[Update] Rogers iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Available, Pricing Revealed


Update 1: Rogers Business customers can make their pre-orders via, although no prices are listed. (thx @cheerkellie!)


Customers can now pre-order the iPhone 4S from Rogers, as their systems went live earlier this morning at 3AM PDT/6AM EDT. Pricing has been revealed, and as expected it’s similar to what Telus and Bell are offering on three year contracts:

16GB – $159
32GB – $269
64GB – $369

For those that want a contract-free, locked device from Rogers (you would be better off buying unlocked from Apple), the prices are as follows:

16GB – $649
32GB – $749
64GB – $849

How to Reserve Your iPhone 4S via the Rogers Reservation System

1. Log into your MyRogers account. Click on ‘Device Registration’, then follow the instructions.

Want to upgrade your device through Rogers? Refer to the Rogers ‘early upgrade’ program as posted here. For the iPhone, you will pay $20 per month until you’re eligible for ‘new customer pricing’, as explained on the Rogers Redboard.

Who pre-ordered an iPhone 4S today?


  • So it is not like the last two years where they allowed current iPhone users to upgrade for the regular price? Thanks

  • No. From what I understand, you will pay $20/month until you reach ‘new customer pricing’, i.e., reach the $159/3year term price.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered one, I’m 148th in Canada for one. I may cancel my order though, depending how much Robber- I mean Rogers charges me. I just resigned my contract in November of last year so I’m sure it’ll be an arm and a leg…

  • Mississauga_Canary

    Rogers bending us over and doing us up the stinky whistle again…….

  • liz in vancouver

    Does anyone know if Virgin Mobile will be offering a similar pre-order?

  • Steve Lam

    so in other words for all early iphone 4 adopters:

    Contract renewed last year for iPhone 4 (July 30, 2010)

    – October 14 the iPhone 4S is released, 14 months into contract

    – 36 month contract – 6 months HUP eligibility (because they let you
    upgrade only after 30 months now as opposed to 24 months before. thanks rogers. idiots) – 14 months into contract = 16 months remaining

    – Early HUP: (since you have to pay for the months remaining in your contract minus 6 months) 16 months x $20 (for premium devices like the iphone) = $320

    – iPhone 4S 16GB new customer pricing ($159) + $320 = $479
    – iPhone 4S 32GB ($269) + $320 = $589
    – iPhone 4S 64GB ($369) + $320 = $689

  • Prefekt64

    Can this be done over the phone? I feel like i’d be much more successful in arguing my way out of the $40 reservation fee by phone than I would be by yelling at my computer.

  • kevbste

    Sure did! But through Apple’s online store. Still not sure what Bell/Rogers/Telus are trying by selling a locked device for $20 more…

  • Anonymous

    Your missing the $35 activation fee. Add $35 to the 479, 589 and 689 prices.

  • Steve Lam

    did they just add that too? i wasn’t charged any activation fee when i upgraded from iphone 3g to 4.

  • Mmmoodley

    Do you know if Rogers will be charging their $35 system activation fee

  • Yes. Just posted. Same prices.

  • Stephen Cleary

    Position # 667. I can finally put my beloved iPhone 3G to rest. Thanks for posting all the details Gary.

  • Cheers! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Okay. So reading through this there will not be any early upgrade without paying. I think when the iPhone 4 came out they had an early upgrade but for free. Maybe i am mistaken. Can you please clarify.


  • Anonymous

    Just upgraded my wife’s iPhone. We have two lines with Rogers, one bill. I am not upgrading mine since I have the 4 but my wife iPhone my old one that I gave her. Since we never upgraded her phone with Rogers we are can get the iPhone 4Gs 64g black for 369.00 and shipped to my home, not the store. We ordered it and are #31 in line. I called in due to the fact that the device reservation system would not work all morning. So now we wait! I have been with Rogers for over 25 years… Not switching. Don’t like Bell.

