Rogers Launches ‘Tech Essentials’ to Educate Consumers–Try This Quiz


Tech essentials logo

Rogers has launched a new program to help consumers get better informed with their tech knowledge, called Tech Essentials. The new site is a collaboration with non-profit MediaSmarts and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to further enhance safe technology use for consumers.

The new website contains a chockfull of handy information for those looking to expand their knowledge. There is information on what to do before you purchase wireless contracts or internet plans, how wireless features work, managing budgets, staying safe online and tips for parents.

There’s also a quiz available to provide a self assessment on where you stand when it comes to mobile tech knowledge when it comes to roaming, data usage and more:

We asked Canadians to grade their tech savviness then tested their knowledge of roaming, data usage and online security. Here is a quiz with some of the questions. See how you stack up.

Take the quiz here, and share with us your savviness in the comments. Some questions will allow you to select more than one answer.


  • CMfly

    C apparently.. .I guess I don’t know enough about roaming charges.. Glad I have an unlocked phone so I never roam..

    The issue with the quiz is they don’t tell you which answers were wrong or right they just say you got a wrong on for this question.

  • I got a ‘C’ as well because I didn’t realize I could select more than one answer until 3/4 the way through.

  • Jake

    These seem to be more about Rogers services and their plans, rather than an actual technology quiz.

  • I got a B, same thing I didn’t realize I could select more than 1 on some of the questions until later on.

  • The quiz seems at best poorly written, at worse misleading and hazardous. The answer to one question indicates that picture messaging never uses data. If you are on iPhone and you send an iMessage with a photo attached it will be sent over the Internet which of course…..uses data. Other questions are similar with answers (as Rogers sees it anyway) that are incorrect. So much variance in actual plans across networks that this quiz needs to be reworked.

    I scored B by the way. 🙂