Rogers Hardware Upgrades Will Require $80 Plans Starting June 17 [u]


Rogers has changed its policy for hardware upgrades, according to details shared by user WorldIRC over at HowardForums:

If you plan on signing a hardware upgrade for a new smartphone on a 2-year term, you’ll soon require a new Share Everything plan or at least a minimum $80/month plan, as of June 17:

As of June 17, all HUPs will require moving to the new Share Everything plans. Older plans will no longer be upgrade eligible.

There is an exception policy if your monthly spend is $80 / month (plan + features). That being said, reps are being strongly encouraged to migrate clients onto the new plans.

There is also an exception policy if your monthly spend is between $60 – $79 / month (plan + features). This exception requires store manager approval and an expectation will be set with the client that this is the last upgrade at your current price point.

As noted, a one-time exception can be made if your monthly plan is between $60-$79, but requires store manager approval.

Update: Rogers_Chris responded on the HowardForums with the following:

Hi folks, Chris from Rogers’ social media team here to address these upcoming changes. Our previous policy made exceptions for some customers, allowing them to stay on their old plans when they upgraded to a new subsidized device. Going forward we’re asking customers who want a subsidy on their premium Smartphone to move to a current plan.

Rogers looks to move customers on old grandfathered plans to their new Share Everything plans, with the cheapest plan starting at $80/month with 500MB of data. In the past, customers were able negotiate cheaper plans via the Retentions department and perform a hardware upgrade. That looks to be no longer possible.

Earlier this week it was reported Rogers is set to increase its grandfathered 6GB/$30 data plan by $5/month for customers on month-to-month plans.

When reached for comment, a Rogers rep told MobileSyrup “This change will allow people to take advantage of the great value our current plans deliver. They’re easy to understand and are designed for how customers use their phones today, including LTE devices.”

Update 2, June 14: Rogers has informed us this new HUP policy won’t apply to Fido, as “the changes apply to Rogers customers only.”


  • Fireeast

    Just plane bullshit, totally moving to wind.

  • MrXax

    Same. Just waiting for my contract to end. I don’t know what Rogers is thinking, but I didn’t need another reason to give them the fucking boot.

  • Hank

    And how long before all three join in? Crap

  • Mike

    Totally ridiculous, Wind please stay in business until my contract ends.

  • Raj

    Hope this doesn’t apply on fido

  • Wiggity

    “This change will allow people to take advantage of the great value blah blah blah”…typical corporate propaganda, twisting words to mean the opposite of the truth. Orwell was half right: it’s corporations, not government, dominating us with their doublespeak.

  • Anon

    Wow. Insane rip-off pricing as usual, from Robbers.

  • Anon

    Until everyone speaks with their wallets, switches over to Wind, and or refuse to pay these ridiculas prices on 2Y plans, they will continue to increase. $80/m for a lousy 500mb data is an absolute f’n joke, and will one day turn into $100/m as long as people are willing to pay. If everyone switched over to Wind, it’s guaranteed Rogers, etc. will be forced to slash their prices the next day. lol

  • Levii

    I’ve been really considering just using the data plans on an iPad and going with a VoIP provider.

  • FragilityG4

    Say No To Bullying.

  • Special_Ed

    Brutal…I’m so glad I just cancelled my Rogers plan..

  • Biggy604

    Im pretty sure it will affect Fido as well, as the 5 dollars extra on top of the $30 6GB plan is hitting Fido. There is no doubt this will hit Fido as well… Then again does Fido even have “share everything” or something that sounds equivalent?

  • Noel

    No big deal as I’m on the Virgin unlimited voice worldwide text 6 GB plan for $45 a month with no contract

  • Biggy604

    Fido is already doing this, I just checked out their “hardward upgrade” for exisiting Fido Customers. You really do need their $80-85 “Max Plans” which are BS plans compared to what I already pay. No way will I switch plans, i’m already paying close to $80 a month with their $30/m 6GB data plans which are set to become $35…. More corperate BS.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I imagine the next step will be eliminating the old ‘grandfathered’ plans. Robbers living up to their name again.

  • WestCoastStar

    Perfect opportunity to dump Rogers. They should give you better deals not worse ones.

  • Ex

    Remember the days when the policy required minimum $50 voice and data? Look how far they’ve come.