  • gruven

    When I spoke with a Rogers representative yesterday they said yes, there would be a fee – $15 / month ahead of your upgrade availability date.

  • Anonymous

    Why did they change this? Is there any chance they will a special for free like a day before it comes out

  • Rob

    Very frustrated, have been trying to reserve one all day and keep getting an error message: “an unexpected error has occured with your device reservation. Pleasesign back in and try again”

    Have used a few different computers, different browsers (explorer and firefox).  Even tried it on my iphone and couldn’t get passed the store pick up location stage. 

    Anyone have any ideas or tips to getting this online reservation system to work?




  • Liam

    Anyone know how an upgrade would work for the next generation iPhone if a) i have an original iPhone 3G and b) i switch to an inactive pay-as-you-go account (i’m moving to UK for a year – just bought the iPhone 4S unlocked through Apple). i should be eligible for a HUP for the finished contract of the 3G, but will the year of inactivity kill any potential upgrades?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think there is a fee. You only have to “activate” when you get a new SIM card. You should just be able to put your old SIM into the new phone.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the math! Although I don’t think I like what I see! Might just make more sense to buy the phone unlocked at this price.

  • Steven Rmarrocco

    Woke up at 5:50 to reserve mine! I’m also going to wait at my local Rogers store Friday morning before work, I’m not making the mistake of last year and waiting at fair view apple store for 18 hours and leaving empty handed

  • Anonymous

    Argh, that is SO brutal.

    Gary, can I ask you how much you were able to sell your unlocked iPhone 4 for? (if you did). I might decide to go the unlocked route after this…

  • DoctorT

    No, but they have a $30 “administration fee”

  • DoctorT

    There is an admin fee, I called them, They said final price for the 32 GB would be $756 (I upgraded to the 4 in Sept. 2010)

  • DoctorT

    Your iPhone prices are wrong, those ones are for “select” plans, I” canned them and a a price of 310 or 320 for the 32 GB (not 270)

  • pascyyy

    The fee is actually more of a deposit. It gets put towards the cost of the phone.

  • Kellie Inkster

    I’m 6/12 on their business reserve site for 64 gig white.

  • I’m giving it away for free–to my wife. 🙂

    1) Best bet, buy unlocked…sell it before the ‘new’ future iPhone comes…buy unlocked again.

    2) Or…upgrade to 3 years, sell the ‘locked’ Rogers iPhone 4S and buy an unlocked device, pop in your SIM.

    Buying unlocked has been a headache-free experience. No more dealing with carriers to get the phone I want, plus travelling is a bonus for popping in SIM cards if that matters. It’s worth the price IMO, but everybody’s situation is different.

  • Anonymous

    UNbelievable… Robbers never ceases to amaze me.

  • DoctorT

    Yeah! It’d make more sense just to get a factory unlocked 4S from apple for a few $ more. 

  • Fletcher White

    I’m position #45, what does that mean?  45 at the store I’m picking it up at or #45 in the country?

  • DoctorT

    They told me $756 with taxes for the 32GB – after their $50 “rebate”. 
    Guess who’s NOT upgrading this year… ~_~

  • Anonymous

    I managed to get $350 for my locked 32GB iPhone 4 that is pretty dinged up… So hopefully if I got an unlocked phone I could sell it for quite a bit more…I do travel quite a bit, so I think this might make sense. The only problem about selling your phone before a new one comes out is that… well then you don’t have a phone! hahaha!

    Anyway, it looks like it might only be about $130 or so more to buy unlocked anyway so this might be the way to go. Thanks Gary, you da man!

  • iPod lover

    Ive reserved two – one thru apple directly (unlocked) and one thru Rogers…. I only need one. If you want a black 32G and don’t mind reimbursing me for it, I could send you my unlocked one when I get it…??  Anyways, offer’s there.

  • Anonymous

    Wow that’s brutal! I may just go buy the 16GB unlocked from Apple and sell my current 32GB iPhone 4. Sucks having to pay, but at least I wouldn’t have to sign with Rogers again!

