Rogers/Fido Introduce Data Day Pass


Rogers/Fido have introduced a new data service for its existing customers called the “Data Day Pass”. The new data service is not applicable to current data plan holders, but is instead targeted at customers that do not have any kind of data/mobile Internet plan.

Data Day Pass

The Data Day Pass is a service that provides data (Internet) to Rogers/Fido customers that do not currently have a data plan. For $2.99/day, iPhone customers may use 20MB of data for anything they want on the web ($1.00/day for unlimited mobile browsing for consumer phones; $4.99/day for 50MB for access cards/Internet sticks). That’s right, TWENTY (20) MB. As you can probably guess, 20MB is NOT a lot of data to do anything. Rogers/Fido have some great data usage numbers to show you what you can do with 20MB but 20MB is really only a couple minutes, maybe seconds, of YouTube or GPS Maps.

The service does not support Tethering or Roaming, but really, that goes without saying as anyone who is attempting to Tether or Roam with only 20MB of data from Rogers/Fido should think twice.

The service was introduced to do away with the current system of paying for data by KB and instead charges a flat fee of $2.99 for 20MB of data.

What Can You Do With 20MB

Here’s what Rogers/Fido say you can do:

  • Send and receive 100 emails
  • AND
  • Send and receive 100 instant messages
  • AND
  • view 100 web pages.

Notice the use of the word AND and not OR. I guess that Rogers/Fido estimate could be correct if the emails have only text, the IM’s are short, and the web pages are just full of text with no images at all.

If anyone would like to test the estimate, please do*.

Data DP

How To Subscribe

In order to subscribe to the Data Day Pass, you must not already have an existing Data plan of any kind or any kind of data blocks on your account.

There are a few methods of subscribing to the service:

  • When you open up an Internet app, for example Safari, Maps, Mail, etc, customers will be prompted to purchase the Data Day Pass or a monthly Data plan
  • Customers can add the Data Day Pass on their own via the Rogers/Fido Mobile Internet Portal
  • Customers can call Rogers/Fido Customer Care to add the Data Day Pass

Once the 24 hour day pass expires or the customer uses up all of their 20MB, the customer will be prompted to purchase another Data Day Pass if their first day pass expired during a data session or when the customer attempts to use another Internet app.

(Thanks to reader N8docstine for the pics!)

And that is The Data Day Pass. I am not sure how I feel about this service just yet, as it is clearly more economical to just get a monthly data plan, whether by contract or not.

What do you think? Is the Data Day Pass for you?

* is not responsible for any data charges users may incur


  • Dusty

    Boooooo! I think this is useless and a money maker for Rogers.

  • JT

    Speaking of which – any indication/rumour of that plan returning?

  • JT

    So is this it? This and the Rogers Nov 09 plan updates the counter punch to Bell & Telus Nov 4 launch? I don't get it.

  • Dusty

    Nothing that I have heard of lately. Im sure it will be posted on the blog once rumors are going around or Rogers is desperate for the need of bringing that promo back lol

  • The 6GB plan usually shows up mid Summer

  • I am posting on behalf of reader iBog:

    As a regular traveler this is a reasonable approach, however, I think the rates are still too high and the data download still too small (but about right).

    Remember, the $30/6GB plan is also a 3 year commitment.

    The day pass is targeting travelers. You get a pay as you go account and add a day or two passes without committing to a monthly plan. This is a $90/month 600MB plan. If you want the $30/month plan you sign up for a month (month to month but if that's too much commitment or hassle you get a day pass and add credits to the phone as needed).

    What I find most interesting is that Rogers is courting people with unlocked phones (such as international travellers) without actually providing an unlocked phone themselves. Rogers are such hypocrites.


  • float_world

    This is aimed squarely at travellers and visitors of the Olympics. Very smart move on Rogers end….they will make a ton initially and add nicely to the bottom line.

    Pay-As-You-Go data.

    Keep in mind, the networks in Canada are far from maxed out with their current customer crop.

  • Yep. If I was out of town and could use my data for $3/day…I would
    definitely impulse buy for the sake of feeding my internet addiction. 😉

  • Interesting observations about travellers and Olympic visitors. Just a quick data point about Pay As You Go. The Data Day Pass msg I received as PaYG customer is that the pass is $1/day for “unlimited” bandwidth. That makes it a seriously useful offer and beats the $30/6gig plan w/ 3 year commitment all to hell.

    Txt said the availability starts Nov 23 – can't wait to try it out.

  • Guest

    Interesting that the article says $2.99/20MB but the screen capture says $4.99 / 50 MB .

  • Clarified above

  • Mike

    What I do like about this, however, is that you're prompted to purchase a Data Day Pass instead of it being automatically charged at the use of the first KB.

    Theoretically, this could be a safety net for those smartphone owners without a data plan, and do away with unintentional data charges: Unless you deliberately choose to purchase the day pass, they would be no data charges on your bill.

  • Ben

    I spent all last weekend on the phone with Fido Support trying to enable the data day pass option on my iPhone 3G to no success. For some unknown reason I am not being prompted when opening up Safari. I tried various locations throughout the Fraser Valley and in downtown Vancouver and must have spent about $20-$30 in data charges testing it. I called Fido support three times and was placed on hold for over an hour each time while they consulted with their “Tech” Department. From being transferred to the wrong department to being given advice to reboot my phone, they were absolutely no help at all. I verified my APN settings for Fido and tried resetting my phone to the default settings for network and again no success. Anyone else encountering problems?