  • einsteinbqat

    Those who want to switch to Wind Mobile should probably do it right about now. Wind currently has an offer that will end soon. 39$/month with unlimited EVERYTHING, even USA roaming. https :// www . wind mobile . ca/plans-and-devices/plans/mobile-plan-details/phone-plan—39-unlimited-us-roaming-promotion

  • einsteinbqat

    Read my comment

  • Al

    I don’t know man… Wind’s website “appears” deceptive to me. I had heard (through IPAC forum comments, I think) that you have to pay extra if you’re in one of Wind’s “Away” zones (which I am). I had to dig deep into their website to actually find any sort of discussion on that… and even then it was rather cryptic. Plus I think it said the quality drops when you’re in an “Away” zone (?). Regardless, by not being completely upfront with this when advertising Unlimited Canada wide calling (not even an ” * ” note in small print) tells me they wish to deceive.

    Am I mistaken?

  • Al

    Read my comment.

  • einsteinbqat

    True. I suppose that some information is missing. Someone will have to go into a Wind Mobile store to double check. I’m on contract with Fido Unlimited 6Go.

  • einsteinbqat

    I see

  • Rogers responded and said this new policy is for Rogers customers only, not Fido.

  • Seems like ages ago…

  • Check our update–we were told it only applies to Rogers customers (for now anyways).

  • ????Dennis

    That Virgin plan you posted the other day is looking real good right now Gary. I’m not on a contract… If they give me a hard time when the iPhone 6 arrives, I am done with Rogers and heading over to Virgin. Wind just isn’t a suitable replacement right now. No LTE and I agree with Al about their cryptic plans. I don’t want to have to worry about coverage and roaming bs.

    Speak up with your wallets folks. That’s the only way change can happen.

  • The Virgin plan works out to $84.60/mo with an unlocked iPhone. Take another 10% off on top if this is your second line with Fido ($76.14/mo). Say you’re paying a theoretical $25 for the 5GB data plan, your Canada-wide voice plan is $59.60/mo. For heavy data users this might be an option to consider.

    For lighter users, going with a cheaper monthly plan and treating data overages as a ‘flex’ plan might save you money in the long run. It’s just that base prices have increased since then so people need to wait for promos.

    Compare Fido’s $56 plan with 2GB in 2012, which is now $80 for 2GB–an increase of $24 in less than 2 years…

  • bionicmonk

    If you live in an away zone you probably shouldn’t be going with with Wind in the first place. If you live in Toronto, or Richmond Hill or anywhere in that area, you’re good to go on Wind. Both my parents are on Wind and I have the 2$/day unlimited Wind plan. No problems whatsoever.

  • arahman21

    Wind “Away” is Rogers roaming, so of course you would be paying for the roaming.

  • Fireeast

    There is a none promotional plan for $35 with no us roaming which i am more interested in. But moves like these the big three make, completely explains why wind had a 17% subscriber increase first quarter this year.

  • thewinnipegger

    $80/m is truly expensive and this is only the bottom tier (these plans range from $80 to $165 monthly) goes to show how much Rogers is streamlining their plans and upping the costs for their consumers.

  • adam

    im waiting for eastlink wireless to bring full coverage to my area. its half covered now. some decent plans off contract, specially if you have services with them already. would cost me and the wife 43$ each if she gets the 55$ 3gb plan and i get the 30$ 200mb plan, we share data so 3.2 gb for 43 $ aint bad since we have internet and phone with them.

  • @Richard_Hansen

    Wow, they are crazy.

    I pay about $55 a month right now with Rogers – this is a secondary number that I really rarely use.

    When my contract is up later this year, if they try to push an $80 a month plan on me when I try to get an iPhone 6 … sayonara Rogers, I’m heading to Virgin with my backup Galaxy S3. I figure that I can get a plan for $45 a month – minimal data but I don’t really need much, or any really.

    Screw you Rogers, not even going to give you a few bucks by going to CHATR, it’s Virgin and porting my number over.


  • Cyrus

    Why don’t you just join Wind? I was on fido, and switched over a few weeks ago and I’m very happy. I don’t have to worry about anything!! No stupid ” you’ve gone over your minutes” or your “data is at 80%” . Also when I travel to the USA I roam for FREE. That’s right. FREE!! Sure I have to wait a couple more seconds for my data to load compared to LTE when I was on fido, but it was nice to see a 50 dollar invoice that includes everything. Instead of 85 bucks. Stop wasting your money. If you’re in a big city…. SWITCH

  • Steve

    There are other alternatives. Koodo for instance, although owned by Telus, has better pricing with coverage as good if not better than Rogers in certain areas.