  • Valentin

    I am crazy, alarm clock at 3:00am, pre-ordered at 3:06am, white iPhone 16GB, i am position 250!
    I currently have a 3GS, do you know if i need to call/pay/ask for a new micro sim card? or will it be included when i’ll pick up my phone at Rogers? Thank you. 

  • iPhone lover

    I should point out – reimburse at my cost only – I’m not trying to scalp it or anything!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Now if only I made this decision 12 hours ago and pre-ordered with Apple instead of Rogers .**FACE PALM**

  • iPhone lover

    45 in country for Rogers, I believe…

  • That’s all the more reason to get a backup iPhone 🙂 Cheers

  • Prefekt64

    Ahh, thanks!


    The CRTC allows Bell and Rogers aka Hell and Robbers to blatantly RIP
    OFF CANADIANS!!!!! The MSRP on the Iphone 4S is 300% higher in Canada
    than it is in the U.S. Apple should not allow these companies to rip us
    off so harshly. I am very upset with the way our country lets these
    greedy money hungry telecom bastards charge us the highest cell phone
    rates in the world!!!! The Executives at Rogers and Bell should all be
    in jail for this thievery. They are SWINE.

  • Where di you guys find out about the pricing because it still not on the web site

  • Anonymous

    No, but if they did there would be a riot.

  • Stormwatch

    Was told $159 for 16 gb and $75 For early upgrade and 35 admin fee. Minus 50 rebate.

    What to do. What to do.

    Also can I get this rebate if I buy it from an apple store next Friday?

  • Rogers Redboard.

  • So if you got an iPhone 4 at launch, you have to pay an EXTRA $320 UP FRONT. Lame. May as well buy an unlocked one.

  • Anonymous

    Do we have the option to pay $30-40 more and be stuck in only a 2-year contract instead of 3, like U.S. customers? No. Didn’t think so… booooo!

  • Jordan Natyshen

    Does anyone know when we will be able to get our phones? At launch (14th) or latter? I have heard that they will ship from the warehouse after launch. What?! What is the point of a reservation system?

  • Hoping

    How do you find out if the plan is ok for the reduced pricing? I have an old 3g with the $30 for 6gb. I called and was told they knew nothing about plan pricing. What is a qualified plan. This is silly it is like a guessing game as to what you will pay in the end.

  • Hoping

    I have a 3G and my contract has been expired for months and I still have to pay a $30 upgrade fee to subside the phone???? And I am number 3667 in line.

  • Karim


  • Anish

    In the country a Rogers representative told me

  • Anish

    would there be a point of waiting in line at Rogers? wouldn’t they give all their phones to the people who reserved them online first? Or do they save some for people who actually wait in line?

  • rehasa

    Pre-ordered 16gb white at 2:58. I am position #53 in line 🙂

  • Mustafa A.

    I have a shitty LG secret and I absolutely hate it. I have been on contract with Rogers for a little over 2 yrs and I am desperate to get a new phone and the iphone 4s would be perfect for me. Could anyone please tell me how much it would be to update my phone to a iphone4s? Also, it so happened that I accidently gave my phone a wash in the washing machine (lol don’t even get me started) so would Rogers even allow me to update my phone because of the water dammage? Thanks for the time.

  • Junior Cortorreal

    Just pre-order my iPhone on apple online. Rogers refused to renew my discounts so I refused to resign a contract.

  • Anonymous

    Get your facts right.  We pay less than the US does when buying an iPhone on contract and the same when buying factory unlocked.

    I agree our rates are too high (roaming is absolutely crazy) but the MSRP on the phone itself is identical or lower than the US.

  • Generalinq

    For iphone users who are locked into a rogers contract, can someone confirm if it’s 30months before we are eligable for the promo price (with no extra penalty) or 24 months?

