Rogers Offering the $60/10GB Plan to Some BYOD Customers


Looks like Rogers retentions department is offering its $60/10GB promo plan to select BYOD customers again, according to some forum members on RedFlagDeals.

For those unaware, Rogers, Telus and Bell, along with their flanker brands, offered the popular $60/10GB promo plan back in December, in what become a wireless promo feeding frenzy. All because Shaw’s Freedom Mobile had debuted their own $60/10GB ‘Big Gig’ plan (which eventually dropped to $50/10GB, where it currently stands).

Now, RFD forum members are saying they have been able to get the $60/10GB plan, which appears to be a $70/10GB plan right now. But for a limited time, Rogers is offering it for $60/10GB to some customers right now.

One forum member writes, “The deal is $70 but for the next few days they are doing a bonus discount for $60. I asked them how long that additional discount will last for and they said indefinitely and he sent it to me in an email.”

So how can you jump on this deal if you missed out back in December? Call Rogers, and ask to speak to the retentions department (not the first line CSR channel). Inquire if the $60/10GB plan is still available and try your luck.

Again, from what we’re reading, the success rate of people getting this plan is not very good, but a few RFD members were able to get it by asking. So your mileage may vary, and this is one of those things where you’ll have to set aside some time to chase this, as you may be waiting on hold for a while.

Let us know if you get lucky! There’s no word if retention departments for Telus and Bell are matching this, but again, you could try asking, if you have the time and patience.


  • zharry john

    Would a new customer get this deal

  • Michel Plante

    It’s always for the west provinces ?

  • Amber

    Be aware this doesnt include Roam Like home or Rogers Game Center Live

  • Why do you always need to explain to cellphone companies that your pissed in order to get good service or deals?

  • Z

    Alright, so predictions on how much time before the other big two follow suit?

  • That’s not true. It includes Roam Like Home.

  • MrBidwell

    I have worked 10 years for a mobile service provider and to be fair, the best deals are usually given to Saskatchewan and Quebec. So no, its not always the west provinces, it really depends on having healthy competition in whatever region. Quebec had Videotron to help consumers get better deals for years, but right now Freedom Mobile is the disrupter, so the west gets better deals.

  • SOB

    Glad I don’t have to deal with Rogers jerk you around policies for cell phone plans.

  • Anaron

    I doubt they’d match it.

  • karlpetersen49

    Since last april 2017, i’ve had a 50$/10G plan with (Freedom)10$ extra added making it double, i have a 20G plan for 60$. All this promo stuff is social programming to make you think you are getting a good deal when it fact they , the big telecoms could do much better.

  • jace829

    How are you finding the coverage for Freedom? Wanting to make the switch as I’m paying 45 a month for just 2GB BYOD with Fido.

  • karlpetersen49

    I made that Greater Vancouver area coverage fine but if you go up to the Chilliwack area couple hours out and is roaming

  • karlpetersen49

    I got this plan after a month I complained about the the first bill so a supervisor from Windsor Ontario called me they had a grandfathered plan that only they can access and she offered it to me they do have them though