  • Bisu

    They know exactly what they’re doing. People are using more data than they used to and don’t use their phones as phones anymore. Companies are trying to cash in the this trend.

  • Riddlemethis

    But hey, we all wanted 2 year contracts from Big 3 and the both the CRTC and prime minister of canada are satisfied with the carriers and their plans as a result of the changes they have made on behalf of canadians. Besides, Rogers is going to be “Overhauling the Customer Experience” so complaining about this or stating this is not positive is merely being negative, right Gary?

  • Obviously! 😉

  • Guest

    I like this. Wind will soon have more capital for network upgrade. Thanks Robber.

  • Biggy604

    Yes but if you look into upgrade plan with Fido they state, on their website, if you want the current iphone of smartphone in general they want you to renew with their “Max Plan” as opposed to geting an older iPhone or smartphone which lets you used your granfathered plan.

  • canoe man

    Wind is the best no matter what

  • mackman6151

    We’ve been with Rogers since the early 80s. I’m gonna jump ship if this actually happens. I love my EPP plan. It’s the only thing keeping me from better service on telus.

  • Dan Kennedy

    From the iPhone 5S part of the Fido website:

    Offer details

    If you renew your Fido Agreement, your new Tab24 agreement will begin immediately. Price shown available with 2-year Tab24 agreement on one of the following: (i) any in-market Max plan, (ii) any previously-offered Max plan with a monthly service fee of at least $60 per month, or (iii) any combination of a voice plan and an eligible Data Add-on (e.g. $10/100 MB and $25/2GB Add-ons excluded), both offered prior to August 8, 2012 and having a combined monthly service fee of at least $60 per month. Device savings recovery fees and/or service deactivation fee apply, see below for details. Taxes extra.

  • Rick

    Because if I take my iphone 5S to wind I will only get 3G speed. No what I’m going back to that.

  • cw

    just wait the government has finally allowed other providers to come to Canada that are not owed by our two dummy companies Bell and Rogers. Heard someone state Comcast and Time Warner will be coming to Canada next year 🙂 can’t wait hopefully they’ll be cheaper give the other two dumb companies some competition and teach them how to respect customers better.

  • BJCantos

    Good thing we avoided the Verizon invasion huh? The existing coaliti-err… competition in this country makes for the best value to Canadians! Without the new plans and pricing structure I’d have no understanding of how my current plan works!

    Ugh… the social media team is more like a damage-control propaganda engine.

    I’ve disconnected all other Rogers services for years now – I would encourage others to do the same. My cell service only exists with Rogers due to travel requirements, otherwise I’d fly to Wind in a heartbeat. Heck, I’m still considering it now.

    The government needs to step up the regulations before we become as messed up as the US. Bell and Rogers are as reviled and crooked as Comcast/TWC.

  • Max Power

    And off to WIND I go…

  • CPMRICH2013

    i hope one of them buys shaw cable and rogers cable

  • J

    Why can’t they just tell the truth? ‘Rogers is increasing the cost of our hardware upgrade requirements so $80 minimum a month is needed, because now that customers can get 2 year plans instead of 3 year plans, rogers might start to make less money, so the required monthly rate to get an upgrade has been increased, because the company loves its money’. At least if they said that, they’d still be cheap bastards, but they’d be recognized for at least having the decency to admit it.

  • Syed Rizvi

    Greedy bas..tards

  • Syed Rizvi

    Hope Rogers will burn to ashes and also other carriers if they implement same policy

  • IPhoneUser

    Is there somewhere to submit a complaint but not about a specific representative? I just found all of this out when I noticed my plan went up as my contract is about to end so I dont get a some of the savings that were attached to my monthly bill. The representatives that I spoke with were great but its just that im starting to dislike the company’s doings in all of these changes and what appears to be the giant force of trying to move us all to the share everything plans (as a hardware upgrade is impossible I want to keep the 6gb/$30 (soon to be $35 for me). I just want to express to rogers that that seems very crazy if they have any sense of how to allow loyal longstanding customers to feel valued want to remain loyal – when apparently this is treating us almost like anyone else.