  • Hi Ben. This is Mary with Fido and I just came across your post. When you try this again, can you please let me know if you're continuing to have an issue? If so, I may be able to help.

    You can reach me here or via twitter at @RogersMary.


  • Runnerccd

    Hi Mary,

    I have a HTC g1 phone from Rogers with pay as you go account. I called rogers tech support last Friday and was told I don't need to subscribe to Data Day Pass, but it will automatically prompt me when i try to use the internet on my phone starting from Nov 23.

    I tried this morning (wiht APN:, sadlly, it was still charging me 0.05/kb. What can i do?


  • I'll have to check this out. What's the best way to get in touch with you? If you'd prefer, you can message me on Twitter at @RogersMary.

  • runnerccd

    You can reach me on Twitter at @runnerccd, i just message you through Twitter to you. Thanks for the help!

  • Ben

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the reply. I am being prompted now, so everything appears to be working fine now. Thanks!


  • tekguy26

    Weird, when I tried from my MotoZ8, I got prompted for $4.99 option, not the $2.99. Plus, when I tried to use the mobile browser profile (, I get to the homepage “”, but when I select the Day Pass option on the homepage, I'm being directed to because I already have a data option on my account, which i don't. Help, please.

  • tekguy26

    OK, I just got off the horn with our friends from Rogers. They told me that all non-Rogers phones get the $4.99 option. Of course she also told me that would not work, and that I would have to use I don't know what to believe. With I can still browse, but I don't get a txt to buy a day pass. When I do that with, I can still browse for free, but I get a txt to buy a day pass for $4.99 when I try to go to other websites. Quesiton is, is technical support giving me a lazy answer, or is that indeed the fact? Rogers Corporate is soo greedy, I swear.

  • RuBBacHiKiN

    I was actually pleasantly surprised when this popped up on my browser, at work. Being a Pay-As-You-Go iPhone user, I don't really have much of a need for any sort of data plan, as I am often in an area that has Wi-Fi anyway. So I've pretty much gotten used to not using the data part of my iPhone when not either at home or on campus. I guess I'm just somebody who doesn't really need to download big files or stream videos onto my iPhone anytime I'm outside of a Wi-Fi zone. All I've used my $5(50mb/24hrs) for so far was simply the Facebook app, some Safari browsing to my favorite forum, and of course, E-mail. Not too sure how many megs I have left for this session, but I assume it should last me the whole 24-hour time limit. My iPhone is one of the first-gen ones, and I don't really mind the load-times of the pages over EDGE. It was just fun to get a chance to hit up the forums for a bit from work. I strongly favor this over the old pay-per-kb setup, especially because there's always the chance you could run a data service by accident and end up with your pre-paid balance raped, as was the case with my old Blackberries. With this system, there's no fear of unintended data charges. Of course I won't be buying day-passes frequently, as I have no need to use them on a regular basis. I might buy them occasionally to treat myself to a day or two of data each month when I'm on the go. Or if I'm expecting a good amount of E-mails, I can grab one and let my phone idle in Fetch mode, and be able to get my messages without needing to be in a Wi-Fi zone.

    Overall, I am really satisfied with the Data Day-Pass setup. Of course when we're talking costs per MB, the Data Day-Pass is significantly more expensive than common data-plan rates, but for the occasional user, I could definitely see it coming in handy, every now and then. Especially since I use Google Sync for my contacts, calendars, and mail.

    The only thing I really hate about Rogers PAYG now is that they removed US from the PAYG text packs, and made it a separate “International Text” add-on for $6/month for only 40 texts! Not only is that insane, both in limitation and price, but that cuts me off from like, half my texting contacts.

  • Martin

    does downloading applications count in the 20mb data pass. plus do you still have to pay the data rate? as like 0.03/kb?

  • Yes.
    It's highly recommended to downloaded apps on WIFI only

  • Martin

    how do you download thorugh wifi becasue i donlt know which ones i was downloading with.

  • Martin

    btw do you still have to pay the kb rate if you use wifi for market or like the funny jokes app. i have an LG Gw620/EVE

  • On your device, go to:

    Settings > Wifi > toggle it on

  • LG eve is different than an iPhone.

    On wifi, you don't pay for any data. When not on wifi and using
    Rogers, you pay per kb

  • Martin

    Ty for much X1Zero your really nice 🙂

  • He is quite helpful, eh?

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  • Dvdmacd

    What if you already have a data block on your Rogers account…………will it be removed as of now?

  • Dvdmacd

    What if you already have a data block on your Rogers account…………will it be removed as of now?

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  • Andre the Android Guy

    Hm, I’ve never heard of anything like this before. I currently use bell as an internet provider, and I looked at there internet plans (here:, but couldn’t find anything on it. Does anyone know if other companies have a parallel program?

  • Kat

    Yea they don’t notify you. Just saying. I’m fighting paying $188.00 ish in overages because I wasnt notified. Just so you all know that rogers are liars