Rogers, Fido Calling Some Former Customers with Free iPhone 8 Offers, Up to $500 Credits


Back in December, during the holiday cellphone plan wars, Rogers, Telus and Bell, along with their flanker brands Fido, Koodo and Virgin, saw customers jump ship and switch to another company, as the $60/10GB plan was too good to pass up.

Now, it appears Rogers and Fido really want some old customers back, as they have been calling former customers with some enticing switch back deals.

iPhone in Canada reader, Rob, got a call from Rogers earlier this week. During the $60/10GB plan wars, he ditched Rogers for Bell. With that in mind, here’s what Rogers offered him:

  • $0 iPhone 8 64GB on 2-year term
  • $95/10GB plan (unlimited Canada-wide calling) with 20% off = $76/month
  • $500 bill credit on second bill

In the end, Rob took the offer and switched back to Rogers from Bell, and added an unlimited US calling add-on for $10/month.

As for other offers from Fido, one RFD reader claims they received a call from the company and was provided with the following, to switch back from Bell:

  • $60/5GB plan
  • $799 iPhone X – $100 credit
  • $300 bill credit to pay for buying out Bell contract

Again, we’ll update this post with more details as they emerge, but for now, it appears Rogers and Fido definitely are calling former customers with some ‘sweet’ offers to bring them back. It’s also worth noting Rogers did also reach out to customers who missed the $60/10GB plan after it expired, as the company’s systems weren’t able to handle heavy call volumes.

Among the ‘Big 3’ wireless carriers, Bell emerged as the victor during the $60/10GB promo plan period, as it added 175,204 subscribers during their fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2017, while Telus added 121,000 in the same period. Rogers only added 72,000, a lower number than competitors, which was blamed on a ‘computer glitch’. The promo plans were a push back against Shaw’s Freedom Mobile, which debuted a $60/10GB plan initially, then lowered it to $50/10GB, which is still available as of today.

Let us know if you’ve received offers via the phone from the ‘Big 3’ and their flanker brands.


  • Kris

    I don’t believe $76/month for 10gigs (even with 20% off) is a sweet deal even with free iP8. I ditched Fido to switch to Freedom on Chinese New Year weekend promotion, when freedom had 25% off all big gig plans. So, 10gig $60 plan was $45, I got an iP8 while signing up (with $15 tab boost) bringing my total back to $60, which is way sweeter than $76.

    I don’t travel outside of van lower mainland, so I’ve been pretty happy with Freedom so far, but it might not be for people who live away from Freedom Home zones.

  • Kris

    BTW, $60 big gig plan I referred to above includes unlimited calling to canada/US. I talk a lot, so working out good for me.

  • John McClane

    I have a pretty good plan with Fido, thanks to iPhone in Canada, but soon I’ll need another phone line. The current plan is 6GB, unlimited calls to Canada and 1000 long distance minutes for 2 phone lines. I’ve been with Fido for more than 10 years and is doing nothing to keep me with them. Is there anything close to my plan out there? Or even cheaper and less data? I don’t want to pay for cell phone more than for a brand new car.

  • Dan Nixon

    WTF? I had to fight over the course of a week and hours of phone time to get Rogers to knock my upgrade cots on iPhone X 64GB to $477 tax incl. Now they’re offering people who left a free phone + $500!?!?! I’m about to lose it on them.

  • John McClane

    Well, back in November or December (I think) Fido had an offer of $55 for 6GB and $70 for 10GB, or something like this. Anyway, the lower price was cheaper than my plan. I didn’t qualify for the lower price, just for the higher one. I can’t wait for other offers to show them the middle finger.

  • Jeremy

    Those offers suck – how are they better than 10gb $60/month?

  • poopchute

    Rogers called me too. They would have given me the 10gb plan with no phone for $56 a month. He wouldn’t send me anything in writing, so I hung op on him when he wouldn’t stop ‘selling’.

  • Si2k78

    “$95/10GB plan (unlimited Canada-wide calling) with 20% off = $76/month”
    Is that a BYOP plan? or a tab plan?

  • Rayrayj

    Well I’m with SaskTel and pay $85 for unlimited data and North America calling, they throttle it down after 15gigs but he’ll 15gigs is lots for me and my 3 kids and soon we will be at the lake lot and they will just hook there tablets off mine and my wife’s phones and if it slows down a bit but kids won’t mind because we are at the lake it’s just for bed time most of the time.

  • Cameron Farkas

    It’s a tab plan. The BYOD one is $70 with 10 GB of data but with the 20% discount it comes down to $56.

