Rogers/Fido iPhone 6s Pre-Orders Go Live via Reservation System

If you’re looking to pre-order your iPhone 6s from Rogers and Fido, you can now do so via the company’s website. The company’s social media team informed customers last night pre-orders would kick off at 9AM EDT (6AM PDT):

You can click here to visit the Rogers Reservation System to ‘get in line’. A refundable $40 reservation fee will be applied.

Let us know what you ordered! Don’t forget to share your pre-order status with other Rogers customers in the comments below.

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  • Tuan

    Is it just me or I dont see any Space Grey 64GB?

  • John

    Didn’t see the 6S+ 64GB Space Grey. I reserved a 128GB. Position 73.

  • Kyle

    Woke up at 7, apparently two hours too late. All but the 16GB Rose Gold is left for the 6. Only 6+’s left. -_-.

  • Werdner

    Got a Fido reservation for black 6s 64gb. Position 105

  • Richard Chiang

    I was able to “preorder” a 64gb space grey model but when i read the fine print of the confirmation email… It says that the device would ship 3-5 business days after launch.

  • Richard Chiang

    Someone tried to do the same thing and here’s Rogers Twitter explanation

  • Richard Chiang

    Part 2

  • Richard Chiang

    for some reason I have my doubts about his explanation because I did not get a position number as other posters. I’ll confirm once Rogers calls me back to confirm the details this morning.

  • Jonathan

    Normally I reserve the device through Rogers but this year seems like they’re trying to screw over the customers who have been around the longest. If I were to preorder from their site I would have to change my plan and that’s not happening, and the device reservation system is only offering certain models. I just ordered from Apple, I think I’m done with Rogers.

  • Jeremy

    I agree…it’s way too confusing. I’m in the same boat as you…per-ordered instead of reserved due to availability of the model I wanted. My situation is even more convoluted because I had a HUP credit and Rogers First Rewards points to use on it. The rep I talked to assured me those could be applied after the fact and just told me to go through with the pre-order. *Fingers crossed*

  • John

    So pre-orders receives it first and once pre-order inventory is depleted, then you can reserve the device?

  • Richard Chiang

    Yep, That’s what I read on Rogers Twitter account

  • DK

    same here, kind of piss

  • OliChabot

    For me everything went fine. I will be a new Rogers customer and the process went smooth, altough I would have loved to get it the day it launches (still have some hope…) I may have gone with Apple Store pickup option which is really nice, but I am getting a corporate contract with my parents and it seems a bit complicated if instead I go directly to the Apple Store. Guess I’ll practice my patience !

  • FragilityG4

    Rogers can go to hell. The phone I want is $130 more than the US price converted to CND. Plus they want me to give up my 6GB. They’re trying to screw us. Vote with your wallet. Buy from Apple or don’t buy at all.

  • Kelston

    Reserving the phone didn’t require you to change your plan at that moment. It was the exact same as previous years. And the actual time Rogers opened reservations was 8am. I checked randomly at that time and I was the 13th to pre order, according to the site.

  • K_pow3ll

    I did not have to give up my 6gb plan. There was AnemoneEffects option to keep it or change i chose to keep

  • FragilityG4

    That’s at least a positive but I can’t get past the $130 discrepancy …

  • FragilityG4

    Nope won’t let me keep it. I have the Super 6GB plan … Which on do you have?

  • K_pow3ll

    ShareEverything 3+3gb- Prem Tab
    Unlimited Eve &wknd mins – unlimited shared mins, call forwarding/Transfer, unlimited shared Canadian LD min, Unlimitednationwide video call, call display, united shared text vid, 6gb shared, between us calling…$84.00 a month 🙂

  • K_pow3ll

    lol yeah everyone is not to happy about it but i look it things both ways. From a consumer aspect and a supplier/company aspect.
    In the end yes heres a steep price difference but YOU the user have the option to purchase or not is what I’m telling everyone. lol

  • FragilityG4

    Mines not a sharing one that’s why. After taxes I pay $76/month.

  • FragilityG4

    I have looked at it from the company side and I see the greed and bullying. The extra $130 on the device would seemingly account for the loss of one year on contract (amazingly the states have two year contracts and don’t mark up the phones) so okay I can get that but now my plan would go from $68 to $125 if I want the same features, and that increase we were told was for the loss of a year. I see a company, Rogers, who has recently bought MLSE for half a billion, the NHL broadcast rights five billion, Mobilicity for half a billion etc. and basically want the customer to pay for it. Not to mention the decline in cable subscribers. So I get it but it’s garbage. Imagine if I owned a restaurant and bought another restaurant and to pay for it I marked the first one by two hundred percent, my customers would go — oh wait, telecoms have an oligopoly so there’s no such thing as competition.

  • Ivan

    I am still waiting for my call back from Rogers and i tried calling and they are useless and told me to wait another day or 2. Ordered the afternoon of the 12th. When did you finally get a call. My call back time was the 12th between 5-6 est

  • Richard Chiang

    I first got through to inquire about my status Saturday @ 11:10 AM. They told me to wait (useless)…”it could take up to a day or 2″…But then they called me back at 12:15 PM (just after noon). Best of luck! Maybe call them again??

  • Richard Chiang

    15197722721 – that’s the number they called me from to confirm the details – not sure if it is a dial in number…

  • Duston Foster

    Had to pre order mine…. If I don’t have a guarantee delivery date for friday I will be first in line at a rogers store.

  • sk

    Nah.. Not worth the feature to get an iPhone 6S, will get the iPhone 6 instead…

    Rogers is currently selling iPhone 6 plus 128GB for $500, ($50 less than Telus) what s curious is that Rogers is selling it less than the iPhone 6 128GB, now priced at $599 ????(Telus sells it at $500).

  • Solomon

    I doubt Rogers are in business.. they don’t know what they say .. poor service on Iphone6s

  • Solomon

    Apple Inc. supply contract with Rogers, terminated on iPhone 6s..
    thats why Rogers does’nt have any answer on iPhone 6s

  • Solomon

    Costco is much more faster than Rogers in delivering iPhone 6s.