Rogers Completes HSPA+ 21Mbps Roll Out In Northern British Columbia


We have some great news from Rogers customers in Northern British Columbia!

This week, Rogers completed their 21Mbps wireless data network roll out in Northern British Columbia! As many know, Rogers (and Fido) were the first to achieve 21Mbps wireless download speeds in North America.

The initial 21Mbps roll out covered the majority of the major Canadian cities and urban areas, but more recently, Rogers has been focusing on expanding the network in the northern areas of Canada. While the iPhone cannot (yet) achieve 21Mbps network speeds, users will slightly benefit from the speed jump.

As of this week, 21Mbps is now live between the Prince Rupert to Prince George corridor and Prince George to Cache Creek corridor. Note that 21Mbps refers to peak download speed. Actual speed may vary based on handset, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion and other factors.

The following 39 sites have been upgraded to HSPA+ / 21 Mbps in the last two months:

Area (left column); Date active (right column)

Airport Hill 10-Dec -10
Williams Lake 17-Dec-10
Carney Hill 13-Dec-10
Quesnel 17-Dec-10
100 Mile House 20-Dec-10
Vanderhoof 10-Dec-10
Willow River 14-Dec-10
Salmon Valley 13-Dec-10
Red Rock 14-Dec-10
70 Mile House (MW Hub / Repeater) 23-Dec-10
Finmoore 10-Dec-10
Bednesti 10-Dec-10
Strathnaver 20-Dec-10
Lac La Hache 20-Dec-10
Sweden Lake (Bednesti II) 10-Dec-10
Terrace 20-Oct-10
Kitimat 20-Oct-10
Copper Mountain 20-Oct-10
Dragon Mountain 17-Dec-10
Hart Highway 14-Dec-10
Prince George 13-Dec-10
Burns Lake 23-Nov-10
Houston 19-Nov-10
Alexandria 17-Dec-10
150 Mile House 17-Dec-10
Mcleese Lake 20-Dec-10
Pilot Mountain 13-Dec-10
Fraser Lake 14-Dec-10
Prince Rupert 17-Nov-10
Prince Rupert Downtown 17-Nov-10
Port Edward 17-Nov-10
Mt Hayes 17-Nov-10
Fort St James 14-Dec-10
Willowvale 14-Dec-10
Boer Mountain 23-Nov-10
Endako 14-Dec-10
Smithers 17-Nov-10
Smithers Downtown 17-Nov-10
Hwy 97 @ Hixon 20-Dec-10


  • Frankie

    Good! Now we can all enjoy highspeed Internet while fishing on the remote lakes in BC. Useless! Like the politics in this country. î„…

  • Huang Zhi Long75

    never understand the reason why people care so much about if it’s 21Mbps or not, i have a 6mbps ADSL at home, i can’t get the peak speed 80% of the time, i certainly dont need 21Mbps on my phone to use the 500MB data i have. rogers can’t even provide stable data connection in the store i work( i work in a rogers store inside a big mall, yes i know it’s funny and sad), so whats the point of the fast download speed when i cant get any connection?

  • Paul

    When will Fort Nelson and Lillooet get Rogers wireless service?

  • Jbohn

    Maybe now they can fix the speed and connection issues in Southern BC? I rarely break 3 Mbps at work, and if I go to the back of our building the signal drops to nearly nothing.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if they would fix the crappy download speeds in Red Deer. 1.5 mbs is great here if you can get that.

  • Jonathan

    This was really nice as we only had EDGE acres up here in Northern BC

  • Gerry

    I agree with Imhotep. Rogers wireless speed in Red Deer is a disgrace!

  • bekk45

    what happened to the manitoba expansion that was on their website? l rogers cant put 3g in the other god damn cities like brandon and selkirk. it infuriates me. screw you rogers

  • Guest

    Coming from someone living in Vancouver I assume?

  • duren

    lightning fast speeds for lightning fast robbery as people zoom past their download limits.. this is exactly the strategy.

  • Is there a map that shows HSPA coverage across Canada? I’m in Southern Alberta and eventually plan on upgrading my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 5. 3G speeds have been painfully slow lately.