Rogers and CIBC Perform the First Mobile Credit Card Transaction in Canada


Rogers and CIBC have proudly announced they have performed the first mobile credit card transaction (via Rogers suretap) in Canada using a mobile credit card tied to an NFC-enabled BlackBerry, demonstrated at Tim Hortons with the help of Olympian Simon Whitfield.

Cibc rogers

“We’re pleased to make history in mobile commerce in Canada by completing the country’s first mobile credit card transaction,” said David Williamson, Senior Executive Vice-President and Group Head, Retail and Business Banking, CIBC. “Getting a coffee while you are on the go is just one example of the kind of transaction that’s going to be made easier when you can pay in just seconds with a CIBC credit card on your smartphone, and we’re excited about the possibilities this offers our clients.”

“Canadians are amongst the most connected consumers around the world, and we have put Canada on the world stage today as a global leader in mobile commerce,” said David Robinson, Vice President of Emerging Business, Rogers Communications. “We are passionate about delivering technology innovations and powering new mobile experiences for our customers,” said Robinson. “Making the first mobile credit card payment means that we are one step closer to allowing Canadians to store everything they need, securely, in their smartphone.”

Rogers customers that hold CIBC VISA or MasterCard credit cards will be able to pay at contactless payment terminals and have charges billed to their respective credit card accounts, via the CIBC Mobile Payment App. The latter will be available at first for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Curve 9360 on November 16th. NFC SIM cards (provided by Gemalto) can be ordered today online and will support Android and Windows Phone 8 smartphones in 2013.

A recent study, timely published today by Harris/Decima notes 44% of Canadians claims to own a smartphones with 47% of them interested in using mobile payments. Are you ready for NFC credit card payments from your smartphone?


  • Rogers and CIBC have also reported that the first transactional fraud using this method of payment occurred 3 minutes later. 😛

  • Kinki

    errrrrrrrrrrrrr am I missing something here.. what about Nokia phones? come on CIBC you forgot someone!

  • mrideas

    And then Rogers double billed them and blamed the customer!

  • um, “Windows 8 Phones”… does Nokia make anything else now? BTW – the one missing is iPhone…

  • Gomeshi

    Let the lack of iPhone integration whining begin… Whaaaa Whaaaa Whaaaaa Whaaa… why doesn’t my new iphone 5 do this Whaaaaaaa Whaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaa.. Passbook sucks… Whaaaaa Whaaaa.. Tim Hortons, why don’t you have passbook support…. Whaaaaaaa Whaaa… I’m going to jump off a cliff

  • Assuming that would include the Lumia 920

  • bradg17

    Why do they need NFC chips in the SIM cards? Don’t most phones have NFC chips so all they would need is an app? And the transactions could just be approved through an app that utilizes the existing NFC chip in the phone?

  • 3 issues with this:

    1) CIBC
    2) Rogers
    3) Blackberry

    Otherwise, very cool!

  • haha, nailed it.