Some Rogers and Fido Users Seeing Excessive Data Overages in iOS 8 [u]


A few weeks ago one of my friends told me he kept going over his 6GB data plan on Fido. More recently, these overages resulted his data being cut off automatically, as part of the CRTC Wireless Code, which caps overages at $50 per month. Only until you call in and authorize overages can you use data again.

This feels like deja vu, but it appears another unexplained data overage bug is affecting iOS users on Rogers and Fido, similar to what we saw happen back in 2012 with iOS 6.

Rogers data overages

Image via @chrisjamesday

Some Rogers customers have blown through their 6GB plans, incurring overages of 4.2GB in one month alone. Others have seen 3-4GB used in a week, while in general many are noting excessive overages despite surfing habits remaining unchanged.

Last time around, the culprit was pegged on Apple’s Podcast iOS app, for sapping data when users were connected to Wi-Fi. This time around, it could be related to Apple Music, Apple Watch or something related to iCloud, but at this point in time, your guess is as good as mine.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of data overages in iOS 8, click here to read tips on how to limit your precious, precious cellular data.

We reached out to Rogers for comment on the matter, and will update this post once we hear back.

Have you experienced data overages on Rogers and Fido? Share your story in the comments below.

Update Aug. 24, 2015: A Rogers representative emailed the following statement regarding these data overages:

We have not seen an increase in data consumption or in customer inquiries on the topic. Fido customers can view their usage details online or through their device on the go by accessing My Account and Rogers customers can easily do the same through their MyRogers account.

Update 2: Here are some tips that may fix your data overages issue, according to reader Nick La Riviere:

  • On your iPhone, go to: Settings > General > Background App Refresh
  • Toggle OFF YouTube, Facebook Messenger as they were known to have used data in the background; others to consider include Podcasts. Play around here and see if you can figure out any rogue apps using data heavily in the background.



  • Steve K

    This has been happening to me quite often now on my 6GB in the last year months, before that I rarely went over my limit.

  • CH

    This has happened to me in the past two months.
    The odd thing is that the Rogers app and website says that I am under my limit.
    But I get texts and cut offs from Rogers saying that I have far exceeded my limit.
    And when you call Rogers to get answers they say that I am well over my limit because they get different information than what is on the website.

    But when the bill comes in I am ok

  • Steve K

    I’m opposite, the app shows that I am over my limit on Fido, I never get text messages warning me that I am close to my limit, even though Fido insists that I should. I haven’t been doing anything different on my phone that would seemingly increase my data usage.

  • Canadan

    This has been driving me crazy in recent months as well. Always close to my 6 gig limit and I have no clue why. I’m calling Rogers about this. Keep us updated 🙂

  • Matheus Brasil

    at least twice a year i see my usage blowing up in a week and out of sense.

  • Corey Beazer

    I had never gone over my 6GB limit prior to this May, and now its been almost each month since then…. Somethings had to of changed to cause that. My usage has not changed. Hope either Rogers or Apple finds the problem.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    since may my usage has skyrocketted… averaging over 10 gigs a month now

  • I’ve been going over routinely for the last few months…to the tune of 2-3 gigs over my 6 gig plan. I’m an avid podcast user, is that the culprit? Please post follow up, I’d sure like to get the overages credited.

  • Joe

    I had this problem in February/March/April… went over my data by 3-4 GB each month. I was able to make it stop by disabling the Podcasts and Air Video HD apps from using cellular data.

    Based on other people’s comments, I would imagine the Podcast app is definitely part of the problem. Since I did this, my usage has levelled off. If Fido is offering goodwill credits of any kind, I would love to know. It’s really an Apple issue, so I’m not sure if they would offer anything in this case. I hate calling Fido (their service sucks nowadays), so I just paid it.

  • tigr003

    Yes- this has happened to me every month for the last 3 months. Rogers can’t explain. have wasted countless time on the phone with them. Had to resort to turning off data for most of my apps unfortunately.

