Rogers Launches 6PM Early Evenings Promo For December 2010


Until December 31, 2010, Rogers has launched their free 6PM early evening add-on for all new activations and existing customers.

The 6PM early evenings calling bonus is available on the following 3-year term in-market plans:

  • Unlimited Voice plans
  • Unlimited Voice and Data plans
  • Student plans
  • Family plans

All new activations will automatically have the 6PM Early Evening Calling bonus automatically added upon activation.

Existing Rogers Customers

The promotion has also been extended to existing customers on a reactive basis.

What this means is that existing customers must move to an in-market plan (dumping your current plan if it was not released in the last month or so) and renew the plan term for 3 years (does not affect hardware upgrade date). After the plan changes, the 6PM Early Evening Calling code and the discount code will be applied manually for existing customers.


  • jwp

    why would someone with an unlimited plan need early 6pm calling?!? is there a link to the Rogers announcement regarding the change?

  • MMontano

    Stupid yes. But remember that with Rogers (and Bell and..) that unlimited is used in a manner different from the dictionary.

  • Anonymous

    Unlimited Voice means the Unlimited Evenings & Weekends feature

    So the plan is available to pretty much all consumers with at least monthly voice plan. Business and Pay as you go don’t qualify. Including retentions.

    If you don’t see it on their site just enquire when you talk to the reps.