shows me everything that I need to know. More colorful GUI? It ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.

  • Brian Doan

    Fido said they are working on it as of February

  • Eric

    probably a low fee off 4.99 will get you the new app

  • Where did you hear this?

  • Brian Doan

    I tweeted fido and they got back to me. I uploaded the screen shot in my original post

  • Ah, I see it now, was reading Disqus via email and images don’t show up. Cool and good to know.