  • Cameron Farkas

    Well if you went on a no tab plan I’d be $56/month so idI be $4 cheaper and I know it doesn’t seem much but it’s always gonna be worth it in the long run.

  • Cameron Farkas

    The reason why he didn’t send you it in writing is because these offers aren’t advertised as the in market price plans are. They send you an email eventually after you port your number back and set up your My Rogers account, common sense. ?

  • Si2k78

    Which level tab? Premium? Premium plus? Or smart tab? Makes a big difference when your upgrading hardware.

  • Si2k78

    If it’s premium plus, with the bill credit, and premium plus pricing on hardware for $76. That’s a rediculously good deal.

  • Kevin Morgan

    I used be with Rogers gave me 90 .00 10 gbs data plan unlimited Canadian long distance text and voicemail and add on USA unlimited calling 5.00 too much money not paying 95.00 plus tax bell offer 60.00 same thing without USA add on love bell staying all the same crap

  • Mycke TheBoss

    Hi cameron,
    Is that a prrmium or premium +?

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I don’t think poopchute was asking for anything unreasonable – especially these days were large “reputable” companies think it’s acceptable for their reps to lie for a sale.

  • Pat Cunliffe

    Asked them to remove me from their calling list. They still called me back. Why would I switch back only to pay a higher price than I’m already paying

  • Corey

    I wouldn’t. I’m trying to get away from Fido. They are crooks. They give none of their current customers a Damn thing.

  • Tashi

    Once the have you, usually none of them give you anything. It’s not until you leave or set your cancellation date that retention dept will call with offers. Its the same for all of them. They are ALL crooks and Yes, sales ppl lie to get the sale ALL the time. Its BS.

  • Carlguy

    I agree… I’ve had both Bell and Rogers outright lie to me on the phone to make a sale and then the deal changes the moment I signed the contract so I have no interest in a deal that basically I can’t even read on a computer screen before I’m signed up…

    They wouldn’t have this problem if they didn’t lie through their teeth like a used car salesman…

  • hunkyleepickle

    I hope people realize that they can get a perfectly good smartphone for 400$ or less, and don’t have to sign some stupid agreement or tab or plan or contract to get a subsidized phone. These cheaper phones nowadays do 95% or more of the things that the $1000 ones do, without being anchored to your carrier. And that’s not even mentioning the exploding used phone market, now that everything is unlocked for free in Canada.

  • Merita Alikaj


  • Chris DaCosta

    I’d be pissed if Rogers offered me a kids toy like that. No thank you. Don’t care if it’s free.

  • Robert J.V Ellis

    Used Car Salesman have a License to do their job. They have a governing body who will remove their license and can and do lay fines some of them quite heavy. Telemarketers have no such group to oversee their actions so we the consumer must guard ourselves!

  • Adele Julia Ponty

    I took my $200 Huawei smartphone and went back to Fido from Bell because they offered a budget-minded oldster like me a reasonable $40 plan (after discount) with 500 MB data and 500 minutes. Who needs 10 GB data.

  • Danthemtlman

    I’m paying $43.40 plus tax ($62-30%)for 7gb unlimited everything with Rogers got a LG v30 for free as well. I was paying even cheaper $39.90 plus tax ($57-30%)for the same thing but my account got frauded and Rogers couldn’t switch me back because it didn’t exist anymore. I complained and didn’t win.

  • Bruce E Legge

    I was with Fido until I realized they were bought out by Rogers. They are very unreputable. WARNING absolutely do not trust ROGERS. They will rip you off!!!! They took me for at least $2000. Pass this info to everyone you know. They will lie cheat and steal from you if you let them in.

  • Vikas Gupta

    C’mon that’s not cheap. You can get 500mb , unlimited Canada calling , unlimited international text for $35 with fido

  • Toni-Marie

    I have been with Freedom (formerly Wind) since January 2012 and am completely satisfied. $50/mth 10GB data unlimited Canada and US calling, I have 1000 calling minutes while in US and I think it is 500mb data while in US. The network is getting better every day since Shaw took over.

  • chickeee

    How much is your total monthly cost ?

  • Joanne Bailey

    I had a Fido account and have had nothing but issues with them. When Rogers bought Fido out it got doubly worse! By that I mean Fido had an amount put on my credit report and, guess what, Rogers put the same thing on my credit report! Double entrty! How Mickey mouse can they be!!! Still trying to sort it out!!