  • Nrihere

    It’s 30 months, if you’re less than 30 months you pay $20 for each month. I bought a 3GS during launch in June 2009, so I’m 28 months in contract and will be paying $40 (2x$20) for early upgrade. it used to be 24 months and they changed it to 30. in fact the earlier iPhone upgrades were eligible every year based on your monthly plan.

  • Cmr905

    How easy (or difficult – i.e. time-consuming) is it to acquire a sim from a local carrier when travelling to the USA or the Carribean? We usually travel once or twice a year for a couple of weeks each time, so trying to decide if it’s worth getting the unlocked version.

    I have reserved a white 64gb with Rogers, and also ordered one from Apple, and must decide which to cancel. I’ve been with Rogers for MANY years, am eligible to upgrade hardware next June, so would pay $20/month between now and then for the privilege of upgrading.

    When I spoke to a Rogers rep yesterday, they recommended a 500mb data plan for $25 for the iPhone 4s. I currently have an iPhone 3gs purchased used, and a $15/150mb data plan with a $5 data discount.

    Decisions, decisions…

  • Anonymous

    What I can’t stand is that we pay our prices with a 3 year contract, whereas Americans get the same for 2 years.

  • Da Pauley

    Not sure on price but they don’t take back the old phone or anything of the sort. They just want your money.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that is annoying.  I have been buying factory unlocked for the last couple years to avoid any contracts though.  Reselling a factory unlocked phone is quite easy.

  • Dave

    you are very wrong my friend calculate 3 YEARS!!! compare to 2 years contract in the U.S if you calculate we pay more than DOUBLE!!!

    its sickening to know we in CANADA are the ONLY one in the WORLD to have 3 YEARS contracts!!!
    we are like sheep! we don’t do FU*K all about it those big companies are ripping Canadians off like crazy!

    considering 3 Years contracts every iphone 4s should be FREE! even if it was free we would actually still pay more than the Americans since our monthly bill is much higher!!

  • Anonymous

    He was talking about MSRP. 

  • iPhone lover

    HAVE THEY STARTED TO SHIP????? I pre-ordered my phone online (and was lucky number 501 in queue. I just checked my spot in line and I’m now 454…. Fifty people canceled their order? They’re shipping? Anybody have a guess?????

  • Superzoom99

    So let me get this right:  you’ve been paying full price for the phone that you could have had the carrier pay for 2/3 of it?
    Your’re going to need the service for 3 years anyway, and it’s not like they’re going to give you a discount on the plan if you are not on contract.

    No doubt it’s a rip off, but your’e just paying more if you don’t get them to subsidize it.

  • Anonymous

    Actually they did indeed give me a discount when I told them I was considering cancelling since I was on an unlocked phone now.

  • Superzoom99

    So for someone (like me) who has no plan with anyone right now, do you think it still makes sense to buy unlocked?  Or should I get a plan and subsidize it first, and then buy unlocked when I next want to upgrade?  

  • Similar here, I went from 202 to 161?

  • Rivix

    When I reserved mine (64GB white) I was around number 70. Earlier today I was number 50. I can’t check it now because My Rogers is down for maintenance.  I hope they have begun shipping phones so they are actually in store on the 14th. But I would think they would have received more than 70 white 64GB iPhones  during the first shipment, because I expected the que to go down by hundreds. 

  • Clusty

    I am 2300 in line for Rogers. Is this 2300 in Store/Province/Canada?
    Curious what does this mean in pragmatically: how many weeks from Friday am I getting it

  • Rivix

    It’s Canada wide.

  • Rivix

    It’s Canada wide.

  • Rivix

    It’s Canada wide.

  • No

    There is supplise for the reservation list and then for the “non” reservation list.  Although you reserved your phone someone who did not reserve their phone could potentially get theirs before you.

  • No

     This is a national position.  means you were the 45th person in the country to reserve that type of iphone.  Some people are position 6000.

  • Jordan Natyshen

    Mine now says ‘IN PROGRESS’. Stuff is happening… 

  • 123

    No. That is not true.