Rogers/Fido iPhone 7 Pre-Orders Live, Start at $399 on Contract [u]


You can now place your pre-order with Rogers and Fido for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The company’s scheduled pre-order time is 3AM PST/6AM EST, so they should be available now.

Earlier this morning, Bell and TELUS launched their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pre-orders, starting at $400 on contract. Jet Black is in short supply and carriers do not have this colour option (for now).

Update: Below are prices for Rogers iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pricing:

iPhone 7

32GB – $399
128GB – $529
256GB – $659

iPhone 7 Plus

32GB – $549
128GB – $679
256GB: $799

Rogers has two pre-order options: pay now or pay later and pick up in store. The option to pay now says it will ship to your home:

Screenshot 2016-09-09 09.32.38

Rogers has Jet Black but only in iPhone 7 and not iPhone 7 Plus:

Screenshot 2016-09-09 09.32.00 Screenshot 2016-09-09 09.31.42

Update: Rogers is offering a ‘discount’ on upgrades for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, if you jump on a 2-year Premium+ Tab plan starting at $125 per month. In the examples below, the 128GB iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus gets $200 off up front. Of course, with your higher monthly plan you are just paying off the difference over two years, and maybe a bit more, like TELUS’ premium plan options.

rogers iphone 7 discount

Thanks @kylefricke for the screenshot

Discuss your pre-order experience in the comments.

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  • Sam

    I keep getting “error has occurred” when trying to select my city when doing reso at fido.. anyone else having issues?

  • Matt Ashwood

    Just move the map around manually instead of typing in your postal code or choosing from dropdown. Worked for me!

  • RJP

    no luck on small business self serve – thanks for sucking rogers!

  • Sam

    thanks! it worked! 🙂

  • Hoho

    256GB Jet Black 7+.
    Position no. 14 and 17.

  • Richard Knight

    1. Log in online using a phone (general login website is broken)
    2. First black is matte black
    3. Scroll the map manually
    4. Blank white screen means it worked

    Absolute garbage compared to Apple’s preorder system…but then again Apple sold out of all black/jetblack models in the first 60 seconds in Montreal!

  • Richard Knight

    Impressed you can even see the position #, website is running like took 10 minutes and 5 tries to see I was around ~100

  • Jonathan Moreau

    Iphone 7 plus 128gb Black – #6 in line ????
    Site is very smooth alot better then previous years, I went in again at 6:25 for my gf and it went in right away.

  • Breed

    Black or jet black ?

  • Mythical09

    Reserved with Fido. Got position 19. Jet Black 7+. I could only get a gold 7+ for launch day pick up with apple. Preference is jet black. Fingers crossed. When is the $40 non refundable. when is the latest i can cancel a reservation if i decide to go with gold on launch day?

  • Eric

    I got #1 for the 128gb rose gold iPhone 7… Not bad 🙂

  • Bobby

    128GB Jet Black 7+
    Position 41.

  • Hoho

    I’m curious too….. Anyone know the answer?

  • Pascal

    Anyone with a business account was able to PreOrder with Rogers?

  • Olivier

    I got iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black 256GB with Fido and I’m #32. I’ve used this reservation service to get my iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5 in the past and let me tell you that it used to take several weeks before receving my devices even though I was in the first 10 positions.

  • Tyler

    im on the phone now. I’m sure I won’t get my phone until as least the end of Oct :/

  • ????? ?

    Missed the alarm… #15 for Silver 128GB Plus, ???? first world problems.

    I remember getting my 6 Plus almost at the release date and being something like 27th, FYI.

  • Got iPhone 7 black #3 with Fido. Took 3 tries.

  • Eric

    Apparently if you have a PULSE 15 plan.. you don’t qualify for full subsidy… so my iPhone 128 will be $679 (instead of $529)…. ouch

  • Healthius

    What’s everyones experiences with this? Can we expect the first 500? 1000? 2000? to be available on launch day?

  • Deedee

    Can’t do it through Rogers. I keep getting an error message.
    Has it worked for anyone out there?

  • Healthius

    I couldn’t do the pay now and get it shipped to my house option. Had to go the device reservation route, getting it shipped to the store.

