It’s Official: Rogers Media Acquires theScore TV Network for $167 Million


Yesterday we heard early reports about Rogers acquiring theScore, and today it has become official. The official press release notes Rogers paid $167 million for theScore TV network:

“We continue to pursue opportunities to engage, expand and enhance the experience for sports fans. Rogers Media is on a growth trajectory and this builds on our momentum of delivering world-class sports content anywhere, anytime, on any platform,” said Keith Pelley, President, Rogers Media. “theScore is a tremendous sports service that offers a distinct flavour of premium, niche programming that fits squarely within our strategy of delivering highly sought-after content to Canadians.”

This acquisition does not include The Score’s digital media assets such as and their mobile apps (which we thought would be part of the original deal; ScoreMobile is one of the most popular sports apps available), but Rogers does have a 10 percent equity and access to their mobile technology. Once approved by regulators, theScore TV network will become rebranded as part of the Sportsnet family.

What do you think of this acquisition by Rogers?


  • Fastrace24

    As a Rogers customer, I’ve been disappointed with sportsnet in general. I love TSN and their broadcasts far more than sportsnet. Almost to the point of switching to Bell since they own CTV and in-turn, TSN. Hopefully, they’ll leave the score the way it is… At least, enough to maintain its own identity anyway. Much like the way that TSN still kept some of it’s own originality, despite being controlled/bought/owned by ESPN. I don’t mean to hijack here, but are there any speed comparisons between Rogers, Bell, Telus or Virgin available. I live in Belleville, ON and I’m thinking of switching carriers for the iPhone 5 launch. Any thoughts? A

  • Yeah, theScore has real character, hope it stays that way.

    If the next iPhone will have LTE as rumoured, from what I’ve heard and seen, it’s pretty comparable across the ‘Big 3’ right now; of course that depends on your location.

    That being said, the 3G network was pretty fast when I first hooked up my iPhone 3G to it…but as it got saturated, that was another story. With LTE…I’d expect it to be able to keep up with the demand but we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Fastrace24

    Thanks Gary. I feel the same way regarding the 3G network over time. I’m not sure who I’ll choose.

  • If you travel often into the country or off the beaten path, Rogers might be an option as you will have EDGE to fall back on, unlike the Telus/Bell HSPA+ network.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Great………….Robbers adding to their monopoly. A sad day indeed.

  • emk

    When I was travelling across northern Ontario, I picked up Bell Edge networks. first time seeing them appear on my phone in my life. however data didn’t work either way but it was wierd to see