Rogers Adds 30GB Data Option to Share Everything Plans for Only $190


Rogers has updated their Share Everything plans page to introduce a new 30GB data option, available for $190.

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Share Everything plans (which share data amongst all devices on the plan) have their monthly cost determined by adding your data plan plus voice plan. So in this case, there will be two options here:

  • $190 for 30GB data + $60 Smartphone unlimited Canada-wide voice/text = $250
  • $190 for 30GB data + $50 BYOD unlimited Canada-wide voice/text = $240

Users can add up to 9 devices to Share Everything plans at the following prices:

Screenshot 2014 08 27 17 31 39

Say a family of four had unlocked iPhones ($200) and four cellular iPads ($68) to use with the $30GB data plan ($190), they would be paying $458 per month as a family to use this plan, or $114.50 each.

In a statement to MobileSyrup, Rogers said the new 30GB shared data option would particularly suit “heavy data users who enjoy on-demand video and other content on their devices, [or] large families or groups of friends and roommates with several smartphones and tablets.”

Anyone going to jump on this?


  • Varto

    Too expensive lol

  • einsteinbqat

    ???? omg

  • bionicmonk

    Why must this entire fictional Rogers family must be streaming Netflix on the subway ? Besides, Netflix uses a gig an hour, so even the 30 gigs would get eaten fast.

    I say read a book, it uses very little data.

  • Dear Rogers,

    Your plans are simply not affordable. Spending over $100 on cell phone bills are just crazy!

    The more I am reading this, the more I am looking forward to the 2015 AWS-3 or 2500 Mhz auctions.

  • mackman6151

    I think the calculations are a bit off. It’s $190 for the first phone and $50 or $60 afterwards for each additional phone. So unlocked phones would be x3 ($150) and the fourth is the main line $190.

  • No, the calculations are correct according to the Rogers website. For example, the $20 for 500MB data + $60 monthly fee = $80/month for 500MB plan.

    Share Everything Plans = Shareable data fee + monthly line fee.

    $190/30GB (shareable data fee) + $50 (unlocked monthly line fee) = $240 for the first line.

    Add 3 x $50 unlocked iPhones for additional lines = $150.

    Add 4 x $17 tablets = $68

    $240 + 150 + $68 = $458 <– what we said 🙂

  • mackman6151

    I have the 20gb retentions share everything plan. Before any of the discounts (which are a lot) it’s like $170 for first line and each additional line is between 45 and 60 (depending if it’s BYOD, smart picks, or higher end smartphone. The $170 first line doesn’t pay the 45-60. That line is still under contract.

  • Take a look at the headings on the Rogers website, it’s pretty clear. Data plan plus voice plan.

    Your Retentions plan must be a ‘deal’ compared to what’s available today!

  • mackman6151

    Yup just did. Weird because they told me the only difference with retentions is 10gb vs 20gb for same price. I was already pissed I had to give up my EPP

  • james

    This add-on is about $160 too much. But couldn’t you just tether your data?

  • Mac Mekawi

    ONLY 190? did you keep a straight face writing this Gary? lol

  • What? It’s a deal though right! 😛

  • Soey22

    I already have this $105 15GB Holiday promo double your data = 30GB for $105.
    BYOD = $35 a line. Up to 10 devices can be added. Currently have 5 lines 5 X 35 + 105 = $280 a month

  • Nredning

    Its not exactly a “share everything” plan either. If you put unlimited calling to the US from Canada for example, its only on a single line, not on the plan. The same thing is true for texting MMS.

    I found the hard way when my mobile bill for the family went from 270/mos with Telus using the features we used, to now 425/mos with Rogers with less features. The share everything plan is a ripoff, pure and simple.

    Also careful with the BYOD portion. They will sign up as if its a new phone, and its not until you call them that you can fight for the discount + recover the spent money.