  • chickeee

    When i cancelled my Fido contract because my iPhone 4 died I had to pay 3 months for data AND voice = $350

  • chickeee

    10 Gb for $60 ! How much is your total monthly cost

  • Mycke TheBoss

    I recently switched my 2 lines from Rogers to Telus . I got a call today from Rogers offering $95/10GB plan (unlimited Canada-wide calling) with 20% off = $76/month
    $500 bill credit on second bill. The call dropped then I call back noone wants to help.

  • That Guy

    It’s $16 a month more by 24 months is $384 more. Rogers $500 Credit now your Ahead $116 PLUS you get an iPhone 8 for free which is worth $700 easy resale so now your Ahead $816 in 2 Years Divided by 24 months is now $34 LESS than the $60/10GB. Seems like a steal of a deal to me

  • letsGetItRight

    There’s no competition in the Canadian market

  • Vivian

    What ? Is this a new plan? I’m back to bargaining mode.

  • Marko

    Fido actually charges me 750 for plan change and iPhone 8, for which, none I’m asking for. Pure fraud.

  • Vikas Gupta

    They gave me the deal on Black Friday. Before that I had $40 plan with no data and everything else same.

  • Anaron

    Buying an iPhone 8 outright ($929 + tax) and paying $60/month for 2 years brings it to $111.54/month after taxes for the first 2 years.

    Getting one for free and paying $76/month for 2 years with $500 in bill credits works out to be cheaper. It’s $65.05/month after taxes for the first 2 years.

    Let’s say you were able to get an iPhone 8 for half the retail value ($464.50 + tax) with the $60/month plan. It works out to $89.67/month after taxes for the first 2 years. You’d likely be able to get another phone for $0 with a 2-year contract. It’s a pretty good deal if you want a new phone every 2 years. And it’s still a good deal even if you don’t want to do that.

  • Kate

    34$ also is divided by 24 months: $1.15 per month, what a steal..

  • Kate

    It’s not a license to lie, though.

  • Kate

    Probably $60 + 911 fees + taxes.

  • Kate

    I’m good with my 10GB for $56, Unlimited Canada-wide Minutes,
    Unlimited Text, Picture and Video Messages from Canada to U.S. & Intl Mobile Numbers from Fido.

  • Matt Cee

    As arrogant as “that guy” sounds his math is correct. I don’t like how Roger’s puts you on a two year contract though, it doesn’t allow for bell to retaliate, at least not directly for the next two years.

  • gadheri

    you realise you’re also getting $500 bill credit (at least i did) which divided by 24 months is another $20.83 off every month so your net cost is $55.17 + taxes /month.
    Still cheaper than $60/month and you get a free iphone 8. Personally i’d rather be on a 24 month contract at $55/month than $60/month on a month to month with no price protection. Just sharing my opinion.

  • Avengeme

    It’s $67.60/month after tax, I’m on that plan right now

  • chickeee

    Wow that’s about half of my Bell bill

  • chickeee

    I used to have a WIND account but the phone wouldn’t work in my house. I guess the new LTE would be better

  • Raul Companioni

    Better yet, you can get 1.5GB 3G speed, unlimited calling province wide, unlimited international texting with voice mail and call display, for $84 dollars every 90 days (equivalent to $28 per month for 500mb, but better because you have 90 days to use the 1.5GB) from public mobile. Or if you need more data 1GB also 3G speed for 30 dollars every 30 days.

  • Dom

    Is the 20% on going after the 2 year contract is over? From what I hear, it isn’t.

  • Jason

    Since we’re all talking plans. I recently just accepted an offer not sure if i could have got anything better at the time.

    i was on grandfathered plan 200 day mins eves n wkds after 5p unlimted incoming per second billing. 6gb and $10/1GB if i go over, visual voicemail and ect which game to 80 a month after tax. Only problem is i would never get a discount more then 50-100 bucks off a newer model phone. when i got the iphone 6 i still ended up paying 340 for it and this was in march after the iphone 7 was announced.

    I was offered
    iPhone 8 plus (256gb) for $50 because a 300 credit towards the phone was applied and 77 bucks of my fido dollars was used.)
    10 GB pulse plan for 85/month
    The first three months of my plan will be credited 85 (totaling 255 or a discount of 10.63 for 24m)

    So before i was paying 72/month before tax and now 85/month before tax and excluding the 3 month credit.

  • Si2k78

    I question the value of the extra 4gb you are getting with the 10gb plan. Were you content with your 6gb plan? does paying more money for more data that you may not use/need make sense? I think the law of diminishing returns would apply here. Having said that, with your new plan, you are paying an extra $192 over 24 months. If the discount you are receiving on new hardware with your new plan is more than $192, you’ll be saving money in the long run.

  • Tariq

    Can you stack the EPP discount on top ot it?