Rogers 2-Year iPhone 5 Pricing, Monthly Plans Revealed, Coming August 9


A while back Rogers noted they were set to reveal their two-year term pricing ‘shortly’ and now MobileSyrup has shared what these plans will entail prior to their official launch on August 9.

The monthly plans will include unlimited nationwide talk and text, voicemail, call display and those bringing their own devices (unlocked iPhones for example) will get 10% off their bills. Sharing options are available as users can add an extra smartphone or tablet to their plan for an additional fee.

Below are the monthly prices and included data allowance (data overage cost in brackets):

  • $70, 250 MB data ($15/300 MB)
  • $80, 500 MB data ($15/300 MB)
  • $85, 1 GB data ($15/1 GB)
  • $105, 3 GB data ($15/1 GB)
  • $120, 6 GB data ($15/1 GB)
  • $140, 10 GB data ($15/1 GB)

As for iPhone pricing on two years, they are as follows:

  • 16 GB iPhone 4S – $149.99 (normally $99 on 3 years)
  • 16 GB iPhone 5 – $249.99 (normally $179 on 3 years)
  • 32 GB iPhone 5 – $349.99 (normally $279 on 3 years)
  • 64 GB iPhone 5 – $449.99 (normally $379 on 3 years)

Although contracts are now two years, subsidized pricing still has not reach parity with that of our neighbours in the USA. A 16GB iPhone 5 on AT&T starts at $199.99, while the 16GB iPhone 4S starts at $99.99, all on two year contracts. In Canada, customers will be paying $50 more for subsidized iPhones (Canadians also pay $50 more for unlocked iPhones from Apple if that makes you feel any better!).

Plans by Rogers and TELUS include nationwide talk and text, unlike two year offerings by Bell.

Take a look at the above prices, absorb what’s there and tell us what you think! Has the upcoming introduction of the CRTC Wireless Code changed anything for the better? Or have prices essentially stayed the same, but just spread out now over two years instead of three?


  • crosseyed_mofo

    wow this is a complete step backwards

    they are charging double for data on new contracts now


  • K3

    Why do I have a feeling come hardware upgrade time that these guys will say no you cant keep that old data plan and you must chose one of the above???

  • Don’t start spreading these ideas publicly! 😉

  • FragilityG4

    $70 for 250mb?! These guys are out of control!

  • k

    insane!!! I knew this is gonna happen, but not this bad 🙁

  • mcfilmmakers

    Right now I pay 67$ for 3 GB and unlimited nationwide talk and int’l text, call display, voicemail, and no roaming fees. How are these rates progress?

  • K3

    I didnt think of that ???? ..well this isn’t possible but in a perfect world

    Apple themselves would now have one more thing at that 5S unveil –

    .. ” we are now giving the customer the option of wireless service through us directly”……………..”at half the cost of the competitors OLD prices” …????

    10 years from now the BS with the Canadian mobile market will hopefully be cleaned up..wait why does the image of Rogers as a cranky ape in the zoo flinging crap everywhere come to mind now!!?????

  • Michael Durech

    you cried about 3 year contracts, this is what you guys wanted, 1 less year the carriers need to provide the subsidy on the phone, of course prices would go up, they lose a year of revenue LOL, what do you expect? a free phone no contract/tab??? and $20 unlimited everything??? get real… grow up…

  • K3

    “” In Canada, customers will be paying $50 more for subsidized iPhones “”

    Now add in those additional new monthly contract fees.

  • Rob

    You kidding? A $699 phone is subsidized over either 2 years or 3 years. Once the the amount you pay up front, the remaining amount is repaid over the remainder of the contract. For the 3 plan, it was (without interest) about a charge of 14.72 a month. For the 2 year plan, it goes up to 22.08. That is a difference of 7.36 a month. Let’s call it $10 a month more because I didn’t include interest. These plans here have gone up a massive amount over the amounts before. My plan is about $70 right now and would be replaced by the $120 plan. They’ve jacked the price increase by 500% over what it should have been ($50 increase instead of $10). They see an easy money grab because they can simply blame “this is what consumers wanted”. Not expecting a free-ride but your a fool if you think consumers are not being taken to the cleaners here.

  • Nick

    guys, these are family plans. $70 and etc for 2 people. Also, it gives u subsidy on the device. in other words. $35 a month for iPhone if u don’t use data and have WiFi.

  • FragilityG4

    Where are you Getty getting this from? Nowhere does it say family plan.

  • Al

    Michael, you are a fucking moron! We want parity with the US, which includes 2 year contracts. Plus, these are prices are a HUGE hike and in no way relative.

  • Dingleberry

    Well they have to pay for that new bronze statue somehow right?

    I’m more interested in seeing how the competition will respond to these prices. Will it be the same as always where they just match it to create an uncompetitive market, or will they take this as a golden opportunity to absolutely crush Rogers in both new customers and record turn overs?

  • Ritchie

    you forgot that for the 2 year plan they are charging more upfront so it would be approx. $19 a month going toward the phone. So about $5 more a month. doesn’t explain the plan increases by this much at all!

  • Brad Kozak

    Yep, definitely ridiculous when we consider there’s not much point in having an iPhone with just 250mb of data. That said, I see no reason they couldn’t continue to offer 3 year terms for those who want them, although sadly I’d be surprised if that’s the case.