  • tigr003

    Rogers / Fido used to give text warnings about limits, but then ceased to do so. Probably helps guarantee them some incremental overage revenue.

  • Nick

    I should also point out that you can figure out which apps you need to turn background app refresh off for by seeing the individual usage per app under the cellular menu. That’s how I figured out that it was YouTube and Facebook messenger after watching a video in it for me. Good to know in case any of you have other apps that have problems with background app refresh.

  • Steve K

    Hmmm I saw that Youtube was using a lot of data, but figured I may have just been using it more than normal. I’ll try turning off background refresh and see what happens. Thanks.

  • Jeff Perra

    Im on Videotron (Rogers is a partner) and I have gone over for the past 3 months. Prior to Videotron I was with Virgin and rarely ever reached my max. Somethings up.

  • Wall Man

    These are great tips. I’m on Fido and will have to double check my usage. Luckily I have most backgroud app refresh set to off and Podcast set to wifi only.

    One thing I wish iOS would have is some kind of adjustable cell data cutoff like in Android.

  • BrodieTheDog

    That is me. I am in the same boat. I used to use my phone a lot more than I do now and never went over my 6 GB plan. Now for the last few months I have been going over every month. I thought it was me at first and I started going over how I use my phone to determine the problem. Turns out I have been using a streaming music app less than I used to and spend less time a day than a year ago before this started happening. I have also commented here about it as well as contacting apple and fido. I was walked threw turning off a number of data eating settings. Still going over my plan. And in fact I am already over this month. What a pain in the ass.

  • Rog

    it started back in April for me. Complained to Rogers and Apple. Finally, I got a replacement for my phone but that didn’t stop the problem. I have 6gb data and I easily go over by a gig or 2. My usage hasn’t changed but there is nothing else I can do by to pay the overage every month

  • T_T ?

    The Rogers comment seems to always be their “typical” position in deny, deny, deny.
    There are many examples of this. Only when some popular internet guru or geek, say, ?Rene Ritchie exposes the problem would Rogers blink, otherwise, it’s the same old, same old.

  • Nick

    Looks like no one’s really noticed my comment below… But I tell you this happened to me and I fixed it. Read my comment for the solution.

  • Bob Langevin

    I’m wondering if those users are running IOS 9 beta? I found the infamous wifi assist button in there turned on by default, I could see that causing havoc it remains like that for the public release

  • Ed

    The auto playing videos on Twitter and Facebook probably add to it. Make sure to set it to only use WiFi for auto play.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Maybe this is a newer model issue? I have an iPhone 5 with the latest OS & nada. Just checked my 6GB data usage & it says 6GB available 0 used.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I think you’ve nailed this Nick. I had battery issues with having that background app refresh turned on. I searched the web, found some articles on how to kill services that Apple needlessly includes in their OS AND the default setting is always set to “ON”. Fixed my battery issues.

  • john

    Same happening with Fido only for the past 2 months with no change in my surfing pattern, called them and they could not tell me why. Using iPhone 6

  • Prailor

    This happened to me this month, they said view online, n oohing there and wait till the end, had almost 5 gb in 4 days, the first 4 days. I’m no stranger to tethering, but that was ridicules.

  • Adam Alistair

    It has been happening to me too. Fido claims not to know anything about this. Cost me an extra $40 last month and I think I’ll be well over $100 in extra data this past month. I tried the background data refresh weeks ago and I am not sure it fixed it because I still went quite a lot over. Fido is late producing invoices for the month of August not sure why. I was supposed to be billed the 16th and now the 25th. Perhaps they have a real issue with everyone’s bill or data calculations and they’re sorting it out? Or just going to a new billing system and it’s taking time to change over. The call centre had no answer as to the cause of the delayed bills. I called Apple to see if they could offer me something to recompense me and was told they can’t do anything. I’m screwed

  • dirty

    It is funny though this only happens to people who have 5 or 6gb(mostly grandfathered plans). What are you up to, Rogers???

