Fido’s Pulse Plans Gain Unlimited U.S., International Texting for a Limited Time


Fido has added a limited time promo to its Pulse Plans, now throwing in unlimited texting to the USA and International numbers, adding the addition to the company’s website this morning:

Screenshot 2015 06 05 11 12 33

To be eligible for the texting promo, the fine print says “International messaging available only on plans activated by June 30, 2015.” Do note Virgin’s plans already include unlimited SMS/MMS to the the USA; Koodo’s plans include USA and International texting.

So if you are on an existing Pulse Plan, call in to Fido and get them to add this to your account so you can start texting more for free.


  • iverge

    Too little too late people have already abandoned ship and left for Koodo & Virgin last month with their $45 1GB promo

  • Yep most likely

  • Joshua

    Who still sends SMS nowadays? With whatsapp and other messaging platform that uses data, the value of international texting is rapidly decreasing.

  • Czari

    How come I don’t see this on their website? I tried calling them but the agent told me it’s not available.