Rogers Eliminates ‘Several Hundred’ Jobs, Including Top Publishing Editors


Back in May new Rogers CEO Guy Laurence announced his Rogers 3.0 plan, which was aimed at ‘overhauling the customer experience’ which would include job cuts, which we are now seeing today.

The company has eliminated ‘several hundred’ middle management positions, company spokesperson Patricia Trott tells the Toronto Star:

“As part of the restructuring we have reduced the number of vice president and above positions by 15 per cent and several hundred middle management positions have also been eliminated across the company,”

Trott referred to the Rogers 3.0 plan, part of the company’s goal to “overhaul the customer experience and re-accelerate our growth relative to our peers.”

The spokesperson reiterated “The goal is to become a more nimble, agile organization with much clearer accountabilities. Savings will be reinvested in areas like training and systems to better serve our customers,” and also said “these decisions are never easy.”

Part of the job cuts, includes three top editors from its Rogers Publishing division, according to the Financial Post:

According to an internal staff memo, the position of editor-at-large, held by Dianne de Fenoyl, would be eliminated, and Ms. de Fenoyl would be leaving after nearly a decade with the company.

Canadian Health & Lifestyle magazine editor-in-chief Beth Thompson was also let go, as the magazine is now set to become part of the Chatelaine brand. Cosmetics and Made for Men, two cosmetic-trade magazines, will now be part of the FLARE brand, as editor-in-chief of both publications, Kristen Vinakmens, was also let go.

Rogers is set to release its 2014 Q2 earnings this Thursday and is expected to be weak, according to a July 15 research note released by Dvai Ghose, at Canaccord Genuity.


  • ibike2much

    Weak Q2 reports? Have you seen cell phone bills in Canada on Rogers? I’m with them, for 15 plus years and I still get treated awful. Why stick around you ask? Until Quebecor buys Wind and bolsters their network a bit I’m stuck. But the day looms. Then hopefully we’ll see the big three earnings reports really hit the wall. If you try to skin the consumer like you do “big three”… I know my and many compassion for you has long been dead for you. Loyalty begets loyalty. Come on Quebecor buy Wind. You won’t regret it.

  • FragilityG4

    Could be worst … You could be with Bell.

  • ramek

    Rights not its either the devil you know or the one you dont know. either way, your screwed.

  • Cdawg

    I am really considering a VoIP plan on my 3g ipad instead of a phone.