Rogers Ad Uses iPhone 6s to Highlight ‘Roam Like Home’ [VIDEO]


Rogers recently announced there are now over 2.3 million registered users for Roam Like Home, a feature of the company’s Share Everything Plans that allow customers to roam outside Canada using their existing plans. The feature starts at $5 per day in the U.S., and $10 worldwide, with the latter’s recent expansion bringing the service to over 100 destinations.

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The company’s latest ad spot for Roam Like Home utilizes Apple’s iPhone 6s, as Rogers says customers can now “capture the moment wherever you go…and share every experience as it happens.”

We sent our customers around the world with iPhone 6s, so they could search, capture and share experiences in the moment, with Roam Like Home. Check out the highlights of their trip in this commercial!

The ad, which looks to be part of a collaboration with Apple and various influential people on social media, highlights various features of the iPhone 6s, such as Live Photos, 3D Touch, 4K video and the front facing display flash.

Rogers says with Roam Like Home, customers can now “use your iPhone like you do at home.”

One user Rogers sent abroad was Scott Bakken, who shared the following on Instagram sponsored post as part of his trip:

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Others seen in the ad include Dina Pugliese, the co-host of Breakfast Television Toronto, owned by Rogers. Other people include radio host Eric Alper and Quebec world traveller Lydiane, as they all shared their Roam Like Home experiences from back in October.


  • BigCat

    This is probably one of the more palatable products that Rogers offers. I would be a willing consumer of this feature except for one small detail. If you happen to be one of the fortunate Rogers customers that has a fair monthly plan. You will be required to give this up before being permitted to purchase the “Roam Like Home” product.

    For some of us the true cost of “Roam Like Home” is just too high.

  • Dany Quirion

    Well I find myself to have a 83$ (After taxes) 8GB plan unlimited everything phone province wide. And have acess to spotify for free and NHL centre live and all the other thing, and roamlike home etc. Of course if you live in Ontario youll pay 140 for that, but you pay much less taxes and income taxes so dont complain.

  • Still not worth it.
    I travel to Asian countries like HK, Taiwan and Japan every year. In HK, about 25US can get you 3GB of data and 500 minutes of talk time. In Taiwan / Japan, $30US gives you roughly 4GB data good for 30 days. Even with the low dollar, Roger’s plan still does not worth my penny.

  • BigCat

    It sounds like you use and/or value the those extra Gigs, Spotify, and NHL Centre Ice. Considering the cost of $83 including taxes you are definitely getting some good value!