  • Cray

    The struggle was real. After numerous tries I managed to get #6 on the Gold 128GB Plus. Fingers crossed it gets here on launch day.

    And as a side note, i’m kinda nervous about switching to the Plus as I’ve had the 6 for so long…

  • CC

    who know whats the plan requirement for fido to upgrade to 7+? wondering if I should buy unlocked or not, difference is 500 bucks for 7+ 256GB, my plan is 65 with 6G data, if I had to upgrade my plan to 90, than it doesn’t make sense to buy a locked phone right?

  • CHudson

    iphone 7+ 128 GB black. Was 10 minutes late and after the rogers site crashing 3 times was finally able to put my name on #118

  • Pdee

    Was very fortunate to get Jet Black, 128GB – with #1 position. Hopefully get it on launch day…

  • Anh

    #1 in line for Fido 7 + 32 GB Black. It went smooth this year for me without any trouble. Even though Fido still hadn’t published their prices, lol

  • Uri Peliowski

    Also wondering how it works. Is the number they give you per store you are picking up at? Got confirmation of a 7+ at 6:03 with number 18 and a 7 at 6:04 with number 9. Looks like the status numbers are at least different per model, but is the position per store, per city, per province?

  • Nik

    Where do u see the discount of 200 off on the phone if on a premium + plan
    can you post the link? can’t find it anywhere on the site.

  • Nik

    or is it for when you pre-order only?

  • David Monkman

    iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black, position #4.

  • Curtis Tse

    tried to pre-order last night till 1am PST but phone wasnt up.. ordered this morning.. #140 for iphone 7+ black 128gb 🙁

  • Nick

    Super weird, i didn’t take a screenshot but Rogers had a 350$ price for the 7+ with a 90$ Share everything plan. Don’t know why!

  • Nick

    I was able to grab a screenshot. I’m in Quebec for reference and my current plan is exactly 90 before tax,

  • fjx

    Yeah… the price shown there is on a Premium+ Tab. So you pay 10$ more than a regular Premium Tab, but you pay 200$ less upfront.
    With that said, even if your current plan is 90$, if it’s not on a Premium+ Tab and you don’t want to change your current plan, you’re gonna have to pay 549$ for the i7+.
    At least a 90$ minimum on Premium+ is WAY cheaper than some other provinces.
    In my case, I prefer to keep my current plan, since I got my price grandfathered before the recent 5$ price hike.

  • Nick

    Wow, that’s actually amazing. The first time I’ve ever thought about using “Rogers” and “deal” in the same sentence.

  • Jonathan Moreau

    Yeah I did I have a business plan with Desjardins and got it #6 for 7+ 128gb black

  • Jonathan Moreau

    Until you pick it up u can cancel if memory serves me right

  • Jonathan Moreau

    Pre-order started at 6:00am for Rogers

  • Jonathan Moreau

    I’d say that if you’re in the first hundreds you should definitely get it lauch day

  • Healthius

    Just heard back from Rogers. The que is phone specific and nationwide.

  • Tyler

    I wasn’t able to upgrade online because of my corporate plan. I called at 07:55am EST, upgraded to the 7+ jet black 256GB and was told that I’m #9 in line. That just seems odd to me. Then I upgraded my wife to a 7 128 jet black and they said she is #18. Both of those numbers seem to be quite low considering I didn’t get a chance to call until two hours after Rogers went online. If these numbers really are device specific, then I’m guess I should get them on launch day?

  • kiNGng3

    I’m on the same old school plan and customer relations said that plan no longer qualifies for a subsidy. They tried to move me up a few tiers and I said no way. Not worth paying $120/ month just to get a $500 subsidy. And no goodwill credits to boot. I’ve done this every two year cycle and they always budge but not this time. I’m a 15 year customer. Customer relations was happy that I would be happy leaving. So I’ll just wait until my cousin will get me the employee discount in a month or so to save 15% and then I’ll port my number to Fongo and buy a data only from Fido month to month. That’s $15/month for 3gb and $10 per additional gb. I’ll take the lesser monthly for a discounted outright purchase. Screw those telcos!!!

  • Canucks Goal

    I am using the $30 6GB data plan $30 voice and text with Fido. I have been using them for over 18 years. I am still debating what I should do now.