  • Chris Day

    Just FYI guys- it’s my screencap in the top of the story and I’ve had background app refresh turned off for EVERYTHING for months. That’s not it.

  • Riddlemethis

    doesn’t work Nick if the issue just started happening.

  • Riddlemethis

    Issue is still present folks, even with background refresh disabled. that’s why i disable my data whenever I don’t need it. i know it’s a PIA but that helps keep my data usage in check.

  • Leeseb10

    I am with bell and just purchased a new iPhone 5s and when I was on WIFI downloading apps I got a message saying I was over. I was on WIFI! How do u use data on WIFI! Something is wrong. Bell tells me I used the data and won’t help me. I have to pay? I’m not done with them yet. Is this because of the new iOS?

  • Delflank

    Four GB of data used to be fine until we got iPhone 6. We discovered we needed 6GB, then 10GB. We use about 9GB now and we can’t figure out how our usage is suddenly 3 times what it was a little more than two years ago.

  • AEdouard

    Two months in a row now that I go over my 6 gb cap. No idea why, as I’ve changed nothing in my habits. I usually end the month with around 4 gb used. For two months it’s been around 7.5. Really annoying. I’m with Fido.

  • Chad

    I just noticed this discussion… and it tied in to a strange overage for me last month. At first, I thought maybe I did in fact use the data in question. This thread starts to make me wonder. I was away for a week last month and still went 4+ GB over.
    This month, I am at 4.2 GB and I still have 14 days left.
    Something has definitely changed.
    I am not saying its a Rogers thing, but something is using massive data.
    Plus, I have a data tracker on my phone, and it hasnt changed much since I updated it the other day… meanwhile my phone added an extra 1GB of usage.

  • Nate

    I just got off the phone with Fido. It appears as soon as they gave me 2GB of free data per month on top of my 6GB that I had previous my monthly data has increased. I was averaging 3GB per month up until July. I then was averaging 5GB and in Aug I used 9GB of data and 7GB on my most recent bill. I have App Refresh off. Something is definitely up.
    The guy at Fido told me (which I don’t’ believe) is that iCloud is the issue and that it backs up every night. I said it only backs up if I am on WIFI which I am. He said it turns off WiFI and backs up using Data. He also said even if my phone is turned off it still backs up.

  • Serf

    It’s been happening to me for he last 5 months and yes very suspicious that it’s almost all the grand fathered 6gb plans that are getting hit with this problem. The other thing is that a rep told me that grand father plans don’t qualify for that new government regulates data overage cap. It could be our phones or Rogers and Fido customers getting hosed cause I don’t hear bell or tells iPhone users comparing.

  • Sara

    I moved my wireless plan from Rogers to Fido three days ago. As soon as I unlocked my Rogers phone and inserted Fido SIM into it, I received a message about me exceeding data usage and owe them 50 dollars. I want to know how is that possible? The worst part is they have disconnected my LTE “for my protection” and they keep pushing me to accept paying charges to continue my service.
    Right at the time that I recieved this message for the first time, I called and talked to a Fido representative who was shocked seeing the charges. She told me she would make a note on my account to not to be charged and said the easiest way would be for me to wait for three days (that is today) until my new billing cycle would start and the things would be fine. Today I checked in my Fido account. The cycle has started, but I still do not have LTE service. Seriously Fido? I had heard several stories about this company pushing clients to pay for services they had not used or pushing them paying the same bill twice, but this one is really outrageous. The most ridiculous part is Fido kept sending me this message and a link to fix the problem and all what the link talks about is to accept paying the charges. Please give a bit of credit to your clients and do not insult their intelligence. No way I accept that stupid term. I am so done with this company. Not a good start. I am on my way to cancel my service and will share my experience with anyone I can. Shame on you!