Have You Received Your Rogers 1 Day Network Outage Credit?


Earlier this month, the Rogers cell network experienced an extensive outage that spanned coast to coast. People were outraged over the prolonged outage while those that rely on data usage did not notice at all.

Rogers eventually apologized for the outage and said it would compensate all monthly and prepaid users with one day of service credit. Those credits have been applied and you should see them on your latest bill, under the “Other charges and credits” category (below is a screenshot of a bill from Fido) titled “Credit: Customer Thanks 1 Day Credit”:

Screenshot 2013 10 30 15 46 03

The credit amount is determined by your monthly plan divided by 31 (the number of days in October). I’m sure you can figure out what we’re paying monthly, math wizards!

As of its most recent 2013 Q3 earnings report, Rogers had 9,498,000 total subscribers (8.04 million postpaid; 1.458 million prepaid). If the above credit amount was applied to the entire subscriber base, the grand total would be $17,191,380 doled out to users by the company.

Did you receive a credit on your Rogers, Fido, or Chatr bill? How much was it?



  • dieselboy

    The credit is only being given to post paid subscribers. Rogers has stated this previously.

  • This was true initially, but Rogers updated their stance and told us directly it applies to Pay As You Go subscribers as well.

    See the update here:

  • dieselboy

    Good on Rogers for doing the right thing this time.

  • Vartan Kaprielov

    did not receive it yet..

  • K3

    Hey Gary, speaking of credits that $50 one above reserve device button is playing hard to get, any chance you might have heard anything? After mentioning it couldn’t be found detailed instructions were emailed but theres still no button and online chat wants to reset the ac profile.

  • Haven’t had to deal with the $50 rebate button lately. As a last resort…call Rogers 😉

  • K3

    it’s gettin’ spookier– no button,Rogers phone support said on line chat and on chat said to go back to the store to have them do it.

    “last resort” ???????? did not want to do that. ????
    Anyway thanks man.

  • John

    Yes, I got my $1.8 credit. Even though it cost me hundreds in lost sales.

  • Biggy604

    Wow a whole 1.8 taken off… i saved so much money on a full days outage………….

  • RogersSarahM

    Sarah from Rogers. You should see the credit on one of your next few invoices.

  • RogersSarahM

    Hi K3, Sarah from the Rogers Social Media team here. Please reach out to us on Twitter @RogersHelps, and we can assist you get the credit.

  • K3

    Hi Sarah, what is the time frame with this way?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    you shouldnt be depending on one form of communication for business, not saying your in the wrong, but for future note be sure to have alternate solutions

  • I didn’t get mine …

  • James

    You do realize that it wasn’t even close to a full day outage right? You got reinbursed a full day for a 6 hourish outage.

  • K3

    Hey Gary if you happen to see RogersSarahM in here sometime today could you maybe ask her about the eta on the Rogers iPhone app, it hasn’t been updated for awhile.

    Had a rep suggest using it wanted to know about ios7 compatibility but won’t be around the board today.
    Thank you sir if you can help here ????

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Had to call Fido but was told my November bill will reflect said credit.

  • RogersSarahM

    Our social media customer service team can try to assist you with this.

  • RogersSarahM

    It will appear on one of your next few invoices, Max.

  • david murray

    If you paid for a month in advance but didn’t get a month’s service, shouldn’t you get a 1 month credit? Just wondering what a reasonable service level is here?

    I got a 1 month credit when TELUS had an outage (on my line only) – I was out of town and it was the one time i really could have used the phone (for work).