  • ryanrobert

    These rates are the industries response to the wireless code; you know, the code that was supposed to make things better for the consumer? They are limited in the length of contract now, but they need to maintain their profit margins so they need to increase prices over a shorter term. There is talk of Verizon coming into Canada and saving the day. I’ve got news for you, don’t hold your hand under your arse. Verizon is more than aware of how the “system” works in Canada. Instead of having three big telecoms screwing us, we will will have four of them. Just happens that the 4th one will be bigger than the first three combined.

  • Peter Pottinger

    Its actaully the reverse when it comes time to renew your contract you can demand obscene perks.

    just ask for retentions

  • Peter Pottinger

    not possible apple is not a telecom company they could not physically offer any plans ever, and never will.

    get that idea out of your head

  • Let’s not use personal attacks please.

  • dave

    By CRTC rules that come December 2 it will not be legal to have a 3 year opition. And when it come to any compay in to cell phone it is not cheep to provide the services. Canada does not have the population of a lot of other countries to help pay for it so everyone pays more.

  • dave

    If you look you would know Rogers was that last to release there 2 year cost. The rest have been out for about a week

  • crosseyed_mofo

    its scary to think how much finland pays then according to this logic

    (finland has a population one sixth of ours and pay less than half we do)

  • K3

    You should try a tin foil hat to keep them out. ????………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • K3

    Ever consider that war chest of $$$$$$$$$$ that Apple has been growing for years now?

    Think different………..

    ..but also read more clearly next time-

    [[” ..well this isn’t possible but in a perfect world” ]]????

  • dave

    Your right but they also have a lot less land mass to cover with cellphone service. So that could never be a fare comparison. Finland with fit in souther Ontario with a lot of extra room. They need a lot less towers then they need in Canada

  • K3

    New to these boards or just got your phone?

  • Peter Pottinger

    been with rogers for 13 years now 🙂

  • Kim Nunes

    How if the CRTC had such an issue with the 3 yr plans because of pricing can they let this go? It’s robbery!!!

  • K3

    Didn’t ask you that.

  • Peter Pottinger

    neither 😉

  • K3

    ” it is not cheep to provide these services ”

    How much will Mohamed have made when he departs in January?????

  • crosseyed_mofo

    judging by the amount of coverage we have in comparison to land mass lets not pretend they are blanketing our huge country with active spectrum

    90% of canadians live within 100 miles of the US border and our coverage reflects just that

    so when taking this into consideration, double the price at 6 times the population still makes no sense

  • K3

    1.What would motivate me to want to keep that existing data plan?


    2.Why would I be concerned that these new contract offerings be the only options now offered from any Canadian wireless company from this point on?

  • Peter Pottinger

    Not sure what you are getting at but my point was simple. ASK. FOR. RETENTIONS.

    negotiate with retentions.

  • Rob

    I actually had that in my math. I just wanted to keep it simple…

  • WatDah

    Huh?? Family plan??
    iPhone (or any smartphone) with out data?? What??

  • What? Moron


  • hub2

    Australia is more than a fair comparison, then: similar geographic challenges and population centres with hundreds, even thousands of kilometres in between. And yet their mobile service and plans kick the butts of our telcos hard enough that it’s obvious ours are talking out of their asses.

  • hub2

    I knew that loophole (force 2 year contracts but without necessary regulation of price increases) was a deliberate omission by the CRTC, and not an oversight. One step forward, two steps back…

  • chickeee

    Apple can buy/partner any company they want

  • Peter Pottinger

    lol buddy you have no idea of business, why would apple waste 20billion dollars to buy a candian telecom company just to offer lower plan prices? they are not a charity, did you ever think that the reason they have 100bil in cash is because they aren’t this stupid?

  • James H

    That might be true if all of Canada had decent coverage ut doesn’t.

  • weeeee

    Ya I work for rogers…shouldnt say anything…but I will say those ARE NOT family plans…belll and telus have already done this…we launch friday

  • weeee

    Hey k3.
    As someone who works for a telecom industry, you should listen to Peter
    He does know what he’s talking about.

  • weeeee

    And our Canadian government would not/cannot suport a manufacturer as a telecom as well. There are rules. Product vs carrier. Will not happen in your lifetime

  • weee

    You’re right, and this is what consumers demanded.

  • weeee

    He is the CEO. More than you’ll ever make. Welcome to the coroporate world.. you’re very ignorant 😉

  • we

    What did you expect…for it to go smoothly..idiot

  • weee

    Clearly youve never called retentions

    You seem to be the smartass of this forum

  • Al

    Yeah these new price deals are plain stupid and a rip-off! If I am to compare service for service, I would have to pay $120 monthly for my 6 GB data plan that I pay $55 now (including all the messaging/voicemail/call display/free incoming options, except would get unlimited talking replacing 250 local minutes, which one does not need to exceed since you can easily use many VOIP apps to make local and international calls).

    And if you take your own unlocked device to them, 10% off?!? These clowns actually think that is going to happen? When you take an unlocked device, especially if you have to sign a new contract, you have to fight and ask for “crazy” deals, to keep your payments normal – and yes, these deals exist through the retention department.

    For these prices, you are better off to buy that factory unlocked iPhone and either cut a deal with one of the big 3, or go to wind (supposed to work with iPhone 5). Your unlocked iPhone will also retain a bigger resale value than locked, and you might pay less interest on your credit card than to Rogers over the 2 years.

  • it-guy

    Finland is also 30 times smaller than Canada and people density is 16 per sq km and not 3.5 per sq km like in Canada. And low population density is what makes service expensive.

  • Lisa

    That’s basically what they said to me if I get my daughter her intitled upgrade in December!

  • Lisa

    How did you manage to get an amazing deal of $67/mth for 3gb?