Rogers $5 iPhone Value Pack: Name Display, Visual Voicemail, Unlimited Texts


Rogers has made some changes to its value pack add ons for smartphone customers including those with the iPhone. The website now shows the following iPhone value pack for $5 per month:

  • Name Display
  • Visual Voicemail Plus
  • Unlimited U.S. & International Text Messages
  • WhoCalled™

Screen Shot 2013 02 11 at 9 20 24 AM

Do note that Name Display only shows the name of callers, whereas caller ID will show the number. The latter is still a $7/month add on and not part of this value pack.

The $12.79 value pack is listed for business customers:

  • Call Display with Name Display
  • Visual Voicemail (for iPhone only)
  • Visual Voicemail Plus
  • 100 U.S. & International Text Messages
Screen Shot 2013 02 11 at 9 20 49 AM

Just last week Rogers introduced new monthly plans priced $5 higher than before but now included caller ID and voicemail.

If you’re still on the $12.79/month value pack, you should be able to call in and switch to the $5 value pack then add on call display for $7, which will save you $9.48 annually and add unlimited US/international texting. Let us know if you plan to make any account changes.

Thanks Owais!


  • Mark

    The “gotcha” here is that “unlimited US/international texting” only applies to texts that originate in Canada. So you can’t use it while traveling outside of Canada.

  • that guy

    this is only avail to new plans…. just fyi. (just got off the phone with rogers) – in my case, i dropped my old plan, got new one, and this came up as available, saved me a few bux.. thanks.

  • What about the Name Display vs Number display ? If someone isn’t in my address book, will it display the name of the call or unknown caller ?

  • Mark

    ??? … It’s an add-on. I would have thought that you would be able to add/remove add-ons like this whenever you like. When this sort of thing happens, I call back and talk to someone else – or ask to speak to a supervisor.

  • I can’t seem to find it on the website. It’s not under the value packs or any of the add on options. Is it region specific? I’m in Quebec!

  • I’m in Quebec too and can see them.

  • hub2

    This is one time where common sense falls in the carrier’s favour. One would hope it’d be obvious that such a cheap add-on to a Canadian plan only applies for things originating in Canada.

  • guest

    They told me the same thing. I’d have to switch to the new plan…..which in my case would not be worth it

  • Yeah, It just doesn’t show up for me. I don’t have any options under value packs. The site itself looks slightly different for me too. Maybe it’s a problem with the site on an iOS device. Weird.

  • Mark

    They are DEFINITELY hoping that people won’t figure that out. And I’d be willing to bet that about 80% won’t. It would have been simple enough for Rogers to add “…from Canada”. But they would rather have customers ASSUME it means from anywhere.

  • Alex

    Is it unlimited or 100 US text?

  • cUn1t

    This is how it works with the system that the telecom reps use…There are “Regular SOCs” and there are “Optional SOCs”. An example of a Reg SOC would be that $7 CD add-on or a data block. These are SOCs that are compatible with any plan. Opt SOCs are plan specific and can’t be incorporated on any plan. My guess is that $5 add on is an opt SOC for new plans only.

  • Mark

    Unlimited. The old plan (which I have) is 100.

  • I have the current plan with 100 texts and they didn’t tell me that they had to originate in Canada so ended up with about $50 in extra charges that they wouldn’t reverse.

  • Denise

    I recently switched my previous $60 1GB plan and $20 iphone value pack as i came to the end of my 3 year contract and wanted to pay less. Had the Rogers rep switch me to the new $70 1GB plan and $5 iPhone value pack, and ever since, my visual voice mailbox longer works (when I tap on voicemail it dials into my voicemail now and I no longer see a list of past voicemail messages!). And now I seem to be getting new voice mail messages via text attachments! Weird and annoying! Have tried unseccessfully to get this resolved twice now. Will keep trying. *sigh*. At least my 3 year contract is over… I’m free to leave.

  • pegger1

    You recently switched your plan and they didn’t hook you for another 3yrs?

  • pegger1

    Why would you assume otherwise? Do you assume your minutes work in the US as well?