  • Chris s

    I pre ordered my 128 gig jet black 7 plus the morning of the the 9th around 8:30 am

    How can I tell what # in line I am to receive my order?

    Thanks for your help

  • Tyler

    You should get an email confirmation from Rogers telling what number you have

  • Tyler

    I called Rogers about the $200 off when upgrading to the premium + plans. He put me on hold a few times and finally got back to me saying they had no idea where I heard this and said maybe it’s province specific. Does anyone have more info about this deal? If the Rogers rep was clueless I don’t really know how to get this deal applied to my upgrade.

  • Jeremy C

    Definitely not! I was 73rd in line for iPhone 6 plus with fido. Order did not move after 48 hours of the release date. I had to go to a future shop to renew my contract and to cancel my reservation afterwards. Reservation is kind of BS.

  • Jeremy C

    try the 256 GB, it just passed double digits!

  • Biggy604

    I still wonder what the upgrade requirements are for, I know rogers forces their share everything plan to get any upgrade phone lately (unless you talk to retentions I guess). But how about Fido? As I am not willing to let go of my 6GB data plan.

  • Jonni Martinez

    i got my iphone 7plus grey pre ordered the morning of the 1st pre order date & I got #7 … im with fido and i with the upgrade i had to change my 6G plan into a 10G promo which costs more …. if you can get phone at the retail price then go for it … if you cant afford a $800-$1,200 phone then get a 2 year plan with fido …..

  • Jonni Martinez

    i had a 6GB plan with fido (+15) and I was told that i couldn’t get the phone at a discounted price unless i had a +35 plan which costs 115-130 .. if you can get the phone at retail price then go for it … dont loose your 6GB unless your offered a better plan on the phone

  • David Marino

    I pre-ordered one through Fido (7+ 128GB Jet black) last Friday with a position in line of 31. I just checked today and it went down to 28. Does this mean they only had 3 of them for this Friday or is it because some people cancelled their order? I also pre-order one through apple store but only for October 12 delivery 🙁

  • Jonni Martinez

    yes people cancelled .. you are now #28 nationwide

  • Uri Peliowski

    Has anyone seen their status change to “in progress” on the device reservation page? I’m 9th in line for a 32 black 7 and it is now in progress. I’m 17th in line for 128 black 7+ and it’s still open. I find it hard to believe that Rogers received less than 17 of these for preorders for the whole country.

  • Tyler

    What was it before? Mine has been like this for days

  • Uri Peliowski

    They both started out as “open” and now the one has changed to “in progress” like yours.

  • Tyler

    Ok. Well, let’s hope that means they’ll be shipping soon!

  • Daniel

    I ordered a i7 128GB Gold, was in line 175, now showing “in progress” anyone else with the same status?

  • Uri Peliowski

    Moved up to 13 but still says it’s “open”. Pretty sure I’m not getting this on Friday.

  • Tyler

    Does anyone know how Rogers has been in the past few years with shipping the phone on the release date? This is my first year not being able to reserve for pick up at the Apple store.

  • Knyghtfire

    I’m #19 in line with fido 7+ 256gb jet black. Status is still open…I’m gonna guess I’m not getting the phone tomorrow? Had anyone else’s status changed?

  • David Marino

    Nope, I just checked mine and it still shows Open/Position in line #28 for 7+ 128GB Jet black

  • Uri Peliowski

    One of mine changed to shipped yesterday and I even got an email notification so I assume it will be available in store tomorrow. So looks like it it possible. Unless Rogers takes more than two days to ship something within Toronto, which from past experience with the company is probably just as possible.

  • Mythical09

    No change yet. #18 7+128G Jet Black also with fido.

  • Mfj

    No change. #10 iPhone 7 Jet Black 128GB here. No phone on launch.

  • Jonni Martinez

    im #7 with fido & mines is still open .. i heard shipments had to be in before 12pm today so not sure how long it takes to process the new phones

  • Knyghtfire

    My buddy was just at apple store Eaton center…apparently the jet black is so scarce they don’t even have one on display…lol

  • kory

    how about now anyone have any luck ?

  • David Marino

    I gave up on the fido reservation and went directly to Apple and reserved the iPhone 7+ black 256GB and got it on Saturday morning.