Rogers Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Possible in 2018 When eSIM Support Launches


With both Bell and Telus supporting cellular Apple Watch Series 3 LTE, Rogers has been left behind, leaving some customers frustrated about the lack of support.

But Rogers has been responding to customers on Twitter regarding support for cellular Apple Watch Series 3, suggesting support will arrive in 2018, when eSIM functionality launches on the network. Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models do not have traditional SIM cards, but rather electronic SIMs built into the device.

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In another tweet, Rogers says “Carrying the LTE Apple watch will be something we look at next year as we build system functionality to support this technology base on open standards.”

In the meantime, the wireless carrier is informing customers their Series 3 LTE models still will work with Rogers, as long as you have it paired to your iPhone, saying “Please know that you can buy Apple Watch Series 3, both the cellular and non-cellular version and bring it to Rogers. You’ll be able to pair with a compatible iPhone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.”

Sounds like Rogers is being more transparent about its plans to support Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models in 2018. Any discussions with Apple to bring the smartwatch to the network would be under wraps, so mentioning eSIM support is a major hint at what to expect next year.

What’s unknown, is whether the price will be $5/month like Bell, or $10/month like Telus (but includes 1GB of data).

Are you waiting for Rogers to support LTE for Apple Watch?


  • I’m on Rogers and went ahead and bought an Apple Watch from the Apple Store. I’ll wait another 3 months but will likely switch if I don’t see support by early April.

  • poopchute

    How funny would it be if Freedom beat Rogers to the punch on this?

  • John

    So let’s hope Fido supports the watch LTE version.

  • sukisszoze

    I hope Rogers will only charge $5. It’s a ripoff to charge any more than that since most people will have their phone with them most of the time.

  • Mario Gaucher

    and Vidéotron probably at the same time or shortly after…

  • Ace

    I was with Rogers for over 15 years but finally switched to Bell 3 weeks ago as this lack of support was the last straw

  • Josh Ex

    Same here!! Was with Rogers for a little over 15 years and just switch on Nov 26 so i could use the Apple watch. Works great and speeds and voice quality are great on Bell i couldn’t be happier 🙂 If they had said that in the first place i maybe would of wait too late now, happy they are finally waking up!

  • tomm

    Funny that they are not mentioning when in 2018, If it is December 2018, most people will switch before than. And we should also hear from Fido.
    If I did not have such bad experiences with Bell years ago, I would consider switching.

  • FragilityG4

    I believe the Pixel 2 uses eSim……

  • Mike Olund

    I’ve been with Rogers since 2007 and currently have 3 lines. I received an Apple Watch 3 LTE as a gift about 6 weeks ago. Now that unlocking is free and Telus supports the Apple Watch, I’m going to switch the whole family from a Rogers BC Government Employees corporate plan to a Telus CUPE corporate plan.

  • 85QRA77N

    No pixel use nano sim

  • erth

    waiting patiently. i am on the fence. since i usually have my phone with me, the $5 or $10 is really a waste. the only time i don’t have my phone is when i am running. then the apple watch 3 LTE uses gps and i have to only sync with the phone afterwards, which is automatic. i guess the money would be worth it if i am hurt or mugged while running… but that is a low probability.

  • Ian

    Be careful with that, I have read that you currently can’t active an Apple Watch on a corporate/EPP plan yet.

  • Soulfulkhalel

    Really looking into switching. Been with Rogers for 9 years in QC. Currently on no contract. Looking for a new phone, like the Apple Watch and a 50-70$ per month plan. Any ideas?

  • I did that too, but before losing my “seniority” with Rogers, I decided to pause the account.
    After two months, I switched back to Rogers because I couldn’t live without the Name Caller ID, and because Rogers in downtown Toronto has actually better coverage in the PATH and elevators.

  • Mario Gaucher

    correct… but it also has a Nano sim slot… which most providers (probably all) are using.
    the esim is probably used by Google for Project FI.

  • FragilityG4

    Weird that they don’t list that.

  • El Cockblock

    Do your homework on this one, as far as I know you can’t activate an Apple watch LTE on a corporate plan, as previously said. I am certain my work place doesn’t do, so check with your IT department first.

  • El Cockblock

    Wait, what? you switched providers for the sake of an LTE watch?


  • El Cockblock

    Same here, they will eventually do it in the next coming months, just hold on.

    The lack of LTE watch support (among other deficient wireless services) is due to bad decisions made by former Rogers CEO Guy Laurence, who lacked proper vision to invest in the network and provide competitiveness to Rogers.

    Joe Natale, the new CEO, is reverting these bad decisions and is committing to bring Rogers’ network to rival those of Bell and Telus.

  • DP

    What’s wrong with that? If you wanted to use a cell watch, why not make a phone call and switch so you can?